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GoFundMe Alternatives

As crowdfunding becomes an increasingly popular method of generating funds for various organizations, the demand for a productive and simple-to-use platform grows. GoFundMe, the industry-leading crowdfunding platform, continues to be an unquestionable choice for a large number of raising support people and gatherings all over the world.

What is GoFundMe?

GoFundMe is a well-known crowdfunding platform in non-profit and individual pledge collection areas. Its modest costs and fast advancement rates make it an excellent choice for various necessities, from doctor's visit charges to chapel missions and more.

Furthermore, it is possibly the most well-known name in the gathering pledges field, which indicates that companions, friends and family, and other allies will feel safer about contributing through a solid and secure stage.

GoFundMe Alternatives

Facts to Know About GoFundMe

Here are a few amusing facts about the GoFundMe stage that demonstrate its broad range and impact on a variety of pledge drives:

  • More people use GoFundMe to launch pledge campaigns than any other platform.
  • Every year, GoFundMe sites receive over 1 billion visitors, which equates to more than 31 hits each second.
  • Each GoFundMe sharing through virtual entertainment generates an average of $13 contributions.
  • Clients of GoFundMe are frequently younger than the average altruistic giver.
  • Each instant, the GoFundMe stage receives an average of more than 30 gifts.
  • GoFundMe provides an easy-to-implement stage both in the background for coordinators and on the contributor-facing front.

Some of Their Standout Features and Benefits

  • The Contribute Button: GoFundMe give button tool enables individual pledge campaigns to quickly and easily embed a project in their website or blog. This way, they may bring more visitors to their crowdfunding website from external assets.
  • Group Collecting Pledges Capacities: With GoFundMe gathering pledge drive usefulness, families, companions, groups, clubs, and others can surely begin generating money. Every member may share the purpose, thank sponsors, and track their progress as the assets amassed are directed toward a common goal.
  • Visual Goal Thermometers: When a coordinator sets a dollar goal, the GoFundMe lobby consolidates a visual raising money thermometer that refreshes gradually as each donor gives their donation. This is ideal for motivating presents and implementing gamification strategies.

GoFundMe Alternatives

1. GiveCampus

GoFundMe Alternatives

GiveCampus is a fundraising and volunteer administration platform designed to aid schools in increasing change and fueling pledge collection. GiveCampus offers expertise in giving structures, volunteer administration, and informative shared funding, which can be 300x more effective than institutional inquiries. GiveCampus has worked with more than $1 billion in charitable giving for instructional organizations through the major raising support highways using their powerful gift gadgets.

Using the GiveCampus platform, educational foundations may acquire responses for fundraising activities, including annual giving, substantial donations, volunteer programs, graduating class relations, crowdfunding, and giving days.

Best Feature

GiveCampus uses cutting-edge innovation and behavioral research to aid your organization in reaching out to, attracting, and preparing your community. Your company can easily drive presents through its innovative stage.

2. Fundly

GoFundMe Alternatives

Fundly's crowdfunding stage is one of the greatest. It's not difficult to get started, the costs are modest, and you get to retain whatever helps you rise (whether or not you accomplish your goal!). This "keeps everything" (Kia) methodology allows pledge campaigns to focus on spreading consciousness for their causes and enrolling new contributors rather than worrying about a deadline or approaching a goal.

The Fundly foundation enables pledge campaigns to share material, make updates, recount their tales, and promote their missions via Facebook, Twitter, and email.

Best Feature

Funding allows you to customize your mission by adding logos, a foundation photo, custom tones, and more to make it truly unique.

Furthermore, Fundly has the finest customer care contributions in the industry. If you encounter a money-related issue, Fundly's support team will assist you in resolving it as soon as possible.

3. Givebutter

GoFundMe Alternatives

Givebutter includes all you need for crusade fundraising in an easy-to-tweak, easy-to-share style. Track, the stage's free underlying CRM, lets clients keep contacts and track all actions.

Add recordings, educate your allies on your main purpose, and entice your supporters' creative side with their live ally stream. Furthermore, your supporters may pool their resources and follow their group's progress.

Best Feature

Givebutter has significantly impacted the online fundraising industry with its simple and inexpensive solutions for groups large and small, and it continues to provide new features for its customers. They're well-known for their ease of use, fundraising sites, free outbound text blasts, and website embeds such as give buttons and forms.

4. Bonfire

GoFundMe Alternatives

If you're looking for a means for your donors to aid your objective even after your ebb and flow crusade is over, selling shirts from Huge Fire is an excellent way to achieve it! The interaction is straightforward: You plan your shirts and use a crowdfunding campaign to spread the word about the discount. You receive all the advantages whenever orders are printed and delivered to allies. Crusades from this website can last up to three weeks, and if you don't sell the required number of shirts, you can restart your mission.

Best Feature

Bonfire has completed an extensive rundown of effective lobbies for notable organizations, for example, the Jane Goodall Foundation, the Ladies' Walk on Washington, and the Susan G. Komen Foundation of Greater New York City.

5. Snowball

GoFundMe Alternatives

Snowball provides a complete set-up of raising support programs that aim to increase money for any purpose. You may get extra revenue faster than ever by using web-based gift sites, accumulating pledges thermometers, text-to-give administrations, and so on.

Because of such a large stage, you can control every aspect of the gift cycle, from spreading the word about your purpose to sifting through and examining benefactor information.

Begin with Snowball's Basic Plan for free and gain access to the core giving tools you require, such as an improved online gift page, a CRM dashboard, and repeated gift usage. Alternatively, upgrade to their Superior Plan for $549/year and gain increased usefulness, boundless online present pages, occasion marking, and text-to-give apparatuses!

Best Feature

Snowball is simple to use for both you and your donors! You may quickly create a spic and span gift page, share it with pals everywhere, and watch the assets stream within minutes.

6. 99Pledges

GoFundMe Alternatives

99Pledges is designed for "event a-thon" style pledge campaigns, such as walkathons and bicycle a-thons, and makes it simple to share and manage your goal.

When you begin a 99Pledges fundraising campaign, each member is given a gift page to share with friends, family, and supporters via email and online entertainment.

Do you want to incite some friendly competition among your pledge drives? 99Pledges may track and publish the progress of individuals or groups to show you who is ahead of the pack.

99Pledges does not collect any stage fees, and pledge drives are permitted to commence. The primary costs are usual credit card and PayPal processing fees of 2.9% + 30 per cent per transaction. You keep 100% of what you raise in cash and check donations.

Best Features

The 99Pledges campaign sites are available on the web and mobile, making donations simple and convenient. If you're looking for encouragement, they present accumulating pledges options that go well with their foundation. This is an excellent approach for enabling contributions for many well-known pledge initiatives.

7. Indiegogo

GoFundMe Alternatives

Indiegogo is an excellent financing platform for inventive or unusual projects. If pledge campaigns reach their goal, they can sell their products in Indiegogo's commercial area.

Indiegogo is a "win big or bust" crowdsourcing platform, meaning pledge drives may get reserves if they fulfill their financial goals within the predetermined cutoff period. Nonetheless, this stage equips pledge drives with social sharing apparatuses facilitating expansion. From your mission page, you can easily promote your purpose via online entertainment.

Indiegogo levies a 5% stage fee. Extra exchange expenses can range from 3-5%, depending on the givers' payment strategies.

Best Features

Indiegogo has made it easier for people to raise funds and promote their products, services, and initiatives. Their connecting point is simple to use, and each crowdfunding endeavor appears professional and well-thought-out. Indiegogo also provides a flexible tool for pledge drives that need to keep track of their crowdfunding efforts quickly.

8. Booster

GoFundMe Alternatives

Crowdfunding is growing quicker than you may expect. And for this reason, you will notice a variety of possibilities here. The challenging challenge is to pick the best among the others. In some ways, Booster is turning out to be an even better choice than GoFundMe itself. You would love this website's fundraising technique because it is so inventive.

Through the website, you are meant to offer donors personalized T-shirts. There are no difficulties with overstocking or anything else, and you have five possibilities. Your needs are extremely effectively taken care of by this website in every way.

One of the many trustworthy GoFundMe alternatives on this list is Booster. You can also receive standard donations from anywhere across the world. The website constantly motivates you to reach your objectives. The nicest feature of this website is the extremely low 2.9% payment processing charge. This implies that Booster allows you to raise substantial money independently.

9. Fundrazr

GoFundMe Alternatives

In contrast to crowdfunding platforms that bind users to deadlines and specific terms, FundRazr is more like an open-ended program. This helps the less fortunate in whatever manner they can, and you may completely rely on them for transactions and payment-related difficulties.

One of the most dependable GoFundMe alternatives, FundRazr, helps people fundraise for their causes and endeavors. Using FundRazr offers users several benefits because they do not need to set any financial objectives. Additionally, there is no deadline for obtaining the cash; you have as much time as necessary to attain your objective. Large facilities also have larger fees, though.

10. Youcaring

GoFundMe Alternatives

Youcaring comes next on our list of GoFundMe alternatives. Youcaring takes the same approach as other websites in that each has creative ideas and methods for generating money. The way this works is quite similar to GoFundMe since the idea behind this website is to create campaign sites.

Users of the website are not restricted from using alternative navigational choices. This indicates that you may easily combine your social media identities to increase the visibility of your campaign. To further your cause, you can use various video tools, images, and integration add-ons. Youcaring charges you 3% for platform fees and $.30 for each transaction as far as pricing is concerned. This is relatively modest compared to the other fundraising alternatives available in this area.

Youcaring stands out from other crowdfunding sites because it enables emotional connections with users. Your passionate experiences can be shared on our platform's website so that others can contribute whatever they can to help a good cause.

11. Kickstarter

GoFundMe Alternatives

One of the biggest online fundraising sites for supporting creative people and creative projects is Kickstarter. This is one of the select few forms of crowdfunding that emphasizes business growth and artistic endeavors.

Similar to Indiegogo is Kickstarter. It provides an appropriate marketplace to share the project with the rest of the globe and raise money for the initiatives. There is a small problem out there, though. You must establish a fundraising objective.


Even though GoFundMe is a well-known method for accepting and encouraging people to contribute, it doesn't mean you have no other options. Overall, this period has passed your creative thinking, and you may find many options for generating money concepts.

GoFundMe alternatives are essentially as well known, as it still follows numerous charges and arrangements. When you create a page and explain why you need the money, you will undoubtedly receive support from people worldwide.

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