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The Trove Alternatives

The Trove had been a reader's dream. Book lovers used The Trove as one of their resources to find new books to read and love because it offered free eBooks to every internet user. The Trove shut down and stopped serving the general public regardless of its significance to the E-Bookworm group, cutting off a supply of literature for the general public.

While we completely understand the situation and are sympathetic to the cause, we cannot ignore the impact on the people who missed their primary source of free eBooks. To buy new Ebooks, there are still several options to The Trove.

What happened to the Trove?

The Trove was essentially a free online book library where you could read electronic books without being required to pay for them outright. No matter what kind of book you're looking for, like romance, mystery, science fiction, or anything else, you may find it within the Trove and access it immediately.

The Trove Alternatives

There was no easier way to finish reading everything on your list than this never-ending source of free books. Since its launch in 2008 as a non-profit free eBook website, The Trove has drawn thousands of dedicated readers from around the world.

Unfortunately, because of its increasing popularity, it attracted the attention of several eBook publishing companies, which ultimately significantly impacted its collapse. The online platform was ordered to stop and cease in 2016 as a result of many legal proceedings.

How does the Trove operate?

For different types of investors, Trove offers a variety of resources and research available. You will notice items you could like if you are a regular investor. The advanced tools that Trove offers can be effectively used if you're an experienced investor.

Trove also provides a variety of investment-related knowledge from sources, including analyst reports, corporate regulatory filings, and breaking news.

What is the story behind the Trove?

The National Library of Australia team had the brilliant idea to launch Trove, which they did in December 2009.

It has always been viewed as a means of collecting beautiful things into libraries, as an information source. This initially included a variety of shared library services, such as:

  • The Australian Bibliographic Network, later Libraries Australia;
  • Pandora - the National Library's web archiving service;
  • RAAM - the Register of Australian Manuscripts;
  • Picture Australia;
  • Australian Dancing;
  • Music Australia;
  • ARROW Discovery Service;
  • People in Australia; and
  • The Australian Newspapers Beta Service.
The Trove Alternatives

The Single Business Discovery Service was the original name for Trove. Staff gave him the title Girt for a limited period, maybe since this name doesn't exactly slide off the tongue.

A creative Library staff member created Trove just before the service's December 2009 debut. It was initially popular because it brought up images of a vast collection and the French word trouver, which means "to discover".

The service's principal components were created to build a diversified search engine, especially for Australian content. "Find and Get" features have been made available by tight integration with supplier databases. Introducing a "check copyright" tool and permanent IDs, which enable stable URLs, are significant added features.

Now, let's move on to discuss a few of the top alternatives of The Throve.

1. Z-library

The Trove Alternatives

One of the best-known alternatives for The Trove is, sometimes referred to as Z-Library. There are approximately 10 million books available on it, all of which may be accessed for free and range from classic literature to more recent works.

Additionally, Z-Library includes more than 80 million articles about various subjects. Since individuals operate Z-Library, updates are made frequently.

Z-Library continues to be one of the highly favoured free online book access resources, much like The Trove.

2. Internet Archive

The Trove Alternatives

The Internet Archive can also be considered an excellent alternative to The Trove based on eBooks that exceed 2 million.

This one may be familiar to you since it offers a wide variety of services, such as webpages, software applications, websites, games, music, movies, and videos, as well as billions of eBooks in Pdfs and other formats.

Millions of eBooks in various formats are available at The Internet Archive. If you lack the storage space, you may even access paid eBooks online for free at The Internet Archive.

3. Project Gutenburg

The Trove Alternatives

Project Gutenburg is a crowd favourite, including casual viewers and bookworms, since it is one of the first public libraries to be made available online.

Project Gutenberg has more than 60,000 free eBooks as of 2022. Both versions of classic literature and contemporary writers can be found on this website.

Project Gutenberg's mission is to preserve historical, cultural and literary achievements. Users may access millions of additional books on the website in addition to the free eBooks by paying a fee per user.

4. Library Genesis

The Trove Alternatives

Like The Trove, Library Genesis is a shadow website that provides thousands of free eBooks and other content, including essays, books of general and academic interest, photos, comics, podcasts, and journals.

Keep in mind that this site is safe and relatively easy to navigate, even if much of the content is copyrighted and based on piracy. This should be one of the Trove alternatives in 2022 since it has excellent potential to develop as a free eBook service provider.

5. Bookbub

The Trove Alternatives

Bookbub has a different strategy than Archive or Project Gutenberg for creating eBooks and literature accessible to the general audience. On Bookbub, writers and various online booksellers contribute their works.

This opens you access to a lot more unusual and hidden information. Authors can decide to promote their works on Bookbub for free or at a lower cost.

The Trove Alternatives

Users may download free books on many devices, including Kindles, iPads, and Androids, as limited-time deals. Use Bookbub to increase the number of ebooks in your collection if you want to find new and even limited-edition publications.

6. BookGuru

The Trove Alternatives

You would undoubtedly agree with my belief that everyone requires a guru because we are all active learners.

Here I would like to introduce you to BookGuru, a free eBook download website, which will allow you to explore all sorts of free electronic books, primarily manuals, such as a business, computer; engineering; medical sciences; social science, etc. Since it has a variety of books, BookGuru has secured itself a position in the Trove Alternatives. High school, college, and university students will significantly benefit from it.

7. LibriVox

The Trove Alternatives

LibriVox offers free audiobook content as an additional option to using publically available material. In essence, audiobooks are voice-recorded readings of a particular material. LibriVox is the best platform if you like to learn and enjoy books via listening rather than reading.

You can sign up as a volunteer and contribute audiobooks to the website or listen to any audiobooks in the LibriVox library. You can hear every single one of their 150,000+ story collections on your desktop or mobile device.

The Trove Alternatives for Gaming

Although The Trove has a decent collection of electronic books, did you know that The Trove also offers a good variety of tabletop role-playing games?

The Trove Alternatives

In a tabletop RPG, players take on characters' positions in a virtual context. The players typically use the game's rules to guide their actions and solve conflicts. Players frequently work together to tell stories, with each player playing one or more characters.

The design materials for numerous well-known RPG games, including Final Fantasy, Monster Hunter: World, and Dragons and Dungeon, were available on Trove. One might print and download these materials to play in the real world.

Sadly, The Trove was shut down, so everyone lost access to all those RPG game materials. An overview of the Trove alternatives for RPG gameplay in 2022 is provided in this section.

1. RPGGeek

Your one-stop source for information about your preferred tabletop games, like Dungeons and Dragons and some other role-playing board games, is RPGGeek, also known as RPGG.

The Trove is one of many open-source platforms for tabletop RPG games; RPGG is one of, possibly not the most widely used ones. It has several forums with information about both well-known and specialized games.


RPG BOT is another substitute for The Trove for RPG players. It's an easy-to-use website that offers instructions on playing particular games for both beginners and experts.

The majority of the content on this website is related to Dungeons & Dragons. The only drawback to RPGBOT is the absence of resources that may be downloaded, although all of the information on the website is available for free.

3. EnWorld

Another website with an abundance of educational posts and discussion boards on RPGs is EnWorld. Most of the information on EnWorld is targeted toward Dungeons & Dragons players, although there is also a variety of material for other RPG games.

The Trove Alternatives

It's a fantastic substitute for The Trove because there are various pages to choose from based on the type of information you're looking for.


It's no secret that eBooks are becoming more popular and ultimately transforming the literary landscape rather than just taking it over. Ebooks are becoming increasingly popular in place of physical books, whether consumers are doing so to save space in their homes or altogether avoid paying for printing.

The biggest online retailers sell millions of dollars daily of virtual reading material. These days, finding a bookshop that doesn't provide an EBook option in addition to its print offering is challenging.

We praise the Trove for making exceptional efforts to give thousands of people a chance to read their favourite eBooks for free. The Trove provided a platform for people who lacked the resources to purchase such expensive books. It is no longer available, for better or worse.

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