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List of Cosmetic Products

Everyone love applying cosmetic product whether you are a make-up amateur or you have been experimenting with make-up products for years. Women keep a stack of cosmetic items from popular brands to create an everyday office look to a wedding occasion look. After attaining the basics of how to do makeup, it will be easier to create a trendy makeup look by incorporating different cosmetic products into your collection.

We are here for you to get you on a trip to explore some trendy yet essential cosmetic items that suit your personality. In this article, we give light on the most important cosmetic products in daily makeup for women.

For a perfect party or office look, you'll be needing some necessary cosmetic products to achieve the desired look.

So, here, a list of makeup essential for your face, eyes, and lips is given. You can also try these products for a glowing and perfect look.

1. Moisturizer

List of Cosmetic Products

Moisture will save your day! Honestly, it is the one product that must be in your daily schedule. Moisture is a savior as it will keep your face hydrated and prevent it from drying and cracking under the makeup while other items are said to enhance your makeup look and keep your face cool. Moisturizer is recommended regardless of your budget; one should anyway invest in a good quality moisturizer. It should be applied on your face before applying any makeup products so that your skin remains hydrated and smooth. Moreover, Moisturizer with SPF feature is the best because it will nourish your skin as well protect your skin from harmful UV rays of the sun.

2. Primer

List of Cosmetic Products

The motive of applying makeup is to get flawless glowing skin. For that, you need to apply a primer before applying any other makeup on your face or lips. Primer helps to cover the open pores and hide all the fine lines on your face, this will give you a smooth, uniform look. It will also keep your face hydrated and give you an all-day freshly make up look. So, don't forget to apply primer before your other expensive makeup products. Primer is meant to be obscure so you must choose primer as same as your skin color. Additionally, Lip primers are also great and can be used before any lip product to ensure the long impact of the products applied on the lips. Lip primers allow the products to long-lasting smooth texture on your lips.

3. Foundation

List of Cosmetic Products

Foundation is used to blend or making your skin tone even. Sometimes, we find that our skin tone is not uniform in all areas of the face. For that, you need to apply foundation to make your face even looking. Foundation comes in different packaging forms like powder, cream, liquid, and fluffy mouse. You should first apply it to your hand to match your skin color. Foundation should be applied to all areas on the face for better results. You can blend the foundation with the help of a brush or beauty blender. The beauty blender gives better results than any other tool. BB and CC cream is the popular types of light foundations in the market.

4. Concealer

List of Cosmetic Products

Concealer is the best product for people who have blackheads, whiteheads, acne, blemishes, or any other dark patches. Concealers should be according to your skin color. The product is meant to hide your spots, blemishes, or other facial flaws. However, it is also used to cover the areas where the foundation doesn't like under the eyes, around the mouth area, and forehead lines. The consistency of the concealer is usually thicker than the foundation. It provides long-lasting impact and highly detailed coverage of spots. Concealer should be bought carefully as it comes in the form used for either eyes or face.

5. Face powder

List of Cosmetic Products

Face powder stands to make your sweat-freedrier and sweat-free. It is also used to cover blemishes or spots on your face by creating a matte finish look. The trick of applying facial powder is that it should go well with your skin color and can be applied after foundation. But it is not important to use face powder only on foundation hence it can be used otherwise.

Note: Don't use an excess of the powder because it will make your face look like plastic.

6. Blush, Cheek Coloring

List of Cosmetic Products

Blush is usually employed to create a more chic young look and impede the pale yellow or dull look on your face. It gives a pink color tint to your beautiful cheeks. It adds pigment to your face, creating a younger and more powerful look. It also helps in enhancing the cheekbone area. Blush generally gives a lasting effect as it is a pigmented product. Blush should be used in a little amount for a better look. You must choose blush according to your skin tone.

7. Lipstick

List of Cosmetic Products

Lipstick is one of the important parts of the markup as it contains oil and tints which provide color to your lips. They provide your lips better finish and protect them from outer environments like UV rays. The common lipstick shades usually work on every skin tone but when buying lipstick, always consider your skin color. If you have pale skin, don't apply bright shiny colors like red, this will make you look sick or dull. Select a shade that complements your skin color rather than taking the color you like. You must choose the shade of lipstick that enhances and complement other makeup on your face without creating extra drama over it.

8. Lip balm

List of Cosmetic Products

Lip balm is used as the primary lip moisturizer. It protects the lips by hydrating and keeping them prevented from sun exposure and other extreme conditions such as cold temperature and dry winds. Lip balm makes your lips soft and smooth-looking. It also prevents your lips from chapping. Lip balm is also a good option when you don't want to apply any lipstick. Lip balm comes in various categories of cost, high-quality, and different color options. You can also apply a lip balm instead of lipstick.

9. Lip gloss

List of Cosmetic Products

Lip gloss is applied to add shine to your lips. Most lip glosses are prepared of liquid and may have a little tint to them. They are generally worn over the lipstick to make your lips glow and shine throughout the day. The product has a variety of choices including glitter, shiny, shimmer, and metallic look. So, you have a great number of options to choose between a shiny to clear transparent type.

10. Mascara

List of Cosmetic Products

Mascara is meant to darken, lengthen, and thicken your eyelashes. It makes your eye dramatic, enhances your features, and is more striking. Moreover, it comes in attractive colors like pink, blue, purple, green, and many more but it's best to use natural colors like black and brown because it goes on every look. Mascara also comes in waterproof options and they are highly recommended makeup products.

11. CC Cream

List of Cosmetic Products

Some people prefer to use CC cream over a regular foundation, as it gives a more natural-looking face. It is a great choice if you want something that gives benefits to the skin such as moisturizing, hydrating, and priming. Some CC cream has inbuilt primer benefits. Besides, if you are a beginner in the makeup world, try to start with a good BB or CC cream because it is better to start with these products than foundation, as it feels lighter on the skin and easy to apply with your fingers.

There is one main disadvantage to BB and CC cream that they come in an exclusive range of shades and they don't care to darken your skin color.

12. Highlighter

List of Cosmetic Products

The best way to apply a highlighter is to apply by light hand on the line of your nose, along the side of cheekbones, your cupid bow, and below your eyebrows.

Highlighter can be used in multiway like as an eyeshadow and around your cheeks.

Lastly, just like selecting the perfect shade of foundation, you should choose a perfect shade of highlighter according to your particular skin color and undertones, so it's a better way to test the different colors personally. The highlighter comes in a nude shade, shimmery, glitter, and color palette.

13. Setting Spray/Powder

List of Cosmetic Products

Just like face primer, setting spray or powder works in a way to keep your face makeup on point throughout the day. There are several preparations depending on the type of your makeup like a matte finish, radiant, and glow finish. So, if you want your makeup to stay as it is, don't skip this step.

14. Eye shadow

List of Cosmetic Products

Eyeshadow gives an extra dramatic feature to your eyes. Also, it comes in different colors and finishes, as it can be applied in so many ways. The product is manufactured in single or in palette form. Eyeshadow is packed in various color tones like nude, shiny, and shimmer. Eye shadow is a must product to complete your makeup look.

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