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Guest Book Alternatives

A guest book from your wedding is a great keepsake. It includes the wishes and greetings from your loved ones for your marriage, including happiness, good fortune, and eternal delight. There are lots of creative alternatives to the traditional guest book that let you and your partner's personalities shine while offering an engaging activity for your guests to partake in.

Guest Book Alternatives

Here are ten of the original, imaginative, and special wedding guest book substitutes that we adore.

1. Board games

Guest Book Alternatives

What better way to remember your wedding than with a Jenga or Scrabble themed guest book if you and your spouse are board game addicts? Create your own unique Jenga set, ask each Jenga block that your guests sign to be signed.

Every time you play the game, you will be reminded of all the sweet words your visitors said on your joyful day. If you and your significant other are more of a Scrabble couple, ask your guests to sign a scrabble board with your names written in tiles!

2. Thumbprint art

Guest Book Alternatives

Thumbprint art is a fantastic substitute for a wedding guest book. Invite your guests to add their thumbprints to the image of your choice by dipping them in various coloured paints.

This is the ideal interactive guest book concept since it produces a unique and lovely work of art that you can place on your wall as a reminder of the fantastic day. Keep track of each visitor, ask them to sign their names with their thumbprints.

3. Quilt

Guest Book Alternatives

A guest book quilt combines creativity and usefulness! Have each fabric square that your guests sign and personalise be taken home and sewn into a warm quilt by you.

If you are skilled with a sewing machine and fabric swatches, this will need planning and workmanship on your part, so if that describes you, this is a wonderful guest book substitute for you.

4. Champagne or wine bottle

Guest Book Alternatives

For major anniversaries, like their first or tenth, many couples decide to save a bottle of their wedding wine or champagne.

So why not use this bottle as a guest book and have your guests sign it? You can reread all the messages and be reminded of all the wonderful memories from the day when you eventually sip the wine.

5. Puzzle pieces

Guest Book Alternatives

Why not use a puzzle as your wedding guest book now that you have located your missing puzzle piece? Individual jigsaw pieces that fit together to form the whole can be signed by visitors.

You may either frame the finished item and hang it on your wall to admire every day or keep the pieces in a box to join anytime you wish.

6. Guest libs

Guest Book Alternatives

When we were kids, we all enjoyed playing Mad Libs, so what better way to ask your wedding guests for marriage advise than with a humorous guest book filled with Mad Libs? You can choose from a wide selection of web templates that are available for free download.

In a silly and entertaining format, your guests can fill in the blanks with words of wisdom and congratulations as well as expressions of happiness for you.

7. Framed messages

Guest Book Alternatives

Invite your visitors to sign tiny cards that you have cut out in adorable shapes and will later frame and display in your home.

Any personality type can be accommodated by adapting this guest book idea. Consider using other shapes, like balloons, or going simple and elegant with paper hearts. With this substitute for a guest book, the options are endless.

8. Polaroid photos

Guest Book Alternatives

Another entertaining guest book substitute is to set up a photo booth where attendees may take Polaroid pictures of themselves. This will inspire your guests to be funny, and it will serve as a wonderful reminder of how joyful your entire guest list was on your special day.

Each guest's name should be written on a piece of paper and hung on a clothesline so that they can discover it and replace it with a Polaroid photo of themselves. Alternately, ask your visitors to add their pictures to a simple photo book that includes a thoughtful remark. The Polaroid cameras, enough of film, and some entertaining props must all be provided.

9. Pinata

Guest Book Alternatives

By using a pinata as your guest book, you may unleash your inner child! Each guest will write a note and place it inside the pinata, which you will either break open later that evening to end the reception or on your one-year wedding anniversary.

10. Signed monograms

Guest Book Alternatives

Purchase wooden symbols and letters to use as a guest book on your wedding day. Later, these monograms will be transformed into lovely, sentimental décor for your home. They look fantastic mounted on a wall, used as bookends, or displayed by themselves on shelves.

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