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ThopTV Alternatives

Do you want to know what the alternatives to ThopTV are? So, first, let's see what ThopTV is. A mobile app, ThopTV allows you to watch your favourite TV shows, movies, OTT series, etc., on iOS, Android, and Windows devices using cyberspace.

Currently, there are websites like Amazon Prime, Tubi TV, Hulu, Netflix, etc., where all movies and their trailers, TV shows, web series, etc., are uploaded based on the audience's interest. However, these platforms provide subscription-based access. With the introduction of apps like ThopTV, people are excused from paying expensive cable TV fees and get unlimited access to their favourite series and movies.

ThopTV Alternatives

The ThopTV app is an alternative to cable TV without errors, and the app is developed with the involvement of hackers. It's typically a pirated app that provides users unlimited free access to TV shows & movies. Compared with paid streaming apps (i.e. Netflix, Hotstar, etc.), ThopTV is like an upgraded version containing contents of various streaming platforms altogether. Following are some of the best ThopTV alternatives:

Best Alternatives to Thop TV

1- Hotstar Mod

ThopTV Alternatives

If you want an app to watch India's most popular sports and shows, you should seek a premium unlocked streaming playback application - Hotstar Mod App.

As India is a country with the second largest population in the world, more and more people are joining these popular streaming platforms than ever before. Hotstar is similar to Netflix and has a well-known name among OTT streaming platforms. The Hotstar app provides National and International content combined in one platform. Some characteristics of the Hotstar mod apk are Hotstar's exclusive content, Disney + Hotstar VIP, Disney content and children's content, and Star TV content before TV. The other characteristics of this app include the availability of the latest American movies and shows, an ad-free platform, and live sports, including Formula 1, VIVO IPL, etc. With Hotstar Mod, you can download thousands of videos for free without needing a monthly subscription.

2. Oreo TV

ThopTV Alternatives

If you are looking for an alternative to Thop TV, go with the Oreo TV app, which is best for free live TV. The feature that attracted the audience to this particular app was that the users could watch live TV without paying a dime. Additionally, you can also download your favourite shows, series, and movies using this app. The OreoTV app provides videos of high quality.

An amazing feature provided by Oreo TV for streaming videos is to stream the content in FULL HD 1080p, 2K, and even 4K quality. This application's latest update/ version offers a broader range of TV channels. Oreo TV is updated regularly to add the newest TV channels, free IPL recordings and shows. The videos you want to watch again or later can be added to your collection (favourite section), which is easily accessible anytime from the Home screen or main page of the app.

3. LiveNet TV

ThopTV Alternatives

LiveNet TV is also a rivalled ThopTv alternative with unique and distinctive features. This app has impressive features, such as creating a custom favourites list, over 800 live TV channels worldwide, and not requiring an account to use the app. It also supports the features to stream movies, low lag, play content in HD quality and much more.

4. Tea TV

ThopTV Alternatives

TeaTV is also an alternative to ThopTV. It is like a replica of ThopTV other than its background colour and logo. The content you want to be displayed on your home screen of this app can be filtered using the Safe/Unsafe feature. You will also be able to set a reminder for movies, shows, and game trailer videos when they are aired. TeaTV also offers a live TV feature like ThopTV and is accessible worldwide.


ThopTV Alternatives

AOS TV is one of the popular TV streaming IPTV apps, which contains NBA live matches, television shows, latest movies, episodes, news, and other sports like football, cricket, kabaddi, etc. This app is mainly designed for Asian people because it contains Asian countries' channels. With AOS TV, you can watch live TV channels on your Android smartphone, stream TV singles over the web, and watch sports matches, news, and other live programs.

6. HD Streamz

ThopTV Alternatives

If you are looking for a free app to watch live TV shows, you can also seek the HD Streamz App. Like ThopTV, HD Streamz is also an ad-free platform which provides over six hundred live TV and radio channels in around nineteen countries. These countries are Bangladesh, Canada, German, India, Ireland, Myanmar, Netherlands, Nepal, Pakistan, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Spain, South Africa, UAE, UK, and the USA. This app offers free live TV, movies, shows, and live cricket.

7. RedBox TV

ThopTV Alternatives

RedBox TV is another free live streaming app and a substitute for ThopTV. It offers the option to stream live TV shows, movies, sports and games for free. It does not seek money for registration and has no subscription plans. It also contains basic features like HD streaming content and low streaming delay.

8. GoMax TV

ThopTV Alternatives

GOMAX Live TV App is well-known among India's most popular live TV apps. This app allows users to watch their favourite national and international trending videos, dance shows, funny shows, series, horror videos, episodes, etc. It offers different categories such as TV shows, news, live TV, series, sports, songs, popular live events and wallpapers. This app allows people to stream their favourite live TVs, series, episodes, and sports for free. In addition, the GOMAX app also offers Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam, Telugu, English, Islamic, Kannada, Christian, and other regional channels.

9. Mobdro TV

ThopTV Alternatives

Mobdro is viewed as one of the best free movie streaming apps. Mobdro TV is the perfect app to keep you entertained anytime because now it has been upgraded with an easy-to-use interface. Like other ThopTV alternatives, Mobdro TV also allows live TV access for free. This app is available for iOS, Android, Amazon Firestick, and Roku. In addition to live TV, this app allows users to stream popular videos as they want for free. The contents on this platform are updated or refreshed regularly.

10. Jio TV Mod

ThopTV Alternatives

Jio TV is a well-known mobile app in India, providing access to a wide range of live TV channels. However, the app is mainly accessible to associated users of Jio, and it is where its mod version comes into play. The Jio TV mod app is where all people can watch all channels live. The feature that attracts users to this platform is that they can watch content live at no cost.

Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd has also launched other valuable apps on Apple App Store and Google Play Store. However, all such apps are exclusively available for Jio SIM card users. The other popular media apps include JioCinema and JioMusic, where JioCinema offers movies while JioMusic offers songs. Jio TV offers over seven hundred channels, including sixty HD channels in ten genres and fifteen languages. Therefore, it is one of Android's most downloaded Live TV apps. With the Jio TV mod version, you can also enjoy your favourite programs on a smart TV without Jio SIM.

11. UK TV Now

ThopTV Alternatives

UK TV Now is another popular international live TV streaming app, and it is also considered an effective alternative to ThopTV. Users can stream numerous TV channels from around ten countries and in nine different categories. It has a straightforward and harmonious user interface, offering more than 150 national and international channels in various categories like documentaries, movies, entertainment, kids, etc.

12. Pikashow App

ThopTV Alternatives

Pikashow is free Android software that allows you to watch live TV, movies, sports, TV episodes, online series, etc. This app is really well organized and very user-friendly, which is mostly for Indian cinema fans among everyone else. This app offers streaming services from over forty platforms such as Disney + Hotstar, Netflix, Sony Live, Amazon Prime, etc. You can also watch Live IPL matches and the latest movies.

13. GHD Sports APK

ThopTV Alternatives

GHD Sports is an exclusively designed app for sports streaming which allows all users worldwide to watch their favourite sports channels, championships, and leagues for free. This app has made it possible to watch full HD live channels and various standard TV channels for free (categorized under the Sports category).

14. Hulu TV Mod App

ThopTV Alternatives

In Hulu TV App, you can watch live TV shows and movies on your Android, anytime and anywhere. Due to this app, now you can easily have the typical cable TV channels, movies, TV series, and Live TV in your pocket. All the features of the Hulu TV mod app are free, allowing you to watch your favourite shows and Live TV without any safety-related concerns.

15. MX Player

ThopTV Alternatives

MX Player is a highly regarded movie streaming app in today's time. Abhishek Joshi, Karan Bedi, Gautam Talwar, and Vivek Jain launched the MX player in 2011. Initially, it was just a regular video player app, but users' expectations increased with this app as time passed. So, the developers included online support with the updated version and allowed users to access various streaming content. This app also contains exclusive shows, trending music videos, web series, and short films streamed for free.

16. Showbox

ThopTV Alternatives

If you want a free streaming platform, go for the Showbox website. The application is also available to download for mobile users. Unlike ThopTV, Showbox will not drain your device's battery as it is a lite app, meaning you can enjoy watching your favourite shows and movies for hours. This app allows you to save your money on a monthly subscription.


As mentioned earlier, this list contains some of the excellent ThopTV alternatives. I hope this article helped you in finding ThopTV alternative apps. With these alternative apps, you can comfortably watch different content, including live TV, OTT series/shows and movies.

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