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Mailchimp Alternatives

Mailchimp allows its users to do advanced automated email marketing for their blogs or e-commerce websites to grow the network. It is one of the most popular platforms used for such kind of email marketing. Any size of business can use this for marketing and promotions. The user interface of Mailchimp is simple to use in such a way that the user finds it very convenient to use. It also helps in creating a very professional email. It offers its users a different number of ready-to-use templates and many other essential tools that can benefit them. All these tools are there to help the users improve their email strategy.

To access the services of Mailchimp, the user must visit the website and create an account by providing some basic details. Mailchimp offers both free and paid versions of it. The difference between the free and paid versions is that the user can access limited features in the free version. But since Mailchimp has made some changes in its price and features, not all users are happy with it; hence, the need for its alternative has come for many users. Users are looking for other similar options to try to meet their needs at a reasonable price.

Alternatives to Mailchimp

Below, we discuss some of the best alternatives to Mailchimp:

1. Constant Contact

Mailchimp Alternatives

Constant Contact is one of the best alternatives to Mailchimp. It is especially recommended for small businesses and non-profit businesses. The most important thing about any service provider is how they resolve the issues of their customers or users. Constant Contact takes proper care of this as its support team is always available to help and quickly provides solutions. The support staff is accessible to existing and new users seeking information about the product.

Constant Contact has all the features available that a user needs to create any professional email or do promotions. The platform also offers some unique features like marketing automation, which allows publishers to schedule specific emails to be automatically sent to target customers at particular times in the future. Additionally, the publishers can resend the email to those users who do not open their emails. Typically, it offers all those features a user will need to create a professional email and start email marketing. One disadvantage of using Constant Contact is that it does not provide free access. However, users can take a demo before purchasing and using the product. This allows for integration with other popular software or similar types of tools, making it easy for people to switch to Constant Contact from other popular email marketing platforms.

2. Sendinblue

Mailchimp Alternatives

Sendinblue is another best and most powerful alternative to Mailchimp, and it offers its users two kinds of services which include email marketing and SMS marketing. It also offers an email marketing automation feature. Additionally, it enables publishers to advertise their businesses on Facebook through ads. One distinct feature of Sendinblue is that you can interact with interested persons through live chat by using it. It allows its users to send an unlimited number of emails based on user behaviour. Creating an email is way simpler here on this platform, and it is the best to enhance your email marketing.

Sendinblue has the feature of sending transactional emails to those who purchase any product of the user's business, which is a very essential and unique feature. It offers not only those features which Mailchimp does, but it has some extra features than Mailchimp, like SMS Marketing and the option of live chat software. These features are not free to use, but it has various affordable plans, which are fairly priced. It has a huge customer base of around 300000 users from different countries. Sendinblue claims to send almost 100 million emails every day, which is quite huge. It is recommended for the users to use its free version first, and then the users can choose any of the monthly payment plans if it suits their needs.

3. Hubspot

Mailchimp Alternatives

Hubspot is an all-in-one platform with all the features a business needs for email marketing and promotions. It offers many advanced features that are not available in most of its competitors. The reason behind being one of the favourite platforms for the customers is that it has features like CRM, automation workflows, many other tools for increasing sales, and a website builder. It is one of the best alternatives to Mailchimp because it has features that even Mailchimp doesn't offer, making it better than Mailchimp. However, some people may find it challenging to use due to its many features.

The features of Hubspot, like CRM and website builder, are so powerful that it helps the users in their business by providing a better conversion rate, sales, and many other benefits. Apart from all these advanced features, it also has all the features that most email marketing service providers offer, such as autoresponders, stripe email campaigns, etc. It's better to try out all of HubSpot's features with free access before paying and choosing specific features to start using them.

4. ConvertKit

Mailchimp Alternatives

ConvertKit is another well-known alternative to Mailchimp. It provides limited features, which are mainly required to do email marketing. Like other popular email marketing service providers, users can send automated emails based on user behaviour with ConvertKit, which is a handy feature if users want to segment their audience. If we talk about the pricing of ConvertKit, first of all, they give you a 45-day free trial period so that you can use it and check whether it is compatible or not and meets the requirements. After the trial period, you can conclude to continue using it by paying the respective amount as decided by the company.

ConvertKit offers users a monthly and yearly plan, and they may choose one of these according to their needs and requirements. The best thing about this alternative is that it is entirely free for people until they reach 300 subscribers. Also, users can check and try all its features for up to 300 subscribers. If they like the service, they can choose any paid plan and continue using it.

5. Robly

Mailchimp Alternatives

Robly is also an email marketing tool that is worth trying out and usually offers 50% off on its paid plans to attract new customers. It can be one of the best choices after Mailchimp and Sendinblue. It is used for almost all kinds of businesses, whether it is small or large. It also offers a free trial period of 40 days, and the user may use all the features of this tool during the trial period. It helps the users to decide before buying any monthly or yearly plan.

Robly helps its user in list growth, generating sales and also has social proof. It also has a rating of five stars which shows its potential and efficiency. The company is also working with other brands to grow its business. It has all the basic features which other email marketing services offer. It has more than 25 thousand accounts all over the world and has sent more than 12B emails till now. It has been in the market for eight years and has over 10B recipients of the mails. It also has a support team, and if users face any doubts, they can get in touch with the support staff, who will help clear their doubts. The support is available 24/7, which is the best part of this tool.

6. Moosend

Mailchimp Alternatives

Not everyone can afford the Mailchimp tool as it is a bit expensive. Moosend can be the best choice in such a case. Moosend offers a free plan that provides access to all of its features for 30 days. It's more like a trial period. However, users can try out all the features to decide whether the tool suits their needs or not. If they find this tool useful, they can opt for any of the paid plans as per their requirements.

Moosend helps target a different segment of users based on their behaviours. The list management and increasing sales for any business, whether small or large, becomes easy with the help of Moosend. The feature like the automation builder of Moosend is way too fast, and the user can rely upon this to automate their email marketing. While Mailchimp is a bit pricey for users, Moosend is about 30% cheaper than Mailchimp, making it an affordable option for businesses looking for email marketing. It also has many other features, like it provides free readymade templates for emails where the user can use the drag and drop feature, which is a powerful feature. Users can also create signup forms so that they do not miss any leads. All the necessary apps are also integrated here on Moosend.

7. GetResponse

Mailchimp Alternatives

GetResponse is also an email marketing service and is available at a very affordable price. The user gets the option to customize it according to his needs and requirements. GetResponse is not complicated to use, and that is why it is one of the favourite email marketing services of the users. It offers a lot of features which make it easy for brands to keep their brand tone unique through customization. It offers its users a free trial period of 30 days to decide whether they should continue with its paid plans. For those who are looking for an alternative to Mailchimp, GetResponse may be the best option, as it has a wide range of features. Some such special features include app integration, powerful CRM and Mobile responsive email design.

8. MailerLite

Mailchimp Alternatives

MailerLite is the eighth alternative in our list and is very easy to use due to its straightforward user interface. It has a variety of email newsletter templates. It has the feature of creating PDFs of brochures so that they can be easily shared among the customers. MailerLite can be used by almost all kinds of freelancers like bloggers, designers, etc. It has all the features to help a business or a freelancer to achieve their goals. Customer support is available 24/7, and the user can reach them through various means, for example, via email or live support.

9. AWeber

Mailchimp Alternatives

AWeber is very similar to Mailchimp and has many similar features. With AWeber, businesses get the opportunity to personalize their email services and can reach their targeted audience at a specified time. It also offers many unique features which help its users to have a sustainable and long-lasting relationship with their customers. It also has various other integrations to help businesses in e-commerce. Talking about readymade templates, there are various templates available, including HTML templates that make email marketing easy and fast. Its mobile application makes it easily accessible at any time.

10. DotDigital

Mailchimp Alternatives

Our tenth alternative is DotDigital, and it is one of the well-known email marketing platforms used worldwide. It has the capability to integrate with all the basic platforms and send automated messages that entice and engage customers. Its feature like automation builder is very user-friendly, and this platform's editing feature helps its user create creative emails that can easily grab the target audience's attention. Users can take a demo of this tool before integrating it for their marketing needs.

DotDigital offers communication and segmentation tools which are very helpful for its users. It also has the drag and drops feature, making it possible for the user to create one of the best emails like a professional. In addition, it also has the facility to use analytical data to build strategies and improve conversion rates.


Email marketing is a new idea and helps websites and e-commerce businesses to reach a large number of target people and help them grow. MailChimp is undoubtedly one of the best platforms for extra-sized businesses. Still, there's also a need to explore its alternatives, as MailChimp plans aren't affordable for some businesses, and they lack some essential advanced features. The alternatives to MailChimp discussed above work similarly to Mailchimp. The only difference between MailChimp and these alternatives is the price of their plans and some extra features. You can choose any of the discussed options based on your need and budget. All the alternatives discussed above over MailChimp are easy-to-use because of their simple and user-friendly interface, and they also have all the features that are good enough to meet the need of different types of users for email marketing and promotion.

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