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FMovies Alternatives

Not everyone likes to go to a movie theatre to watch newly released movies, and not everyone wants to pay any amount for a subscription to any OTT platforms. In such a situation, what people do is that they search for those online streaming platforms which do not charge any amount for watching films but provide the newly released movies or series on it. This way, viewers can enjoy their content while sitting at home or travelling without paying a single penny. FMovies is one of the best examples of such kinds of apps or platforms. It offers its users a different variety of movies, and also, the movies are categorized in a very user-friendly manner on the platform. But the problem is that streaming copyrighted movies on the FMovies is not legal. With apps like FMovies, the film industry suffers a huge loss every year, but for the viewers, that is not a concern; what they want is newly released free movies on their mobile phones or laptop so that they can enjoy them in their home. Therefore it has been banned many times in different countries. Due to this, the entertainment of its viewers gets disturbed. That is why it is also essential to have alternatives to FMovies as because of its ban or unavailability, the users' entertainment must not get disturbed. Some of the best alternatives to FMovies are listed below in this article, and readers can opt for any of them based on their availability in their region.

Alternatives to FMovies

1. YTS or Yify Movies

FMovies Alternatives

YTS is one of the most popular and suitable alternatives to FMovies. There are thousands of movies available on this web-based streaming platform, and users can easily watch or download them accordingly. This is a totally free-to-use platform, and you do not have to pay any amount for downloading. The best part about this platform is that the user can also reduce the size of the movies they are downloading and lower the amount of data usage while saving the local storage. The user gets all the latest movies at the earliest, and they can download and watch them for free. Although users will get ads while using it, they can use any suitable ad-blocker to continue free entertainment without interruption.

The movies available to download have the perfect sound quality, which gives the viewers a great experience. To download movies from this platform, the user just needs to visit the website of it and search for the movie they want to download and then select the quality of the movie they want to download and then the download will start. Also, there is no need to provide any personal information to use or log in to this platform. It not only provides the movies of a particular region but it has all the movies from all over the world. The platform is available on almost every device through any modern web browser.

2. Tubi TV

FMovies Alternatives

Tubi TV is a service provided by the FOX Corporation and has a very good collection of movies and web series on it, including the latest or newly released movies. If the user wants to watch any movie on this platform, then he can simply visit the website of it or can download the app for the same. The applications for Tubi TV are available for both Android and iOS users. There is also no need to provide personal details or create an account to use the services of this platform. It has a huge collection of movies and TV shows from different content providers.

3. ShowBox

FMovies Alternatives

Showbox is another well-known alternative to FMovies. It is a very famous application among smartphone users, and the user can watch TV shows, Reality shows, web series and movies etc., on this app. Showbox is also available for Windows users, and they can install this app as a browser extension or use it through any emulator software on their laptops and PCs. The best part about this application is that it is very compatible with other third-party applications, making it easy to share its content with others. Also, it is free to use.

4. DownloadHub

FMovies Alternatives

DownloadHub is another best alternative to FMovies. Users can visit its website and download a variety of movies from the different film industries of different countries. Also, there are many TV shows available on this platform. The size of the movies is not large in most cases, which makes it easy to watch or download them for limited data users. Most movies are compressed to only 300MB. Since it offers a huge collection of web series and movies from all over the world, it is worth trying DownloadHub. The user can also download the APKs for different applications and games using this. It is also free to use.

5. 123Movies

FMovies Alternatives

It is one of the best alternatives to FMovies and is very popular among the audience as it is freely available across the world. This website allows users to watch movies online and/or download them on their devices. What makes it a favourite of movie lovers is that it has the most significant collection of old and new movies that users can enjoy. The interface of the website is also straightforward and user-friendly. The users can easily search any movies by the year, country or by the name of the film itself. It constantly updates the list of movies, TV shows or web series and provides the user with all the latest movies and shows to wishlist, stream online, or download. It also ensures that the quality of the film is not compromised, proving the high definition quality. 123Movies has faced a lot of bans and restrictions in many countries, so before choosing it as an alternative to FMovies, the users must check if it is available in their region or not.

6. Popcorn Flix

FMovies Alternatives

Another FMovies alternative on our list is Popcorn Flix. Popcorn Flix is an application allowing users to stream movies, web series, TV shows, etc., of their own choice. Popcorn Flix also claims that they add new movies daily on their app, which is something that is not offered by most of its competitors. Also, this application is free to use, and the user does not need to pay any subscription charges to stream the latest movies online. This application contains movies from a huge collection of movies from all over the world, including different genres, languages and years.

7. Flixtor

FMovies Alternatives

Another great alternative to FMovies is Flixtor which is very much liked by the audience. Like other alternatives, Flixtor offers a massive collection of movies, web series and TV shows from different countries. The content on this platform is listed categorically, and the user may also find a section of top-rated movies. The systematic user interface of this platform makes it easy for the users to find the film of their choice. The user can also add a list of movies in the Favorites section and easily access their selected movies in one place in the future. There is a section named Latest Added in which all the films or episodes released in the last 24 hours are uploaded. There are chances that this website is not accessible in your region; therefore, in such a case, you may use Flixtor VPN and enjoy the service of Flixtor.

8. LookMovie

FMovies Alternatives

LookMovie is very similar to FMovies and has entered the market recently, but it has proved to be one of the best alternatives to FMovies. The users get a huge collection of movies and do not need to provide any personal information or register on it to enjoy its service. This is also free of charge and ad-free. Having an ad-free platform is one of the best parts of this platform, as users can enjoy their movies or shows without any interruption. Also, there is no need to download the content first to watch it, meaning that the users can stream it online and watch accordingly. It also shows you the IMDb rating and a small description of the movie, which helps you in deciding whether to watch it or not.

9. GoStream

FMovies Alternatives

GoStream is another popular alternative to FMovies, and it is totally free to use. This offers its users movies of different categories, and also, all the latest released movies are uploaded on the website soon after their release. All the movies are available there with their IMDb rating and preview. The drawback of the GoStream website is that it does not allow its users to search for any movie by the year of its release. The website is free from ads, which is one of the best things about this app. Users must check the quality of the movies if they want to stream it, as there are some movies in which the quality is not up to the mark. It also does not require any personal information of the user to register, as the movies can be streamed even without registration. GoStream is also available on the Google Play Store, and Android users can download the application of it from there. Its rating is around 4.2 on the Google Play Store.

10. MovieTubeNow

FMovies Alternatives

If you are searching for a free and reliable alternative to FMovies, then MovieTubeNow can be another best choice in such a case. It allows all its users to enjoy movies, web series and TV shows without interruption. It has a massive collection of films of every genre, language and also content from all over the world. The movie loads at a very high speed on this platform, because of which the users love using this alternative. The one drawback of MovieTubeNow is that if the user wants to view a movie, he needs to provide some details to create an account on the platform. The website's user interface is very easy to use, which makes the navigation easy. It has all the movies listed categorically based on their rating, year of release and genre.

11. Crackle

FMovies Alternatives

Crackle is a subsidiary of Sony Entertainment and was launched in the year 2007. It offers a large collection of web series, TV shows in different languages and many other contents from different countries. It allows the user to stream any movie or any other content on its website. It also has an application for Android, iPad and iOS users. The best thing about this platform is that it is totally free to use. The application of Crackle is available on Google Play Store for Android users and has a rating of around 3.7. The Indian users may not be able to use or download this application as it is not available for Indian users on the Google Play Store. However, the APK file of Crackle can be downloaded using a Google search and installed manually on Android devices.


It is not possible for everyone to go and watch movies in the theatre, and not everyone likes it. So, people try their best to find a way so they can enjoy the latest movies or web series for free without paying any subscription amount for any OTT platform. The platforms discussed above are the best options in such cases, and viewers can enjoy their content on these platforms for free. But, one problem is that some websites or apps we have discussed above are unavailable in all regions. Therefore, users should check the availability of these sources in their country before using these sources. All the above alternatives offer the latest movies and web series and are popular for their services.

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