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Omegle Alternatives

These days, people love to connect with strangers online, and different social media platforms help them do so. Omegle is one such platform that is becoming very popular among youngsters. It allows its users to get connected with others who are strangers to them and have a conversation with them without any need for registration or sign-up. Also, it is free to use, which is one of the reasons behind its popularity.

The users can do video chatting and even text chatting through Omegle. Also, if the user is found to do any mischievous activity, then the Omegle blocks the user by IP address. In this article, we will see some other video chatting applications or websites that could be one of the best alternatives to Omegle.

Alternatives to Omegle

Let us start with the list of Omegle alternatives which will help you to switch to another similar platform if Omegle is not working due to any reason. With our listed options, you will get a lot of active users to continue your endless chatting experience.

1. CooMeet

Omegle Alternatives

CooMeet is our first alternative to Omegle on the list. It is not an application but a website. The interested user can search it on google and will reach the website of CooMeet very simply. If the users do not want to register on the website, they can still use the services offered by CooMeet and chat with strangers on it. Before using this website, the users are suggested to read the website's privacy policy. In accordance with the Privacy Policy, the platform reserves the right to keep video chat recordings of its users on its servers. So, it is pretty risky to use it for sharing sensitive information. If you are using it in such a manner and the recorded video chat of yours gets in the hand of some hacker or someone else, this can be harmful. Also, others may use that video to defame or harass you.

Coming back to the features of CooMeet, the users are only required to select their gender, and the website will find someone of the opposite gender who may be available to chat with you. The drawback of this website is that the users have to wait for 500 seconds after using it for a specific time, but again, after 500 seconds, the user may continue using it free of cost. It also offers a premium membership for its users, and interested people may buy it to continue their chatting without limits.

2. Bazoocam

Omegle Alternatives

The second alternative to Omegle is Bazoocam, the largest video calling application that is widely used. This platform also helps its users to get connected with strangers from different locations or countries. Like Omegle, the users of Bazoocam also do not need to sign in to start using it and chat with strangers. It is a free platform, making it an excellent alternative to Omegle. Bazoocam is mostly used in France and has a vast user base there.

If we talk about alternatives to Omegle, then Bazoocam definitely comes in the top five. To use it, the users just need to open the website, click on start and allow permission for the camera and mic to start using it. It also offers its users to play the game on it with the person with whom they are chatting. Although it allows anonymous chatting, it tells the users the name of the city of the other user with whom they are chatting or calling. If the user wants to record his video with someone, then Bazoocam also has that feature, allowing its users to record any call. If you find any user inappropriate, then you also get an option to report that user.

The only drawback of Bazoocam that may affect your decision to use it is that the users may find many people in unacceptable conditions, and consequently, they will stop using it. Most of the users of Bazoocam are from France, so there are chances that users from any other country will find people from France a lot and may face difficulties in connecting or talking with them because of the language barrier. There are not many users from the USA. Therefore, the users will not find many people who know or speak English.

3. ChatRandom

Omegle Alternatives

The following alternative in our list is ChatRandom which is becoming very popular among users who want to video chat with people from different locations or countries. The massive number of its users shows how popular this platform is. Users can access this platform by giving desired permission to their webcam and mic. Like the other alternatives we discussed till now, the users can also use the ChatRandom without registering or providing personal details. Also, it matches the users with the same preferences.

ChatRandom and other platforms like this are being accessed and used by a considerable number of people, and therefore, the popularity of these platforms is increasing day by day. People from different corners of the world connect on this platform and entertain themselves and others. ChatRandom helps you in meeting new people online and make new friends. The best part about this platform is that the users do not get banned here, which means that the users can do whatever they want and still not get prohibited.

The ChatRandom application is also free of cost to use, which is the best thing about it. The application of this platform is available on the Google Play Store, and Android users can download it on their devices easily. It has a rating of around 3.4 on it, and the size of the application is only 24 MB. The application has been rated for 18+ users only, and it has a download count of 10L+ on the Google Play Store.

4. OmeTV

Omegle Alternatives

The following alternative in our list is OmeTV which is available to download on the Google Play store for Android users, and for iOS users, it is available on App Store. The users can chat with other new people at any time, whether it is day or night. It has a lot of active users who are available to chat with you anytime. After installing the app, the users have to select their country and gender, and then they can talk with random persons, whether male or female, anytime.

The best part about this app is that the users of this app get more than one lakhs active users, at a time. The chat rules can be accessed from the website, and it is suggested to go through the specified rules before using this application.

OmeTV application has been rated 4.1 based on the five lakhs review. The size of the application is also not too large, as it is only around 27 MB. This application is made available only for 18+ people and not others. It has a considerable download count of 5 crore+, which shows the popularity of this application. So, if you are searching for an alternative to Omegle, then OmeTV can be one of the best choices in such a case.

5. Chatroulette

Omegle Alternatives

Another best alternative to Omegle on our list is Chatroulette. This application is also free of cost and has a considerable number of people on its database. It is an open website, and anyone can easily access and use it. The unique part about this alternative is that it does not ask for your country or gender. Here, the user can meet and chat with random people from different parts of the world anonymously.

As Chatroulette has millions of users, it gets easy for other users to get a quick match with someone to talk to. Also, if you have chatted with one person, you may search and skip to another match if you want to. The video quality of the platform is very high, which will give you a wonderful experience. Chatroulette was initially made for people, who speak Russian, but later the popularity of this platform increased, and now it is used by people from different countries who even speak other languages. It also allows its users to put their user names according to their choice and even put a status describing them. This platform is the best alternative to Omegle if you are searching.

6. Houseparty

Omegle Alternatives

The sixth alternative to Omegle in our list is Houseparty. It allows its users to group chat with their friends; the group may contain 2-8 members. Also, suppose someone else entered the group, and they are not your friend. In that case, there are options available to kick him/her out of the group. Despite this, you may also leave the group if you accidentally enter the wrong group. Houseparty also notifies its users if someone who is not your friend enters your group. It is proven to be one of the best platforms if you want to chat with your friends in a group video call and is used by people of different age groups.

Omegle is just for chatting with strangers online, but Houseparty offers even more features. It also has many games that the users can play with each other. When the user of this platform opens it, then it shows who is online and who is not, and then if the user wants to chat with the person who is online, then he may click on that specific profile and start chatting. If the user is online on the Houseparty, then all of his friends get the notification that he is online, and they may also join the group if it is open to join. There is also a feature to lock the group by which the host can restrict the joining of the group by some person who is not on his list. It is available for platforms like Android, Windows, iOS, macOS, etc.

7. Live.Me

Omegle Alternatives

Another well-known alternative to Omegle is Live.Me. It is a platform on which its users can broadcast live videos and view the content of others who are using this platform to broadcast themselves. When the users broadcast themselves, and if they have fans, then there is an option available to their fans to donate or give money to the person who is broadcasting. In this way, this platform not only allows you to talk to strangers online but can also help you earn through this.

To use Live.Me, users must be 18 years of age or older. If they are not 18 years of age or above, they must verify permission from their parents to use the platform. It is essential to make sure of these points as there are many cyberbullies available online who may bully these teenagers, which may affect their mental health. There are also chances that some users may broadcast inappropriate content despite having the warnings and instructions from the platform. Some people do this, so it is vital to set the age limit for using Live.Me. Also, it is essential to keep in mind that the user cannot restrict any person or user from viewing their content. The users can make an in-app purchase and earn money by playing quizzes, etc. In addition, Live.Me can be combined with TikTok, and because of this, the streamer becomes famous among his TikTok followers.

8. YouNow

Omegle Alternatives

The next alternative to Omegle on our list is YouNow. It not only provides its users a platform to talk with other people, but it also allows its users to stream or broadcast themselves. The primary purpose behind this platform is to allow users to showcase their talent and gain followers. With YouNow, the users can make a huge fanbase, and when they come online or stream themselves, their fans can buy them gold bars to praise the work. It is a unique feature available on this platform and helps its creator to earn real money.

The age limit to use the YouNow app is 13 years or above. But, it should be noted that the user must first register to use YouNow. The users can register through their Facebook or Twitter accounts. YouNow also allows its users to manage their usernames accordingly. It prohibits any kind of sexual or nude content from being broadcast, but still, there are chances that the users may face such kinds of content while using it. But at the same time, it allows its users to report or block that person who is not following the guidelines.

9. TinyChat

Omegle Alternatives

The ninth alternative to Omegle in our list is TinyChat. TinyChat not only has the feature to chat with others via video call, but the users of this platform can also chat via text and audio call. Tinychat has the feature to make chat rooms in which the user can choose any topic for discussion, and the other users who are interested in talking over that topic can join the chat room created. However, a maximum of 12 persons can enter an individual chat room.

Just like Omegle, TinyChat is also free to use, which means that users do not have to pay any subscription amount to use this platform. It is one of the largest video and audio platforms with a huge user base. There are thousands of chat rooms available where different topics can be discussed with others, making the chat experience more interesting. If the user is not interested in the issues or chatrooms available there, then he may create his own chat room with the topic he likes, and the other persons or friends may join the group to talk over that topic.

TinyChat is available for all kinds of devices. The user can use it on their PC, mobile or any other device. If the user wants to promote his chat room, then he can do so by paying a token of 500 coins to the platform. Also, the user must register on TinyChat if he wants to be a user of it, and the age of the user must be 13 years or above. TinyChat can be more interesting than Omegle for you and is one of the best alternatives to Omegle.

10. Monkey

Omegle Alternatives

Monkey is one of the most exciting alternatives to Omegle and is loaded with various marvellous features. Like Omegle, Monkey is also a platform where users can video chat with strangers online and make new friends. The users can also add their friends, and they together can chat with other strangers. The difference between Omegle and Monkey is that Omegle can be used by reaching its website, and it does not have any application for the same, whereas Monkey has its own application that the users can install on their devices to use its services of it.

Monkey offers its users the feature to buy and collect bananas that can be used to redeem merchandise, which makes this platform more attractive than Omegle because Omegle does not provide such a feature to its users. The users can customize their profile according to their likes and dislikes, and they can even add a song of their own choice; if someone visits their profile, the selected song will start playing automatically.

The application of Monkey is available on the Google Play Store to download for Android users, and the rating of this application is 3.5 based on the 49T reviews received. The size of the application is only 58 MB, and the application is rated for users who are 12 years or above. The total download count of the Monkey app is 50 Lakhs on the Google Play Store.


During the lockdown because of the Covid-19 pandemic, it was almost impossible for people to meet each other personally. At such times, the platforms like Omegle helped people to come out of boredom and connect with people worldwide. These platforms were used by the users most during this time. Since then, almost everyone came to know about these platforms, and consequently, these platforms became so popular that many streamers now use these video chat platforms, record them and then upload them on their channels to get views. These video chat platforms have not just entertained people but also helped many users become famous and earn money through them. There is no doubt that these applications are very impressive, especially for those who do not like to go outside and meet new people, but there are some drawbacks of it too. Users can use these platforms, but there are some precautions they should take care of while using these messaging or chatting platforms.

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