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Dresser Alternatives

Many individuals need more space in their bedrooms. Finding a storage option that fits your room might be challenging if you fit into that category. If you want to stay away from huge furniture pieces like a dresser, many fantastic storage options are available.

Dresser Alternatives

Utilizing the space more efficiently will allow you to keep everything and still have the area in your bedroom.

Here are several dresser substitutes that help you stay prepared without occupying too much area in your bedroom. For even more inspiration, you may research further small-space arrangement options.

Consider replacing your outdated dresser with a modern clothing storage system to create a fashionable and modest retreat in your bedroom. While dressers serve a useful purpose, they may occasionally be an eyesore.

Nevertheless, keeping clothing without a dresser (or closet) is appropriate. We'll demonstrate several dresser alternatives that can improve the decor of your room while still serving as useful storage solutions.

Check out these good alternatives to dressers for clothing storage to help organize your clothing and if you want to rebuild your dresser entirely or add some more room for storage.

1. Armoires

Dresser Alternatives

You may keep your clothing in armoires, which are separate tall and narrow cabinets. They first appeared in the 17th century and were frequently constructed of oak. Since then, various additions like doors and drawers for garment storage have impacted their overall appearance but have yet to be useful.

An armoire is an excellent option if you have a little area or want to replace your outdated dresser with something more fashionable.

If you want a wider choice, check for armoires or dressers that provide you with plenty of storage space and, if required, space to hang clothes.

The beautiful part about them is that they match practically any design in your house, so there is no need to worry. Your dresser might replace with a rustic armoire as a vintage clothes concept.

You can store your clothing and belongings on the shelves and provided racks. Even the tv may be housed there, particularly if you have an antique room with plenty of wood. Additionally, you don't even need to spend a lot because these pieces of furniture are rather affordable.

2. Fabric Bins

Dresser Alternatives

Converting your garment into fabric bins and arranging them on shelves or in other areas of your home is one of the simplest techniques to replace your dresser with a new system. To keep things organized, fold your garments tightly and neatly. Sign your containers so you can easily pick the appropriate one to discover what you're searching for without going through it all.

3. Garment Racks

Dresser Alternatives

When you utilize a clothing rack, your clothes may perform as a decorative item without being wrinkled. If your closet space is limited, clothing racks are very useful. And if you choose one on wheels, you can move it around your room as needed to change the surroundings, create a space divide, or serve as a privacy screen.

4. Wall-Mounted Open Shelves

Dresser Alternatives

It is a perfect method in a tiny room to store clothing and keep them off the floor, giving you even more room for your bed. It will free up space and give your little home a more structured appearance.

These open shelves may be used as additional storage in your clothes or even as wall art for the space. As many shelves as you can able to hang in your move closet.

5. A Closet Organizer

Dresser Alternatives

A closet organizer is a smart method to increase storage space in your bedroom without taking up more storage capacity. Several sorts are available, including folding and hanging organizers, drawers, racks, and shelves.

Because of its outstanding space-saving capabilities, this is a fantastic dresser alternative. It fits every bedroom because of its attractive appearance. Choosing the one that suits your bedroom and harmonizes with the rest of your furnishings.

6. Decorative Baskets and Bins

Dresser Alternatives

The use of attractive baskets and bins makes organizing much simpler, especially when you require to store costly or out-of-season things like drills or gardening tools to keep them from rusting or breaking.

Utilize fabric containers and baskets. Clear plastic may create the appearance of being cluttered. In addition to using boxes and crates, you may also use bags as storage.

7. Multipurpose Shelves

Dresser Alternatives

You'll be astonished at how beneficial a shelf may be if you place one in the bedroom's corner. It is ideal for holding daily-used goods, including clothing, books, papers, cosmetics, bags, and hats, as well as for usage as an element of your bedroom's decoration.

You may sometimes decorate or design your shelves in a fresh way to improve your bedroom if you become tired of gazing at them.

8. Under-Bed Storage

Dresser Alternatives

Every square inch counts if your bedroom is small. It implies you may use under-bed storage bins to keep some of your clothes.

It is a fantastic alternative since it will allow more storage for your belongings under the bed while giving you more space in your home and closet.

A separate dresser can sometimes avoid by installing created under-bed drawers. They provide additional storage for clothing and other goods and are made to fit perfectly under most beds.

They are available in regular sizes or may be specially built to perfectly match your bed's size.

9. Bedside Table with More Storage

Dresser Alternatives

Books, alarm clocks, lights, and water glasses are useful items on bedside tables while you sleep. Your cell phone, keys, and pockets will be safe if the surface is large enough.

Use a different container to add your style to the side table, including a box to store your jewelry or one with a covering to hold little objects.

There are models available with two drawers, allowing you to store more goods. Choose the kind with several storages and a pull-out desk to keep your books and other materials.

Even though it will price more, you may purchase one with two or three drawers, and the outcome will be quite useful.

10. Floating Shelf

Dresser Alternatives

Adding floating shelves to organize your tiny space is another way to maximize its capacity. Because it only takes up a little space and lets you keep certain items on the floor, it is simpler to store items on various levels.

The advantages of selecting floating shelves are that you may decide whether or not you want ones with storage drawers, giving you extra space for your other objects.

11. Nesting/Stacking Drawers

Dresser Alternatives

An easy-to-use and effective storage option is nesting and stacking drawers, which take up little room on their own but can contain a large amount of clothing when each drawer is used.

This storage can even make from something as basic as stacking cinder blocks. They effectively use space while maintaining elegance and quality.

12. Above Bed Shelving

Dresser Alternatives

You may utilize the wall in your bedroom, if it's big appropriate, to keep things there. Design some shelves, hang them on the wall, and organize your textbooks and other items.

Shelving above the bed may use to store clothes and provide a lovely centerpiece in your bedroom. These shelves help you organize and clean your space. It is an excellent alternative for a dresser, which might make your room feel large.

13. Wicker Laundry Baskets

Dresser Alternatives

Not simply for dirty clothing, laundry baskets are useful. They provide a useful, more affordable option for dressers. According to your taste and the size of your home, you may arrange these baskets on top of one another or place them next.

Both options include a design with two smaller baskets nestled inside one bigger basket or a sizable basket with slatted sides. Laundry baskets made of wood are a simple, useful, and affordable alternative to dressers.

14. Chalkboard as a Backdrop for Photos

Dresser Alternatives

Using a chalkboard wall is an easy and fashionable method to store, show, and arrange images. Framed artwork may be hung on the wall using pushpins or Velcro strips, while bigger unframed photographs can be leaning against the wall using small clothespins.

15. Use Cubicles

Dresser Alternatives

Your cubicles should have boxes and baskets for storing your clothing. In addition to saving space, it is also simple to access.

Additionally, they give your bedroom personality. Additionally, using cubes is simple since all you have to do to get anything from them is take the baskets out.

16. Use Headboards as a Closet Alternative

Dresser Alternatives

Headboards may be used to store bags, footwear, and clothing. It improves the appearance of your bedding set and offers space for storage in your bedroom.

In most cases, headboards are large enough to accommodate a hanging rack for clothing and several shoe baskets.

17. Use the Back of Your Door

Dresser Alternatives

The backside of the door can be used as storage space by individuals whose bedrooms are limited. It is useful for hanging bags and clothing. Additionally, this storage method can keep your bedroom clutter-free and make it look bigger.

18. Use Hangers to Store Scarves

Dresser Alternatives

Compared to putting garments inside drawers or your dresser, placing clothes on hangers allows you to store them more cleanly and efficiently. Both wooden and plastic hangers, which are more widespread, can be used.

Explore alternatives to a dresser, such as hanging racks, if your smaller bedroom has a closet. They provide a tonne of storage and are simple to conceal. Therefore, consider using this dresser as an alternative to placing shelves on your walls.

19. Get Trunks and Chests

Dresser Alternatives

These are small enough to fit in the sides of your room and take up little space. Additionally, if you want to clean your room, consider putting these under-bed bins with various items such as worn-out clothing, toys, etc.

Unlike other storage options, trunks are designed for travel and are simple to transport. The wooden trunks may also be used as decorative items to decorate your room. Chests are a wonderful alternative to dressers since they feel beautiful. In cases of odd numbers, they can also operate as seats.

It serves as a seat and storage. In addition to being attractive, a bench or trunk at the end of the bed is an excellent place to hide some clothing. Even if it's great, you'll need to know how to arrange clothing without a dresser since if you just put your things in a big pile, the trunk will quickly turn into chaos.

20. Ottomans

Dresser Alternatives

The ottoman is a different piece of furniture that can use in place of a dresser. It is similar to an armoire and provides a tonne of storage capacity.

You may use this as a multipurpose storage option, a sitting, a place to store things, or even a surface for other furniture like side tables or coffee tables. Additionally, you may use it to store your folded clothing beside your bed.

21. Multi-Level Stacked Wooden Drawers

Dresser Alternatives

Multiple-level drawers may be challenging, but if you're searching for a tall, less-deep drawer.

It is excellent since you won't have to buy dressers or cupboards to store your clothing because you can discover these unique and colorful dresser alternatives.

Utilizing your ideas, you may also stack the drawers on your side table in non-asymmetrical designs.

22. Vintage Suitcases

Dresser Alternatives

These are distinctive alternatives for dressers. If you want to avoid using them for storing items, they can be fascinating display objects. Since utilizing an iconic suitcase is about having that has been used.

23. Wooden Crates

Dresser Alternatives

The advantage of using wooden crates is that they are simple to locate at the nearby supermarket or liquor shop. And make sure that the crates you choose are food-grade, which means that they are designed to store both food and beverages to prevent contamination of your goods.

These straightforward and genuine storage solutions may beautify your space with a rustic touch in addition to storing food and drink.

24. Decorative Wall Hooks

Dresser Alternatives

These are also wonderful used as towels or towel hooks in bathrooms. On a wall, a hook rack looks very pretty and elegant. Additionally, you may buy unique ornamental hooks and hang them in your room at various heights. It allows you to hang your objects without giving up another hook.

Placing decorative wall hooks to hold your necklaces, ties, and scarves is one of the simplest and least expensive alternatives to get rid of a dresser.

25. Towel Holder

Dresser Alternatives

If you like an industrial style, you may purchase a metal holder. The elegant wooden ones are great for storing sheets, towels, and other household items in numerous rooms of your home.

26. Bookshelves

Dresser Alternatives

Your bookshelf is optional to be entirely loaded with books; you may also use it to hold your clothing. It is a great option for individuals who dislike how closets appear or need more storage space.

Since you do not need to pull drawers in and out, access to clothes is simple and only takes up additional room. Changing up your clothing collection might help you put together a unique style. Be careful to clean them frequently to avoid spider and dust accumulation.

27. Pegboard Organizer

Dresser Alternatives

Pegboards are quite useful and may be used for various things in addition to hanging items in your home or workshop. If your home still needs a pegboard, it is time to get one so you can arrange your belongings.

28. Over-the-Door Organizers

Dresser Alternatives

Door organizers may store anything than shoes. As an alternate method of storing clothing and accessories, attach an over-the-door organizer with big capacity see-through shelves to every door in the space. This concept will be made easier by folding your clothing into smaller packages.

29. Rolling Bins

Dresser Alternatives

One of the best other methods for storing clothing is using a rolling bin, which is generally used for sewing, crafting, or art items. This versatile piece of furniture on wheels may move about your bedroom, closets, and other areas. You can be more organized because bins and the frame they typically made of lightweight plastic and are often transparent enough.

30. Faux Window Seat Storage

Dresser Alternatives

The ideal place to move up with a book on a rainy day is a window seat. Additionally, it's a fantastic location for installing secret storage behind the seats.

If you're constructing one, design a wooden bench with a movable top. The bench should have adjustable cushions so you may relax when not putting on or taking off clothing.

31. Ladder Hanger

Dresser Alternatives

One more attractively acceptable dresser alternative for tiny areas is decorative ladders. Depending on how much storage you need, they only take up a little floor space, and you may choose the ideal height option.

Ladders are a terrific option for simple dresser alternatives, even if your room could be more modest.

32. Mirrors

Dresser Alternatives

It has long been known that beautiful mirrors are a great technique to provide the appearance of more space. A mirror reflects the room's lighting.

The light also improves color contrast, making the space look more attractive. You may install a mirror anywhere in the home, but it is best to position them in spots that are difficult to access and have insuf?cient lighting.


Most individuals have at least one dresser in their bedroom. Although they are useful pieces of furniture that are perfect for keeping clothing or books, you could feel that they take up a lot of space in your home or that a simpler option would be preferable.

You may purchase a lot of cheap storage or old furniture to make a contemporary and one-of-a-kind dresser alternative. You should be creative while replacing your dresser; these suggestions need to get you started on deciding how to organize your clothing the most effectively.

You need to be resourceful and consider the available space and your demands when choosing objects from the vintage collection to the contemporary and new ones. Each of these alternatives often only requires little maintenance.

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