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Watch Cartoon Alternatives

Everyone enjoys watching cartoons, and we all grew up watching a variety of shows like Tom & Jerry, Scooby-Doo, Looney Tunes, Dragon Ball Z, and many others. Today, though, there are multiple digital sites where people may watch cartoons. This popular website streams cartoons. This website's user-friendly design and extensive bibliography of upper-edge information are the main reasons why it has gained so much attention. Nevertheless, not all users are satisfied with Watch Cartoon Online due to frequent service outages and site closures. Therefore, the website's main issue is not functioning properly. Most visitors search for sites like this even though it is free and accessible to view. Below are a few Watch Cartoon Online alternatives in case you were searching as well.

List of the Top Watch Cartoon Online Replacement Websites

Since Watch Cartoon Online is not authorized to stream cartoons, start streaming your preferred animation at one of these sites instead.

1. Kiss Anime

Watch Cartoon Alternatives

Kiss Anime is perhaps the most well-known name in anime streaming on the internet. On this website, you may nearly always find an anime TV show or animation. Additionally, you can watch cartoons on this website because it has a whole section dedicated to cartoon streaming. Users can also ask for their preferred cartoon to be included. Most users adore it because it is quick and responsive, and users of other platforms can simply access it.

2. Kiss Cartoon

Watch Cartoon Alternatives

It is an entirely dedicated website for fans of cartoons. This website will be adored by those who still enjoy watching Cartoon Network programmes because it has every episode of such programmes as Dragon Balls, Digimon, Pokemon, etc. Anyone can browse Kiss Cartoon's categories and enjoy its simple user experience. On this site, users may also watch animated films. There are numerous choices, including the most popular, highest-rated, and most recent shows. This makes it simple for you to choose whichever cartoon show or series.

3. CartoonsOn

Watch Cartoon Alternatives

CartoonsOn is the finest substitute for Watch Cartoon Online if you frequently use it. The best option for fans of cartoons is CartoonsOn because it offers a good UI and high-quality material. Here, you may watch almost all your favourite animated series. This website links to other websites and inserts advertisements every so often. Without registering, you can stream your favourite programmes. The selection includes movies and episodes that can be watched by yourself or with loved ones. CartoonsOn is a flexible source to stream favourite go-to shoes whenever because it offers HD material on desktop and mobile devices.

The website is really responsive, and the videos load rather quickly, although the desktop version loads the pages more quickly. The website's usage of advertisements to send you to other websites detracts from the user experience when using CartoonsOn. Regardless of how annoying the advertising is, they are the site's main source of funding and prevent it from going out of business. Surprisingly, the vast, 5 million-strong audience of CartoonsOn understands this extremely well, and their number only keeps rising.

4. YouTube

Watch Cartoon Alternatives

One of the most well-liked platforms or websites to watch videos is YouTube. You can find everything in one location, whether you want to watch cartoons, movies, or songs. One of the best features of this website is the ability to download videos and watch them offline at a later stage. Anyone can upload their own videos after creating a YouTube Channel in addition to watching or downloading others.

5. Disney Junior

Watch Cartoon Alternatives

The website for Disney Junior offers free access to all online cartoons. Since it is a well-liked website for adults to watch their favourite animations. You may search for any cartoon on the website and immediately begin watching it thanks to its simple user interface. People may play games, download cartoon applications, and more in addition to viewing cartoons. You can access the website's YouTube channel from the home page and watch the videos online. Millions of parents frequent this website frequently since the term Disney Junior alone is instantly recognisable. Where the magic begins is the slogan on the website.

The four-letter phrase conjures up excitement and adventure. Kids can play games and participate in activities in addition to watching films on Disney Junior. It's an engaging, interactive website for kids. The videos are all in HD and you can watch them without being fined. Kids find web design to be quite enticing, and websites with fantastic colour combinations stand out from the competition. You may easily and quickly navigate to your favourite shows on our site.

6. ToonGet

Watch Cartoon Alternatives

ToonGet is another functional and accessible website that lets you stream HD episodes of both cartoon and anime shows. The shows are divided into genres and alphabetical subcategories; ToonGet has over ten subcategories. There are plenty of advertising banners and banner adverts on the homepage and other pages of the website. It does little to degrade the user experience, much like the other websites mentioned above.

The website consistently loads quickly and without lags whether you're streaming from your desk or a smartphone. Even though it happens occasionally that you click on an advertisement by mistake. You can see complete motion pictures, browse well-liked television shows, and stay current with daily uploads from your favourite show producers. Any viewer may experience suspense when using this free and functional website.

7. Vimeo

Watch Cartoon Alternatives

One of the most popular video streaming services is Vimeo. On this website, cartoons are available for free viewing, creation, sharing, and downloading. It also has a premium edition that offers consumers some extra capabilities.

8. Cartoon Network

Watch Cartoon Alternatives

The Cartoon Network website is a place where you may view cartoons online without any alterations. On this website, there is a sizable collection of numerous well-known cartoon programmes. The absence of adverts in between allows you to watch any video without interruption, which is one of its best features.

9. Disney Now

Watch Cartoon Alternatives

There is a significant selection of animated games, shows, and movies on the Disney Now website. The user experience on this website is superb even though it just offers its content. Additionally, while watching material, you won't notice any commercials in between. Free apps are available for both iOS and Android devices. Users don't need to register to use this site, but if you want to learn more, you must do so. For children, Disney Now is completely secure. Here, you may download almost any kind of cartoon for nothing.

10. Crunchy Roll

Watch Cartoon Alternatives

There's a good reason why people love Crunchyroll. The website offers a straightforward user experience that makes it simpler for viewers to navigate. It doesn't appear to be a typical website for streaming cartoons because of its upscale look and feel. The most well-liked shows in their catalogue are available on the extremely responsive website in HD. Try Crunchyroll if you're looking for a website that regularly updates current episodes. You can search for shows by type thanks to its user-friendly structure. The way that Crunchyroll offers you articles on the most recent news is another aspect that sets it apart. Users are informed of the newest and most popular anime on the website.

11. Crackle

Watch Cartoon Alternatives

Crackle makes a good impression because it has millions of active users. The large collection of cartoons and anime it has available to everyone with an internet connection is a major factor in its devoted fan base. The website has everything you could possibly want, whether you're searching for your all-time favourite cartoons or trying out a new genre. Users can access HD material on Crackle, a website that is incredibly dynamic. It offers both the older cartoon shows and the most recent ones, unlike SuperCartoons and websites of a similar nature.

You get two things for one price, therefore it's a no-cost offer. To easily stream videos on your smartphone, download the app from the Play Store. If you're using a desktop, it's simple to miss the ads on the homepage. Once more, it's a little amount to pay for high-quality information. Users might need to use a VPN to access the website since it isn't available in all locations.

12. CartoonCrazy

Watch Cartoon Alternatives

A variety of entertainment, including anime and cartoons, is available on CartoonCrazy, a dynamic website. A different vibe is given off by the website design, even though it lacks the clear user experience that 4Anime possesses. On the homepage, you may see your favourite anime characters in the background, and CartoonCrazy recommends some of their staff favourites to you on the right side there are two suggested anime in total and cartoons, updated episodes of current shows, and a selection of classic series for nostalgic purposes.

Downloading the app will make it easier for you to tap a screen and view your preferred shows. If you enjoy watching anime in dub, we also suggest downloading the app. The app provides a good user experience, much like its website does. Although the resolution can be decreased for weaker internet connections, episodes are played in high definition. The website does have a little flaw, but it has nothing to do with the calibre of the content. The domain name has gone through several modifications over the years.

13. AnimePahe

Watch Cartoon Alternatives

AnimePahe is easy to use, which is one thing you'll appreciate. A thumbnail of that particular episode is displayed alongside the website's most recent releases on the homepage. In terms of responsiveness, appearance, and feel, the website offers a simple user interface, so it undoubtedly provides you with a similar experience to Crunchyroll. There are no advertisements on the homepage, but when you click on the movie, you will see a lot of them. For the free HD entertainment you're receiving, however, it's a tiny price to pay. If you enjoy viewing anime instead of cartoons, Animepahe features excellent anime content in both subtitled and dubbed versions. You won't be distracted because of the user interface's simplicity or the fact that the website is ad-free. The most recent anime movies are all displayed on the homepage. You may view the thumbnail and the title of any anime before starting to watch it, then click on your preferred material to get started.

If you don't click on any dangerous links from other websites, AnimePahe's bottom language on the page states that the advertising are safe to view. The funds are earmarked for website development and video enhancement for your use. Both dubbed and subtitled shows can be found here, and the user-friendly homepage makes it simple and quick to navigate. To communicate with the administrators and offer feedback, anyone can join their Discord community. It's a terrific location to meet others who share your interests as well.

14. WatchAnimeDub

Watch Cartoon Alternatives

The website WatchAnimeDub has a peculiar appearance and offers HD animation that has been dubbed and subtitled. The website loads movies quickly and is responsive. With its shade of yellow and orange motif, it seems very appealing, yet WatchAnimeDub manages to make it work despite the website background's somewhat juvenile appearance. There are a few commercials after hitting the stream links but none on the homepage. First-time visitors may find the domain URL puzzling because it differs from the website's name, however this is a minor issue that hardly affects user experience. You can choose from a number of alternatives on the homepage, such as Dubbed Anime, Subbed Anime, Movies, and Ova Series.

The categorization of the series was excellent work on the part of the developers, making it simpler for users to look up and watch anime titles by skimming and scanning the names. The website by default shows the most recent episodes, keeping you informed of any buzz. It's reasonable to claim that WatchAnimeDub is a fantastic substitute for Watch Cartoon Online since it's one of the few websites that offers both cartoon series and anime programmes.

15. Gogoanime

Watch Cartoon Alternatives

Millions of anime fans have long favoured Gogoanime due to its user-friendly interface and sign-up-free platform. Thousands of pieces of HD entertainment are accessible for free watching. You might choose to adjust the video resolution so that it loads more quickly on days when your internet connection is slower. You could also download the movies and view them on your mobile device.

Since Gogoanime is one of the websites that updates the most quickly with the most recent episode, its traffic is consistently growing. The New Season button takes users to a website where the most recent anime seasons-whether they're brand-new shows or sequels are uploaded. The movie department offers hundreds of films in a range of genres, with titles from the 1980s to the present.


The top 16 Watch Cartoon substitutes that can be found online are listed above. Look for the website that best suits your choices among those that offer both vintage and contemporary cartoon shows. Make sure your VPN is prepared because you could occasionally run into sites that are geo-blocked. Avoid downloading programmes from dangerous URLs to protect your privacy since most of these websites display adverts on their video content.

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