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PDFsam Alternatives

What is PDFsam?

PDFsam, also known as PDF Split and Merge, is indeed a concept of a multi-computer tool that allows you to divide, combine, remove, twist, and combine sheets/pages in PDF documents. It has a lot of options, which makes it a feature-rich platform for PDF-related tasks. The client may combine PDF documents by picking whole papers at once or just the portion of pages.

PDFsam is a publicly available software platform with program data. It is available for multiple platforms, including Windows, Linux and Mac. It comes in many variants, offering additional features. A significant disadvantage of this platform is that you have to install its application on the respective platform before you can start using it.

Alternatives to PDFsam

1. Foxit PDF Reader

PDFsam Alternatives

Foxit PDF Editor is a robust, quick, safe, and reasonably priced Document reader for anyone seeking to view, edit, generate, convert, merge or split PDF documents.

One significant advantage of Foxit Reader is that it is free to install and use for personal needs.

Foxit Reader has traditionally been recognized as a top PDF Document reader application or solution for residential and commercial usage. However, to use all the features, one has to pay some decent amounts to opt for a subscription.

Some of its capabilities include superior item processing, comprehensive word annotating, conversion of a document to Office applications, 3rd party embedding, and importing documents into various file types.

2. Adobe Acrobat

PDFsam Alternatives

Adobe is known for providing a collection of computer software and online tools, both paid and free, with limited features. Adobe Acrobat allows users to view, generate, alter, publish, and administer PDF document files.

The basic Adobe Viewer is free as well as accessible for a variety of portable and desktop devices. It allows you to view, download, and annotate Documents.

It can export in addition to saving common files and jpeg images as documents. It is additionally possible to transfer the output of a scanning.

3. PDF24 Creator

PDFsam Alternatives

PDF24 Creator is deployed like digital printing within the software through a target device. The instructions that are transmitted are therefore utilized to generate a PDF version. This alternative enables various file formats to be produced easily from every program that supports publishing.

Using PDF24 Creator, one can blend numerous PDF files into a single file, adjusting the sequence of the pages. Additionally, pages can be rotated, extracted, and inserted according to the needs. PDF processing with an interactive display, Document protection, decoding, and Signature insertion, are some of the useful features of this software.

PDF24 Creator, which is also compatible with desktops, is among the most popular free Downloadable readers on the marketplace that contains all single features users may need to modify PDF documents and many other files.

4. Nitro Pro

PDFsam Alternatives

Nitro Pro is an alternative platform for developing, editing, signing, and securing PDF files, including other major file formats. The popular features available in this specific software are file formats, a web program for digital certificates, and document business applications. Cloud-based access control, administration, and software applications are among the premium services. Nitro additionally runs a number of completely free file-converting websites.

Nitro Online works with the major Internet browsers on almost most modern devices. Nitro Pro is also given to users on a trial basis for 14 days; users can test the premium features and decide to purchase the full version accordingly. However, Nitro Reader is freely available for individual and business usage.

5. AlterPDF

PDFsam Alternatives

AlterPDF is another great alternative to PDFsam, which provides support for about eighteen document formats and helps users to edit, change, and authenticate documents. The application provides a straightforward structure of variables to every PDF action. Every option comes first with a description and an instance, making it easy to understand each feature or tool.

It offers a straightforward and beautiful appearance as in the manner of Microsoft Office. There are no extra Windows or complex settings.

This is a lovely PDF utility that the user has found useful. It is the sole free application that user has discovered that can combine and divide documents.

6. PDFEncrypt

PDFsam Alternatives

PDFEncrypt is known as free to use, fully accessible, open-source native PDF solution that uses specific security protocols to secure documents.

Regardless of the platform on which the reader is utilized to access the document, the PDF document's information remains protected, inaccessible or locked until a correct password is entered.

One has to simply choose the document to secure and input a pin, and then the document is secured using business techniques that are consistent with this reader.

It is available as an independent application or as part of a suite of tools for processing documents.

7. PDF Architect

PDFsam Alternatives

PDF Architect is an alternative PDF reader and builder of PDFsam that enables users to generate, read, and modify PDF documents. It permits users complete authority over their Pdf files, enabling users to customize the features as per their needs.

PDF Architect is an excellent reader solution for anyone looking for a dependable, comprehensive document converter with a variety of additional capabilities or a solid, dependable UI. Users may upgrade to a better plan at even a lower cost.

Dealing with several papers, especially when each is in different configurations, can be difficult. Using the document editor Page feature on this site, anyone can combine each of the papers into a single PDF document, making it more straightforward to work effectively.

8. PDFTK Builder

PDFsam Alternatives

PDFTK Builder is also known as the free PDFTK frontend. It enables users to mix sections from many PDF files as well as reorder sheets within a separate document.

Unless no section limits are provided, PDFTK Builder assumes that all sections in the text must be incorporated. When contrasted with similar applications, document sheet ranges for every document within the collection and is sometimes represented via one document or a colon across the beginning and end sheets.

9. Master PDF Editor

PDFsam Alternatives

Master PDF Editor is a simple, convenient software for editing PDF files with excellent multi-purpose features. In addition, users may add pictures to the page, pick and move things, resize items, and duplicate components.

The various parts of interactive PDF forms, such as icons, input fields, and selections, are quite simple to alter with this Master PDF Editor. Utilizing scanners makes document files that can be printed back using paper. This editor enables users to make files using old documents and add new pages, including blanks.

10. jPDF Tweak

PDFsam Alternatives

jPDF Tweak is known as a Java Gui program that enables users to merge, break, twist, reorganize, timestamp, secure, and verify PDF files. It allows users to create printed manuals using their documents, insert file annotations and enhancements, merge several PDF documents, stamp files, turn sections that won't match, post content to their document, and secure as well as authenticate their documents.

Although jPDF offers many robust features, it can be somewhat difficult for beginners to use this software easily. However, once a user becomes familiar, this can be the ultimate solution for PDF-related tasks.

11. Apowersoft PDF Converter

PDFsam Alternatives

Apowersoft PDF Converter is a professional and versatile desktop tool. This document conversion software can simultaneously transform several documents in a very short period, like many other professional Office software. This programme offers a simple and user-friendly interface that allows customers to handle any PDF documents effortlessly. Users may instantly convert PDF files to PowerPoint, Spreadsheet, JPEG, PNG, Text, HTML, and more formats.

With this software, users may experience flawless converting and slightly elevated quality file presentation. It is perhaps a flexible document editing programme with numerous helpful tools to assist individuals in efficiently assessing documents, increasing their work efficiency. This is also a good alternative to PDFsam.

12. Sejda

PDFsam Alternatives

With Sejda, the files are securely transmitted across an authentication mechanism. Documents are kept safe with this software, making it one of the known alternatives to PDFsam.

Sejda is a web-based PDF editing platform and can be used using any modern web browser. With Sejda, users can perform form completion, modify the PDF text, insert a picture into a document and produce a PDF association.

Additionally, it enables users to integrate, combine, and organize files and documents to create a single report. It may compress any PDF document without compromising the overall quality.

13. PDF Studio

PDFsam Alternatives

If the user wants the same capabilities as PDFsam, PDF Studio can be an excellent PDF editor/converter solution as it is available to everyone for free. This free software has the ability to access and modify files, as well as convert and rearrange PDF sections.

PDF Studio also offers a PDF conversion facility that may enable users to transform PDF files into smaller sizes. Unlike many productivity apps, it has gorgeous, clean, highly engaging interfaces.

With PDF Studio, you can simply put locks to your documents, making your sensitive documents secure by using an open-source or restricted login. The software also allows users to add comments, input fields, underlines, marks, and signs.

14. SwifDoo PDF

PDFsam Alternatives

SwifDoo PDF's user-friendly interface and effective customization features are the answer for every beginner or non-tech-savvy person looking for PDF-related tasks. The software makes it easier to make modifications to PDF files and convert them to other popular formats.

SwifDoo PDF encourages users to be comfortable while working with PDF documents. As a result, users will no longer be bothered by PDF-related operations.

In this editor, document authentication has a 2-level password, differential privileges, as well as a valid and enforceable authentication system.

15. PDF Studio Pro

PDFsam Alternatives

PDF Studio Pro is an excellent substitute for PDFsam, but it misses many of the advanced functionality in its free version. However, it is good software for users with basic needs. To access all features, users may purchase the software and fulfil their needs to perform advanced operations on PDF documents.

With its broad array of helpful functions, PDF Studio may be used to modify and transform PDF documents for a modest charge. Features such as dynamic design and appearance, optical character recognition, synchronous conventional text updating with reflow, and persistent reduction are available with the paid version.

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