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List of Chinese Companies in India

China has set up various companies and its manufacturing units in India as India is one of the greatest consumers of various products and the Chinese companies are leading the market. As a result, there are around 20 mobile companies in China and around 80 other companies that deal with other services and gadgets set up in India. Apart from Chinese companies in India, many Chinese investors have their stakes in leading Indian companies like Byjus, Zomato, Ola, Oyo Rooms, and many others. Many Chinese tech giants have established their units in India as India is the second-largest mobile market with over 400 million smartphone users. According to a survey, around 60% of India's smartphone users have the smartphone of a Chinese company.

After the tensions between India and China on the borders, which resulted in the killing of 20 soldiers and later people on social media shared #BoycottChineseGoods after which Chinese companies faced losses, but still the figures were not high as for most of the people the boycott of Chinese products was only limited to social media and at the time of buying; people were still giving preference to Chinese gadgets, and china was filling its pockets from the Indian market.

Let us see some of the top Chinese companies which have their hold on India's market.

1. Lenovo

List of Chinese Companies in India

Lenovo was founded around 37 years ago. It has its main headquarters in Hongkong (Southeast of China). Lenovo products have a huge demand in the Indian market, so Lenovo has set up its manufacturing units in Andhra Pradesh, Noida, and Tripura. To meet up with the demands every year, Lenovo doubles its supply. The company is known for its PC, Mobiles, tablets, and other accessories. Lenovo gives employment to almost 1500 direct and indirect employees in its plants set up in three different locations in India. Every year Lenovo groups make huge revenues from India, which is almost USD 600 million (approx).

2. Xiaomi

List of Chinese Companies in India

Xiaomi is known for providing good quality appliances on a low budget. It has its headquarters in Beijing (China). Xiaomi launched its flagship Mi 3 phones in India in 2014; since then, the company's mobiles and laptops have been among the top-selling ones in India. According to a report, Xiaomi made around 39K crores in India, and its profits increase every year. Xiaomi deals with mobile phones, laptops, fitness bands, backpacks, and other home appliances. Xiaomi is ranked as the number one in the mobile market in India as it has a market share of 22%, which is the highest among all other companies.

3. Oppo

List of Chinese Companies in India

It is a Chinese mobile communication company that has its headquarters at Guangdong in China. Oppo has a 10 % market share in India which makes it the 5th among the top smartphones brands. Oppo has its manufacturing unit in Greater Noida and Uttar Pradesh. Oppo landed in India's market with the launch of Oppo N1, which was the first smartphone with a swivel camera. Oppo is known for its smartphones, desktops, televisions, speakers, and many other accessories. Oppo's revenue in the financial year 2020 was Rs 38,574 crore. Every year oppo launches various smartphones which come under top-selling ones and Oppo has its profits almost doubled every year.

4. Vivo

List of Chinese Companies in India

Vivo was founded 12 years ago, and it has its headquarters in Guangdong, China. Vivo has planned to generate over 50,000 jobs in India over the period of 10 years; to increase employment. Vivo company has invested an additional amount of Rs 3500 crore in boosting the productions of its existing units in India. Vivo ranks 3rd in the top-selling smartphones brand with a market share of 15% after Samsung, which ranks 2nd with a share of 19%. In the financial year 2020, Vivo's revenue was almost 25k crore, which is expected to increase by 20% in the next year. Vivo is mainly known for its smartphones which have great features and outstanding specifications at an affordable price for the Indian market.

5. Realme

List of Chinese Companies in India

Realme is a Chinese smartphone maker company that started selling its products on 4th May 2018. Realme is known best for its smartphones and other gadgets like earphones, speakers, tablets, computers, phone cases, smart TVs, and other accessories. It has its production facility in Noida, which gives employment to almost 10,000 people. Realme has made many records in India like the first 64 MP camera smartphone, the country's first 5G smartphone, and the fastest charging smartphones. Realme revenue in India is currently around USD 120 million. Realme has made its way in just two years and is listed as the fourth most top-selling smartphone brand with a market share of 14%. In its first year of the sale, Realme is believed to have sold around 15 million handsets. Many users don't know that Realme was once a sub-brand of Oppo, but later Realme decided to get separated from Oppo Electronics Corporation and was registered as a separate independent company.

6. Oneplus

List of Chinese Companies in India

Oneplus was founded by Pete Lau, who was the former vice president of Oppo. The majority of Oneplus is currently owned by its parent company Oppo. It is known as one of the top brand of 5G smartphones brand in the premium segment. One plus is popularly known for its mind-blowing specifications at a reasonable price. Realme sells gadgets like smartphones, earbuds, power banks, television, backpacks, smartphones, and many more accessories. Currently, Oneplus does not have its own separate manufacturing unit; the Oneplus gadgets are assembled at Oppo's factory, which is set up in Noida.

7. TCL

List of Chinese Companies in India

Telephone communication limited (TCL) is one of the Chinese companies which deals in home theatres, televisions, smartphones, air treatment devices, and many more. TCL was established in 1981 and was named TTK, but later it was renamed TCL. The company's aim is to compete with other leading television brands like Sony, Panasonic, Toshiba, LG, and Samsung. TCL's revenue in India was almost 4 million dollars in the previous financial year. The company is trying to make all its appliances AI-enabled to boost its sale. The company has its factories set up in Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh, and provides employment to almost 3000 people.


List of Chinese Companies in India

Wuhan Iron and Steel Corporation, abbreviated as WISCO, was established in China in 1958 at Wuhan in China, and it entered India in 2008. It is popularly known for the production of Bronze, and it deals in the manufacturing of different construction materials.

9. Haier

List of Chinese Companies in India

It was established in China 37 years ago and has its headquarters in Shandong, China. It deals in the manufacturing of cooling and heating appliances, AC's, water purifiers, refrigerators, and microwaves. Haier has gained customers' trust as its product is in the category of most long-lasting ones. The market leader brand had a revenue of around Rs 3200 crores in 2019 and is expected to double in the upcoming years. Haier has two industrial parks in India; one is in Ranjangaon, Pune, and another one at Greater Noida in Uttar Pradesh.

10. Huawei

List of Chinese Companies in India

It has its headquarters in Shenzen, China, and was established there on 15th September 1987. It deals in products like smartphones, Televisions, speakers, and tablets. Huawei became famous in India when it launched its flagship phone, the Honor. Its revenue from India is around USD 350 million. Huawei has started the manufacturing of its smartphones in India with the help of flex India in 2016. Huawei is an emerging company and is planning to compete with the top sellers in the market.


The companies mentioned above are among those who are operating in the Indian market. The government also sent these companies a notice to abide by the rules of India when the government banned the 59 Chinese apps as they seemed to be a threat to India's security. As India has the second-largest smartphone users in the world, it has become the main hotspot for other companies to bring a variety of products. These Chinese companies have set up their places in the Indian market and have applied a strategy of providing gadgets and appliances of a variety of price ranges so everyone can afford them. In India, Chinese smartphones are among the most sold ones as other alternatives are much costlier, which people can't afford. As India's population is attracted to the Chinese tech giants every year, Indian smartphones and gadgets companies like Micromax, Intex, Onida, Lava, I-Ball face huge losses. We should support the country-made products and gadgets and buy them so that these companies will improve their smartphones and can compete with other tech giants.

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