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Flixtor Alternatives

Flixtor, a popular streaming website for movies and TV shows, went offline in 2018. Users began searching for alternative sites and eventually found them. Flixtor's name was used by a multitude of websites. Flixtor's original team advised users to stay away from it as it could spread malware, viruses, or other security threats. Flixtor has been back online after a long time. You can access it via six safe domain names ( being the basic one), where you will find the most popular TV shows and movies.

Flixtor's return is celebrated with joy. However, there is no reason to believe it could not go offline again at any moment and without warning. We have compiled a list of 8 alternative sites. This way, even if your streaming site is down for a few hours or years, you will still have great websites to view your favorite streaming content. Before we present the Flixtor alternatives, please consider that there may be some sites that aren't legal in all jurisdictions. Also, before you start to point your browser at these sites, make sure you know your country's copyright laws.

1. YMovies

Flixtor Alternatives

Yify is a streaming service that you may have used for a while. Ymovies has many movies to choose from. The interface is simple and sleek (click the homepage), which displays the latest releases in a list with the most popular titles at the bottom. Your favorite movies can be viewed in HD right from your browser.

The search box allows you to quickly search by title, genre, and year from the main page. You can also visit Yseries to find tons of TV series. All content provided is from third-party websites. You may experience annoying pop-ups when you click on the links.

2. Zona

Flixtor Alternatives

Zona, a Russian alternative to Flixtor, is a free app you need to download and install before you can enjoy its vast content. Zona is only compatible with Windows. Despite this, Zona is a very user-friendly interface. You can browse through approximately 10,000 movies and 14,000 TV series. There are also 300 TV channels.

You can choose the quality of the content, subtitles, and audio. You can also download the movies that you are interested in and view them later. The TV series are arranged in the same way as Netflix. They are sorted by the seasons, and you can continue watching from the point you leave it. You can watch live sports like hockey, volleyball, Tennis, and boxing, among others. For those of you who are music fans, Zona has a lot of options for you. It has 600 radio stations and around a million hours of music. You can also download approximately 400 games and play them later.

3. Movies Joy

Flixtor Alternatives

MoviesJoy is a reliable streaming platform that lets you watch a variety of films and TV shows online for no cost. You can stream on the spot or download them to watch later. There are titles in every genre that are updated on a daily basis and are a great resource. At present, MoviesJoy's library has more than 10,000 titles to enjoy.

The best part is that there are no interruptions brought on by ads. Yes, no advertisements! The films are available in high quality (HD Quality) (some are normal HD with standard HD only), including subtitles. Registration is not required, and, as such, there is no personal information that remains for you to be traced- Another benefit.

They categorise each film with the letters 'HD', 'HD-Rip, or "CAM" (recorded in a movie theatre) to tell you what you can expect. You can browse through the list with ease or browse by category. You can also use the search function to locate the film you're looking to watch. MoviesJoy works with mobile devices and Chromecast.

4. LookMovie

Flixtor Alternatives

LookMovie is another solid Flixtor competitor. You get access to all of your movies from the box office absolutely free! They also regularly refresh their movie library and, therefore, you'll see the most recent movies in their collection. You can look up any film using the search function located at the top, sorted by genre as well as by release year.

The selection of movies they offer is quite impressive. You can discover older and classic material. They have multiple sub-titles, which are great. They say that the quality of the films is HD; however, there are times when you observe that this may not be true. But if you're really about movies that are entertaining, this might not be the best option for you.

5. Project Free TV

Flixtor Alternatives

In contrast to the other platforms listed, ProjectFreeTV is typically a search engine for shows or movies you'd like to see. Therefore, it's not a streaming service in and of itself. You just need to type in the show's or movie's name and then look up the name. A list of relevant search results relevant to your search will be shown.

When you access ProjectFreeTV, you'll be taken to third-party websites. Although the site doesn't contain advertisements, once you're taken to third-party websites, there's no way to know what's going to happen. There's the possibility of seeing a variety of irritating advertisements and pop-ups. You may also be required to click on a number of hyperlinks before you come to the one that you prefer. We have tried clicking the links from third parties, and boy, was I flooded with advertisements throughout the process. But, ProjectFreeTV is a strong search engine in the search for the shows you'd like to stream.

6. SubsMovies

Flixtor Alternatives

SubsMovies allows you to stream online shows and movies at no cost. And the best part is, you don't have to sign up or give any personal information. You can find the shows or movies you're looking for by searching for the title or searching for the type or year. The name implies that the content is subtitled. SubsMovies declares that the videos are fully HD quality. You can play directly from the website. This is great since it eliminates the risk of playing on third-party websites.

As the title suggests, SubsMovies excels in its ability to translate subtitles, allowing an improved overall experience, especially when watching content from other countries. However, it is true that using SubsMovies isn't always easy, as advertisements can be disruptive.

7. WatchSeries

Flixtor Alternatives

WatchSeries offers a stylish interface, which is like Netflix. You can see what's popular, and the most recent releases are all displayed in one glance. This website is free, and registration is not necessary, which is fantastic. As the name implies, WatchSeries focuses more on TV shows, but there are movies available. You can find what you are looking for using the search option at the top or by region or genre. There are many genres to choose from and including Animation, Comedy, Documentary, Horror, Action, Sci-Fi, and many more. According to WatchSeries, the films are in a variable quality HD resolution.

If I click on something, WatchSeries often redirects me to another website. It happens frequently, which strained my patience. When I finally managed to get the film to play, I was greeted by another pop-up that was also displayed. Therefore, the importance of making use of the VPN with ads blockers to improve your experience with WatchSeries is great.

8. Putlocker

Flixtor Alternatives

Similar to ProjectFreeTV, this is also an effective search engine when searching for the movie you're looking to watch. All you have to do is type in the film you want to watch, and then the list of relevant streaming websites will pop up. It is true that Putlocker is an online aggregator. It provides the results for your search, and you need to select the search result you wish to use.

Since you'll be directed to third-party streaming websites, you should be extra cautious since you don't know the real 'nature' of these websites. Make sure you've got your VPN on to ensure you're protected throughout. If you are attempting to stream without having a VPN, it is similar to being in the middle of a flame without wearing a protective suit, as these sites provide an easy gateway for viruses and malware to enter your system.


A lot of people depend on Flixtor as their go-to entertainment portal. It was initially said to be down by the end of 2018 but is now up. However, you'll never know when it might be back down. So, it's best to have a list of Flixtor Alternatives available.

Provided above is a list of streaming websites like Flixtor which can help satisfy your craving for entertainment. It is a good idea to make use of a reliable and trusted VPN to ensure your privacy and privacy online. Happy streaming!

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