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List of South American Countries

It is the 4th largest continent in the world. Brazil is the largest country in South America which covers almost 50% of the continent's area, and Suriname is the smallest. South America comprises 12 independent countries and 3 overseas territories.

Let us scroll down through the 12 independent countries and know them briefly.

1. Argentina

List of South American Countries

Its official name is The Argentine Republic. It is one of the largest countries in the world. The majority of Argentina's population speaks Spanish, and therefore Argentina is also the largest Spanish-speaking nation among all the other countries. The capital city of the country is Buenos Aires which is popularly known as 'The Queen of silver'. The currency of Argentina is Argentine Peso. The countries name is derived from the Italian language. Argentina shares its boundaries with Uruguay, Brazil, the South Atlantic Ocean, Chile, and Bolivia & Paraguay. The population of Argentina is nearly 4 crore 50 lakh. In Argentina, around 93% of the people reside in the urban area. Argentina announced its independence in 1816 and laid its constitution in 1856. Argentina is full of sports enthusiasts. Football is the most popular sport played here. Diego Maradona and Lionel Messi, who are listed among the most legendary football players, are from Argentina.

2. Bolivia

List of South American Countries

The official name of Bolivia is The Republic of Bolivia. The population of this country is around 1 crore, 15 lakh. Around 70% of the people in Bolivia live in the Urban part of Bolivia. Spanish is the most popular language in Bolivia, and more than 36 languages are spoken in Bolivia. Tourists face a language barrier as very few people speak English here. Bolivia is a landlocked country that shares its borders with Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, and Peru & Chile. Bolivian Bolivia is the official currency of Bolivia.

3. Brazil

List of South American Countries

The word Brazil comes from the Portuguese word for Brazilwood (a tree that grew in abundance along the coast of Brazil). The Federative Republic of Brazil contributes 10-20% to the world's coffee and is also the largest coffee exporter in the world. It is a country of South America that constitutes half of its landmass. The population of Brazil is almost 21 crore, and it is listed 6th among the most populous countries. Around 80% of Brazilians live in urban areas. Apart from coffee, Brazil is also one of the greatest exporters of sugarcane. The capital of Brazil is Brasília. Football is very popular here; data shows that in almost every house in Brazil, there is a football player. Legendary football players like Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar are from Brazil.

4. Chile

List of South American Countries

Chile is the world's longest country, measuring 4620 Km. Its capital is Santiago, and the official currency is the Chilean Peso. The country's long shape has given it a variety of climates as it has the driest desert of the world in the North, and the southern part of Chile is home to penguins. Chile is guarded by the Andes mountains from north to south. The Republic of Chile is one of the socially and economically stable nations in Latin America. It is also known for having the world's second-largest swimming pool. The Atacama salt lake is a major attraction for tourists. The oldest mummy found to date is from Chile.

5. Columbia

List of South American Countries

The country's name is derived from the name of the explorer Cristopher Columbus. It is the 4th largest country in Latin America after Peru. More than 5 crore people live in Columbia. Almost 40% of Columbia is covered by dense forests. The official language of Columbia is Spanish, as most of the people here speak Spanish. Data shows that 90% of Columbians follow Christianity. Apart from all these, The Republic of Columbia also has more than 300 sea beaches. Bogota is the capital city of Columbia, and the official currency of Columbia is Columbian Peso.

6. Ecuador

List of South American Countries

It is the largest exporter of bananas in the world, and every year the number of bananas exported increases. Around 60% of the people here reside in Urban areas, and the rest in rural. It is named after the equator (an imaginary line that divides the earth into two halves). The Republic of Ecuador is the only country in the world that is named on the basis of its geographical location. Ecuador is famous for its fish, and it also exports its fish to Arab countries. Ecuador and Chile are the only countries in South America that don't share their borders with Brazil. Quito is the capital city of Ecuador. The official currency of Ecuador is United States Dollar.

7. Paraguay

List of South American Countries

The Republic of Paraguay is popularly known as The Heart of South America. Asunción is the capital of Paraguay which is also the largest city in the country. South America's first railway line was laid in Paraguay by British engineers. It is the 6th largest exporter of Soya. Paraguay was controlled by the Spanish for a long time, and finally, in 1811, Paraguay got its independence. The literacy rate of Paraguay is more than 94%, as the country spends more than 4% of its GDP in the field of education. Paraguay Guarani is the official currency of this country.

8. Peru

List of South American Countries

Its official name is The Republic of Peru, and it shares its border with Ecuador & Columbia to the north, Brazil to the east, Bolivia and Chile to the south, and the South Pacific Ocean to the west. The capital of Peru is Lima. The population of Peru is almost 3 crore, of which almost 80% of the people live in urban areas. Peru has three official languages, which include Spanish, Quechua, and Aymara. Still, Spanish is spoken by more than 70% of Peru's population. Peru Nuevo Sol is the official currency of Peru.

9. Venezuela

List of South American Countries

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela has a population of almost 3 crocrores15 lakh. The capital of Venezuela has been Caracas since 1577. The official language of Venezuela is Spanish, as most of the people here speak Spanish. Venezuela is also the first country to completely put an end to the death penalty. Football and baseball are among the most popular games among the people of Venezuela. The official currency of Venezuela is Bolivar Soberano.

10. Uruguay

List of South American Countries

It is the second smallest country in Latin America after Suriname. Montevideo is the capital city of Uruguay. Most of Uruguay's population lives in the capital city Montevideo. The Oriental Republic of Uruguay is the official name of this country, and its currency is the Uruguayan Peso. Uruguay shares its border with Argentina, Brazil, and the South Atlantic Ocean. Uruguay's population is around 35 lakh. The literacy rate of Uruguay is 99%, and Uruguay has made schooling compulsory for children aged 6-11 yrs.

11. Guyana

List of South American Countries

The Co-operative Republic of Guyana is also called the land of many waters, as innumerable rivers flow through this country. It is the 3rd smallest country in South America. Guyana shares its borders with Brazil, Suriname, and Venezuela. The capital city of Guyana is Georgetown. The currency of Guyana is the Guyanese Dollar. The population of Guyana is almost 8 lakhs, according to a recent report. The country has English as its official language. Guyana is rich in mineral reserves, and the country's gold production contributes majorly to its economic development. Guyana is also among the top gold exporters in the world.

12. Suriname

List of South American Countries

Suriname Dollar is the official currency of The Republic of Suriname. The country's economy relies mainly on the export of natural reserves. Suriname is rich in natural resources and mainly bauxite, and it is also one of the top bauxite producers in the world. It shares its border with French Guinea, Brazil, Guyana, and the Atlantic Ocean. Paramaribo is the capital city of Suriname. Almost 40% of the country's population resides in the capital city Paramaribo. The population of Suriname is almost 6 lakhs, and the majority of the country's population is concentrated in urban areas.

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