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MyLiveCricket Alternatives

MyLiveCricket is primarily a cricket live streaming website that offers full entertainment to its subscribers. It has above 2.4 million visitors. It provides free live streaming of Football events too. Live streaming is possible because the links and embeds of channels are available from third-party platforms like Facebook, streamcdn, whostreams, p3g, telerium, YouTube, etc., which are available on the internet at no cost. These links give access to live video content, making live streaming possible, and the copyrights remain with the original owner.

MyLiveCricket Alternatives

Numerous websites offer live streaming and are standing as stiff competitors for MyLiveCricket, but overall, MyLiveCricket is leading the list. However, there may be cases when you might not get access to its content due to slow server responses, especially during big matches. So, it is always good to have knowledge about some similar platforms to switch to them and continue endless entertainment.

Alternatives to MyLiveCricket

Below, we discuss some of the best alternatives to MyLiveCricket:


Touchcric is a similar cricket live streaming platform, ranking around 60,551 globally among all live streaming platforms, and in the UK, its rank is approximately 3322. It is a safe website and offers an excellent user experience.

MyLiveCricket Alternatives

In total, it has a visitor count of about 736.9K, which is a huge number and makes it clear how popular it is.

2) a legitimate and safe live streaming website for cricket matches. It is ranked around 82,648 in the world.

MyLiveCricket Alternatives

It offers live streaming of cricket matches in various formats. The total number of visitors on the site numbered 557.1k.

3) is a Bangladesh-based live cricket streaming platform and ranks around 378,961 in the world. It is mainly famous for streaming Bangladesh Premiere League matches.

MyLiveCricket Alternatives

It is safe, legal, and free from any malware activities. The total number of visitors it recorded is 141.7k. However, the platform contains many ads, which can be disturbing for users.

4) is also a live cricket streaming platform, with most of its users spread in countries like Pakistan, Germany, and the USA. It is registered in the USA. It is ranked around 20,483 globally.

MyLiveCricket Alternatives

It offers live streams of cricket matches and other games like Rugby, Tennis, and Football.

It has a daily visitor count of about 58360, and the overall visitor count stands at 2 million. It also offers a file-sharing feature.

5) is the Pakistan specialized live cricket streaming website; it primarily shows the matches of Pakistan cricket teams.

MyLiveCricket Alternatives

It is ranked 87,543 in the world with 529k total visitors. Its ranking in Pakistan is 6071st. It is free, safe, and legit.

6) is the live cricket streaming platform ranked 53,865 globally. It offers live streaming of sports and other entertaining media free of cost. The total number of visitors it has reached so far is 818.7k.

MyLiveCricket Alternatives

Most of its users are from the USA, Australia, and Pakistan.

The number of visitors it receives daily is approximately 11,708.

7) is another well-known cricket live streaming and file sharing platform available for free to everyone. It is ranked 37,874 globally and 640 in the sports streaming category. It has 1.1 million visitors count overall. It receives 9502 visitors on a daily basis.

MyLiveCricket Alternatives

Its primary users are in the USA, UAE, and Pakistan.

8) is a safe and legitimate website for live streaming cricket matches. It is famous in the Asian sub-continent of worlds like Pakistan and India. It is ranked 376,798 in the world, and in India, its rank is 81,531. It has 142.4k visitors overall.

MyLiveCricket Alternatives

It has a daily visitor base of 1905. It offers an excellent live match experience, which is why it is most famous among the world's top cricketing nations. The primary source of earnings is the advertisements that are displayed on the site. However, these ads interrupt the user experience.

9) is one of the top live media and cricket streaming websites, with most users from India, Pakistan, and Qatar. It is ranked around 11,666 globally and 99 in the streaming media and sports category.

MyLiveCricket Alternatives

It has an overall of 3.2 million visitors. The number of daily visitors on the website is 22755, which is evidence of its popularity.

It streams live international matches and IPL matches, making it more popular among users.

10) is sports live streaming platform ranked 50,748 globally with 863.7k visitors overall. It is most prevalent in countries like UAE, Canada, Pakistan, and North America.

MyLiveCricket Alternatives

The daily visitors count on the website is 16,836. It offers live streaming on all devices and is safe, free from malware, and legitimate without any cost.


These third-party live streaming websites are available to provide live experiences of the game to its users who don't have access to the original content provider. Apart from providing live cricketing action, these websites offer access to live stream other popular games and have additional features like file sharing, entertainment media, etc. The user has numerous alternatives to stream live cricket and other sports instead of MyLiveCricket.

However, some of the sites or platforms listed above may not be accessible to all countries. Hence, users must go through all the platforms and bookmark the supported ones to continue their streaming uninterrupted.

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