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List of Universities in the US

A Document of some worthwhile universities in the USA

Studying in top universities is a dream of many aspiring scholars and international students. Several universities in the USA offer degrees and educational openings for Academic excellence and career advancement. Students and professors from different cultures get a chance to know each other and share cultural diversity. The satisfactory campus life and flexible education further increase the interest of those working in part-time employment.

Advantages of studying in the USA

  • By studying at these institutes, students access top-quality educational programs and develop appropriate strategies for their careers.
  • A competitive spirit among them is lighted, and they work to showcase themselves in front of people from diverse cultures.
  • There are placement cells that are nicely built and offer highly paid jobs to the candidates, both national and international.
  • The minorities and other backward classes can improve and maintain their standard of living and get exposure to supportive knowledge.
  • Education is not based on rote memory; rather, learning by performing is done to find out the mistakes and deviations that might come in the path of a student's career.
  • Education is made simple with a wide variety of tricks and methods which hardly a few institutions focus on. This characteristic makes it serious to get enrolled in such institutions furthering student interests and making it hard to get admission due to a lot of competition from students of different backgrounds and cultures.
  • These institutions develop confidence and faith in the students. Students are given an opportunity to attend classes at flexible timings and do part-time jobs at various places to earn a living. Nowadays, online education and work from home are also prominent.

List of Institutes and Colleges in the USA

There is a never-ending list of several recognized institutes and universities in the USA. They work to deliver the best of their education and other facilities to their students. Some of them are mentioned as follows:

  • Seattle University
  • Columbia University
  • Georgia University
  • The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • Stevens Institute of Technology
  • South Texas College
  • Harvard University

Even though there are many other universities like these that help students become successful, the list few is mentioned above the rank and outperform several other institutions in terms of performance and providing education. The characteristics of these universities are also mentioned.

1. Seattle University

List of Universities in the US
  • It was established in 1891; Seattle University, a private university, is believed to be the largest independent institution in the Northwest US.
  • Earlier, the University was called Immaculate Conception Parish School.
  • The University is controlled by a governing body that includes cabinet members, deans, the board of trustees, and the advisory board.
  • The University campus is spread over 50 acres and equipped with all facilities that a student requires.
  • The Campus is well equipped with a recycling setup, food-waste compost facility, pesticide-free grounds, and energy savings plans.
  • The Campus library houses 2,00,000 books, research papers, and journals. Near the Campus, Restaurants, cafes, medical, general, and stationery stores could be located.
  • The Campus is well connected with the Public Transport.
  • It is a university that offers innovative programs to give the right education to aspiring advocates and lawyers.
  • It is a university-based on teaching and imparting law and legal education to the students.
  • Students of all backgrounds are encouraged and thrive on giving their best because of the optimistic environment created inside the Campus of the University.
  • It doesn't force education by simply asking to mug up the whole book in a day. Real-life situations are practiced in education, and learning by doing is ensured.
  • It offers loans, scholarships, employment, and financial help programs for its students.
  • It has various resources to aid students like student handbooks, tuition fees, important dates, deadlines, etc.

2. Columbia University

List of Universities in the US
  • George II of Great Britain established it in 1954. It is a private research university and is believed to be the 5th oldest institution of higher education in the US.
  • Many scientists and scholars have done outstanding research and achieved breakthroughs, including brain-computer interface, nuclear pile, and nuclear magnetic resonance.
  • It is a very beautiful campus spread over 36 acres of land. Architects like McKim, Mead, and White had designed the marvelous Campus.
  • It is one of the oldest institutions of higher education in New York.
  • It is beautifully sculpted and no less popular than a king's College and stands on 36 acres.
  • It provides education on research works and holds several research papers and 11 million books.
  • The Campus is situated close to restaurants, medical stores, general stores, cafes, and other shops, which deliver the students' basic needs.
  • Columbia University also has a memorandum of understanding with renowned institutes like MIT, Yale, and Caltech. Thus, it widens the scope of research and opportunity for subjects and students, respectively.
  • The academic structure of the institute includes a vast variety of subjects like history, American studies, Architecture, Business, Philosophy, and Anthropology.
  • It supports schooling degrees in Anthropology, business, philosophy, and history.
  • It also encourages its students by conducting Drama and theatre arts.
  • Various alumni include Barrack Obama and Theodore Roosevelt (former president of the United States).

3. Georgia Institute of Technology

List of Universities in the US
  • It is popularly known as Georgia Tech. Georgia Institute of Technology is a public research university and is present in Atlanta, Georgia.
  • It has come up as a national leader in controlling the global shift from Industrial Economy to an Information Economy.
  • The University consists of 28 schools and 6 colleges that stress areas like liberal arts, computing, design, engineering, business, and sciences.
  • The Campus has spread over 400 acres and is present in the Central part of Atlanta, Georgia.
  • The education criteria of this institute are based on academic background, goals, and interests outside of the classroom.
  • Alumni Association conducts various events and opportunities for its passed-out students.
  • It updates a calendar of upcoming events on its official website on google.
  • It has a nicely built structure and achieves good national-level rankings.
  • It provides education in business, computing, design, engineering, etc.
  • Any alumni looking for career help is actually provided support in this institution.
  • It works to maintain healthy relations with the government for the purpose of advancing its institute and uplifting its students.
  • It also believes in the study of scientific research.
  • It aims to break any barrier that comes as a hurdle in higher education and encourages interaction between disciplines from different fields, and encourages innovation among ambitious and progressive students.
  • It was founded in 1885.

4. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

List of Universities in the US
  • It was founded in the year 1979.
  • This University stands on 729 acres of land and is located in Chapel Hill, NC.
  • It offers programs like a bachelor's degree, Master's of business administration, and bachelor's degree in psychology.
  • It has spread over vast acres of areas and provides high-quality advanced amenities to the students and staff.
  • The University's recreational services and state-of-the-art infrastructure provide a sense of an enlightened and safe learning environment.
  • The Campus also offers its student residence inside its premises, and they are available in corridor style, suite-style, and apartment style.
  • The time to complete education ranges from two hours to four years, depending on the degree program.
  • It supports a deep difference in opinions and prevents rigidity.
  • It is a global higher educator among various reputed universities.
  • It has several centers built in to offer public services at large.

5. Stevens University of Technology

List of Universities in the US
  • It was founded in 1870 and is believed to be the oldest technological institute in the United States.
  • The institute focuses on the field of mechanical engineering. The Campus has a popular Samuels C. Williams Library with a massive collection of books, e-books, research papers, magazines, journals, and manuscripts by Leonardo Da Vinci.
  • The Alumni list is very long, and it includes
  • Alfred Fielding (Inventor of Bubble Wrap)
  • Fredrick Reins (Nobel Prize in Physics)
  • Joseph Bushnell Amed (Renowned novelist)
  • Igor Bensen (Founder of Bensen Aircraft)
  • Aaron Cohen (Director of NASA)
  • Koji Seki (Director of Hewlett- Packard Company)
  • John L. Hanigan (CEO of Genesco)
  • Richard Reeves (Emmy Award Winner)
  • It is a private institution that was founded in the year 1870.
  • The size of its whole Campus is 55 acres.
  • It is counted among the best colleges in national universities.
  • Its acceptance rate every year is expected to be 53%.
  • It charges fees on the application submitted with it up to $70.
  • The education system is such that the satisfaction rate reaches 94%.
  • Some of its degrees and programs include Management, Engineering, maths, and computer science.
  • The gender division in this University currently is given as follows:
    • Male - 71%
    • Female-29%

6. South Texas college

List of Universities in the US
  • This College was founded in 1993 and stressed the need to work together as a family rather than practicing solitary.
  • It provides certificate, degree, and associate degree programs in multiple disciplines.
  • South Texas College administers five campuses: Mid Valley Campus in Weslaco, Technology Campus in McAllen, R. Casso Nursing and Allied Health Campus in McAllen, Star County Campus in Rio Grande City, and Pecan Campus in McAllen.
  • The College offers a bachelor's program degree in Medical and Health Services Management, Technology Management, Computer and Information Technology, and Nursing.
  • College also focuses on the holistic development of the student.
  • Programs like Cultural fests and Social Awareness, recreational programs, community development workshops, sports, and athletics meets are held on Campus.
  • It is the cheapest College in terms of its pricing and student fees as compared to other top universities, which charge hefty fees from its students.
  • It offers numerous career opportunities to its students and helps them choose the right decision for themselves, which truly works out for themselves and their careers.
  • It is a public community college.
  • The programs regarding imparting education include law studies, business, liberal arts, and so on. It not only lays stress on only education as a supreme element but also considers the importance of extracurricular activities to hold and encourage students and make them feel like a member of the institution.
  • Students are given a wide range of opportunities to develop soft skills, enhance their character, and take part in several internships and scholarships that turn out fruitful for them.

7. Harvard University

List of Universities in the US
  • It is a private and non-profit organization striving to provide the best education and experience to its candidates.
  • It is one of the oldest institutions in the United States, built-in 1636 and named after its benefactor John Harvard.
  • It considers the importance of human assets more potent than any other material.
  • It ranks 1 in the most prestigious College in the USA, and every year many aspiring candidates approach it to seek admission because it provides higher education and learning. A ranking college is the one that provides successful education and is well known and recognized among the public.
  • It aims to develop leaders and work on imparting excellent education to its students. In this way, it works on overall character enhancement.
  • Its acceptance rate is 5%.
  • The overall graduation rate every year in this University is about 96?
  • It offers education programs in multiple disciplines and provides freedom of choice to the candidates according to their caliber.
  • It also focuses on serving society and offers several communities and social service programs.
  • Students studying and graduating from here get good placements and get a chance to realize their dreams fully.
  • They impart education in such a way that it is not just written and crammed information in the minds of the young generation, but also something that turns out useful and helps in doing some good to the society at large.
  • It aims to provide the right mentorship support to its students.


Studying at a foreign university is a hard task depending on effort and dedication. It's because of the tough competition to get into the right university one wants to be in. Several universities have emerged and become role models in imparting the right education to their learners. Young learners are supported, and testimonials are displayed for future students to see them and know the future plans of these universities at best.

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