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Headboard Alternatives

Although having a bed with a headboard may seem natural when designing your bedroom, there are many more ways to come up with something more unusual and creative. There are many ways to liven up a huge blank wall, regardless of your financial situation, whether you are renting your space, or whether you just want to stand out. Look below for some fantastic, affordable ideas to get you motivated for your next bedroom design endeavor, including hanging fabrics, shelves with art and book collections, groupings of mirrors, and artwork! Check out some more fantastic bedroom ideas if you lean more toward the classic style.

Headboard Alternatives

A headboard may be useful for a bedroom, as a focus point and even provide book storage. But you'll need an appropriate headboard substitute if the bed you bought doesn't have one (and not all of them do). Fortunately, several solutions are available to help you decorate the area above your bed.

1. Hang A Few Massive Pillows.

This is a pretty simple method for making a welcoming and comfy headboard replacement. Use two to three huge pillows and a curtain rod to get this appearance. What could be easier once you've attached tabs or strings to your pillows so they can be fastened to your rod? But make sure your rod is fastened to the wall studs. You wouldn't want to rip the rod out of the drywall while sleeping with your head on the pillow.

2. Save Money By Using Wood Screen Room Dividers

Headboard Alternatives

Wooden screen room dividers may be used as a gorgeous alternative to the conventional headboard because they stand on their own and can unfold. They shouldn't move with your bed pulled back against them. However, you should ensure they are stable and may wish to fasten them to the wall behind your bed. You can pick something to go with a variety of décor schemes because there are so many different types available.

3. Place Plants on A Ledge Shelf That You Have Suspended.

Headboard Alternatives

Love the outdoors and desire to experience sleeping in a forest? Then you might want to think about installing a ledge shelf above your bed and filling it with lovely houseplants that lean down toward your face.

Shelf height (you want it high enough that you don't bang your head on it) and waterproofing for your plants are a couple of things to bear in mind. Use drainage-catchment pots if possible to avoid wetting your pillows and indoor plants at the same time.

4. Cover The Wall with Foam And Fabric.

Headboard Alternatives

A piece of foam, a fabric piece of the same size, some 1 x 1s for the frame, and glue or staples provide quick and simple alternatives to headboards. Put the foam on the wall behind your bed, drape fabric over it, and then carefully frame it with the wood of your choosing. If you don't have access to the equipment for cutting wood, you could also use something like a ribbon for the frame. Purchase rolls of upholstery foam to make your own headboard.

5. Hang A Rug Alternatively

Here's another fantastic choice if you need a headboard fix right away. Find a curtain rod and rug you adore, then put them together to create a brilliant headboard substitute. For simple hanging, you may also purchase curtain clips for rugs or have a channel-stitched onto the top of the rug's back. The ornate hanging rod would then slip across this groove. The robust rug clips can support the weight of a rug. The other end attaches to a metal rod that is 1" square.

6. Use Vintage Doors or Windows

Headboard Alternatives

A nice look for a headboard substitute is old windows. We do advise taking the glass off. It would be terrible to too lean back and smash window glass on your pillow. Old doors may be given a second chance by being utilized as an alternative headboard. Here, the entire back wall is covered with bifold doors that have been stained a dark cherry hue. The installation has a built-in appearance thanks to the illuminated sconces that were inserted into the ancient doors.

7. Construct A Cubby with Built-In Shelves For Your Bed

Headboard Alternatives

We can implement this idea by utilizing common shelves and cabinets from your preferred home goods retailer. When designing your wall, consider how your bed will fit into the opening created by the shelves and cabinets. This creative niche concept has two side tables and lots of storage. This is a smart concept when attempting to maximize space in a tiny bedroom. This is just another method for making a recess for the bed to tuck into, but the shelf is readily available this time. Since this is not built-in, the room's layout and potential uses may be more flexible.

8. Stencil A Wall Scroll Headboard Wall

Headboard Alternatives

The wall behind your bed may be something you don't really desire, but you know you still want something. What about using a wall stencil instead of a headboard? A tonne of adorable alternatives are available to match just about any style.

9. Putting up a Macramé Hanging

Headboard Alternatives

In the past year or two, fabric arts have seen a revival, with macrame leading the way. Knotting textiles to create works of art has a bohemian feel and looks excellent in open areas. Pair a macrame hanging with indoor plants, neutral bedding, and Scandinavian furniture for a unified aesthetic.

This headboard substitute is fantastic for a natural atmosphere, whether you DIY your macrame hanging, support a local artisan, or buy one that is readily accessible professionally.

10. Utilize An Old Rolling Map

If you enjoy traveling, this concept could appeal to you. Look through antique shops and flea markets to locate an old vinyl roll-down classroom map. These are distinctive, quirky, and ideal for a traveler's or globetrotter's bedroom. To make installation easier, they even have a hanger that is linked to them. You can roll them back up even when it's time to make the bed.

11. Use Found Items Creatively

Headboard Alternatives

You can get really creative with a headboard substitute. You may create a headboard substitute out of virtually anything, whether you want to utilize a dismantled picket fence, lush wood planks, or a stack of abandoned books. All you need is a good concept and a little creativity.

This concept elevates the practice of reading in bed. Instead of drilling several holes in your wall, we advise backing your hardbound with a piece of plywood. Additionally, you'll need strong glue or epoxy to keep the book pages tucked away and secure.

These exquisite wooden pieces define space much as a headboard would, but they also evoke feelings of abstract art. The eye is drawn in by the rich wood texture. Above the bed, these items appear sophisticated and elegant.

Why not use a wooden fence panel as a headboard? Add your choice of color as a wash, then sand it to restore the rustic farmhouse appearance while introducing a splash of color.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Your Bed Really Need a Headboard?

When homes didn't have insulation, headboards served as a barrier between your head and the chilly wall. Wooden beds with a headboard and footboard were popular. But today, beds may be anything you desire, and mattresses are frequently sold online without box springs. In addition, modern dwellings have far superior insulation.

So, no, a headboard is not necessary for a comfy bed, although one may be desired. A headboard may provide a room visual flair. They can offer soft padding to support your pillows so you can watch TV or read in bed comfortably. They can also help define your style.

Can A Headboard Be Used Without a Bed Frame?

In the past, beds were sold as a single item and were made of iron or wood. The slats, box spring, and mattress would rest on two rails, a headboard, and a footboard. These days, such beds are less prevalent as individuals want inventive headboards. For instance, you may design a headboard that connects directly to the wall behind your mattress instead of having your mattress rest straight on the floor.

In the example above, the mattress is supported by a visible headboard made of basic wood. There is no need for a bed frame if the headboard is attached to both the wall and the floor.

The iron rods above it are used to suspend a commercial wall-mount headboard similar to this one. The height may now be adjusted to fit the height of your mattress. And a bed frame wouldn't be necessary.

Does A Headboard Increase the Comfort of a Bed?

Depending on your habits, a headboard may make the bed more comfortable. A headboard can provide you with something to lean against if you spend time in bed reading, using the computer, or watching television. You may lean against the wall, but your pillows could tend to slide into the space between the mattress and the wall. A headboard prevents that.

Headboard Alternatives

When reading in bed, a tufted velvet headboard offers additional comfort and a plush, inviting place to rest your head. Although this one is aqua blue, it is also offered in several hues.

Should A Headboard Be Placed Against a Wall?

Although it's customary, your headboard doesn't have to be against a wall. The majority of individuals decide to employ the headboard in addition to the wall's support. If you do have a sturdy bed, such as a four-poster, it may be possible for it to be placed in the middle of the room while still providing the support that a headboard is intended to provide. Just be aware that if your headboard is not against the wall, your bed and head will have less support.

Final Thoughts

Headboards are a fantastic method to express your design creativity. Fantastic commercial and do-it-yourself solutions abound. They're an excellent option to switch up your look without spending a fortune. We sincerely hope you discovered the ideal headboard substitute for your space here and are eager to switch things up.

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