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Let's first examine LiveLeak itself before looking at the finest LiveLeak substitute. A video-sharing service called Liveleak was established in 2006. The actual film of current global events, including war and politics, is hosted on this website without charge. Although users can contribute to movies, the content is more political and inflammatory. You can get all accessible news videos regarding current discussions by opening the website and choosing Recent things. Alternatively, select Must See to view some sexy and shocking videos. However, on May 7, 2021, this website was taken offline. But you can still see these videos; we've produced a list of the LiveLeak alternatives.

1. Engage Media

LiveLeak Alternative

A non-profit website called EngageMedia seeks to influence society through media and technology. This service is an open video-sharing platform that competes with Liveleak. To upload and share videos, you need to create an account. There are specific instructions for utilizing your Android or iOS mobile device to stream the website.

2. Xfinity

LiveLeak Alternative

Another website as an alternative to LiveLeak is called Xfinity. There are different videos you watch. For instance, civilians are shooting raiders or just looters; God bless Texas, according to an audio tape uploaded here during Hurricane Harvey by Savior. Probably merely surprising to the most conservative people, these flicks. Where would you go, though, if you wanted to enjoy seeing something like a vicious dog or Howard Stern kissing Matt Lauer?

3. Flicker

LiveLeak Alternative

An excellent website like Flickr, which is comparable to Liveleak, can also be utilized as a social media handle. Awesome videos up to 1 GB in size can be uploaded together with your photographs. You must create and maintain a Flickr account if you want to upload videos. Before YouTube, this website was established in 2004, Flickr was not well known for its video publishing.

4. Itemfix

LiveLeak Alternative

Itemfix is a video-sharing site developed for video lovers. Most videos are about random things people do and issues within a country. The site is straightforward to navigate and easy to understand. It is fast, and each video loads at a reasonable speed when it comes to navigation

5. Ebaumsworld

LiveLeak Alternative

Be cautious because NSFW videos are included under that heading. You can never go wrong visiting the Ebaum's World website if you enjoy unpredictably humorous, frightening, or disturbing videos. The video section features a variety of content, such as viral and unusual films or news events, such as the forcibly arrested Nurse Utah as a student doing a tantrum after her teacher takes her fake identity

6. Myvidstar

LiveLeak Alternative

You can view videos shot by other people on My Vidster, a social video storing and sharing website. Because it promotes a positive environment for streamers, this website has attracted a lot of attention over the years. Because of its extensive selection of videos, it's a fantastic Liveleak substitute.

7. Omg News

LiveLeak Alternative

The OMG News is an effort to take advantage of the phenomenon of internet rage. Here, we're trying to surprise and impress viewers so they'll share this critical content on social media. This is the most excellent spot for you if you enjoy conspiracy theories or other contentious videos. Take a look at this OMG News selection of the top YouTube videos to help you vent your wrath.

8. Dtube

LiveLeak Alternative

The visual style of YouTube was adopted by D Tube, which has gained popularity. It has no restrictions and allows explicit content on the main panel. D Tube uses the Steem blockchain and pays out incentives in digital money. These days, cryptocurrencies are gaining in popularity. A forward step into the future!

9. AOL

LiveLeak Alternative

Are you seeking websites offering a tonne of videos in one place, like Liveleak and YouTube? The ideal website is AOL Video. You may watch various videos on AOL Video without needing to register. On this page, you may also access the earlier videos. They do not only host their videos on the internet; they also host videos from other websites. The videos are arranged sequentially and collectively; related and comparable videos are grouped. Users may use this platform easily thanks to this feature, which encourages them to visit the AOL video website frequently.


You may discover and watch an endless supply of videos with these LiveLeak substitutes. Which of these websites do you like best? You can leave your thoughts and suggestions below if you want to share more websites similar to LiveLeak.

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