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Clean India Essay

India is a heavily populated country. Thus, maintaining its cleanliness and greenery is essential. To be clean is close to being holy. Everybody wants to live in a clean environment since it promotes our well-being. Our primary responsibility is to keep our environment clean and healthy; thus, we must consider this matter.

Clean India Essay

It is essential to use appropriate waste disposal and segregation techniques. India should reduce its plastic usage, promote compost pits to identify biodegradation and move to cloth or paper bags as more environmentally friendly options.

Additionally, it is the leading cause of a place's visual appeal being destroyed. We thus require Clean India at this time. Our government has recently been involved in a significant number of missions. One among them is the mission to clean up India. Its translation to Hindi is Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. Undoubtedly, it is among the most effective ads India has ever seen. Here, we'll go into further information about the subject.

The two national activities, "Clean India" and "Green India", started by the government, have been crucial in reaching the goal of a clean environment.

India's cleanliness: how to achieve it?

Clean India Essay

There are several methods that people may use to clean up India, and a little polybag must always be carried to start. Most importantly, the most extraordinary bag is made from used paper, and Indians unquestionably use it to move dustbins.

Indians typically throw waste on the ground because they find it difficult to move. But a bag made of recyclable paper makes carrying trash simpler. Indians may thus transport this bag to the trash to dispose of their garbage.

Separating trash is also crucial, and a lot of Indians choose to overlook it. The garbage separation at home should be in three containers, which is most important. Biodegradable, recyclable, and others are the three containers. The waste management division needs to aid in the adoption of this approach.

Indians need to learn to reuse their used plastic goods. Most Indians most likely completely dismiss these products after using them, and one needs to be creative for these old plastic products to be reused.

The compost pit is a different noteworthy approach to cleaning India. In the process of making compost, a compost pit is helpful. Some materials are needed to construct a compost pit at home, including garden wastes, leaves, grass, and other garbage. As a result, this organic waste is transformed into compost by microorganisms.

Clean India Essay

Another fantastic strategy for getting India clean is a community-wide cleaning campaign. Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, for instance.

Polythene bags are not permitted for usage by Indians, and Indians must avoid purchasing vegetables from street vendors in plastic bags; and Indians are required to bring their cloth bags when they buy.

Indians' Problematic Attitude

Clean India Essay

Indians presumably take great care to keep themselves clean. However, the cleanliness of the surroundings doesn't concern the same Indians very much. Most Indians enjoy keeping their homes spotless but don't care about the rest of the nation. Unfortunately, a lot of Indians avoid or neglect to clean the country. It is a tragic circumstance.

Indians are also irresponsible with how they dispose of their trash. Many Indians throw away the streets, and Indians often throw trash on the streets. As a result, the roads are unclean, and Indians are unconcerned about the pollution of numerous kinds of infrastructure.

Clean India Essay

Thailand is a country that Indians may look to for inspiration. Like India, Thailand is a developing nation. Thailand is always relatively clean despite its financial difficulties. India, in comparison, appears to be rather unclean. That is the fault of the Indian populace's mindset. Unfortunately, the mentality in India is to "make sure I am secure." But, Thay s have the mindset of "ensuring others' safety too."

Campaign to clean up India

Clean India Essay

On the occasion of Mahatma Gandhi's birthday in 2014, it introduced the Clean India programme. The Swachh Bharat Mission and Swach Bharat Abhiyan are other names for the clean India program.

The Indian government started this program to end all open defecation. Additionally, it seeks to increase solid waste management. This campaign was excitingly launched in Delhi, the nation's capital.

Clean India Essay

At the opening ceremony, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said everyone should be taught the virtue of cleanliness. In one instance, he moved to the community where the sanitation workers lived and started sweeping public areas with a sweeper.

Healthier and cleaner India

Clean India Essay

India is quickly becoming a global superpower. In terms of population, we are the biggest democracy. In Indian culture, we place more stress on mental purity than on the cleanliness of the physical surroundings.

Because of this, India has a severe problem with uncleanliness. And the Indian population is not overly concerned about hygiene, and both rural and urban areas exhibit this uncleanliness.

Garbage is a danger to a country's growth and success in the modern economy. The major causes of this problem's growth are industrialization and commercialization. Only plastic accounts for sizable portions of garbage, making disposal a challenge.

The Clean India Campaign, which strives to address the garbage-related challenges we face in India, was started to address these concerns.

The primary goal of this Green India project is to stop climate change and its harmful effects. The goal is to raise the rate of carbon dioxide sequestration by planting a significant number of trees in the forest and surrounding regions of the town.

This method took the most significant quantity of carbon dioxide from the environment and preserved it in the trees. This assists in decreasing the earth's carbon intensity.

Benefits of the Clean India Mission

Clean India Essay

1. The health of the Peoples Will Improve

Stopping open defecation lowers the risk of diseases that can be fatal. The cleanup effort will improve the health of the general populace.

2. Use of Clean Technology

Clean India Essay

The project also wants to encourage people to use clean, non-polluting technologies. It alludes to the usage of biodegradable items and resources to stop pollution. Moving toward greener products will require young people's advanced technology and innovative thinking.

3. It is possible to improve individual productivity

Clean India Essay

The state of someone's health affects their ability to work productively. Those in good health may be able to work longer hours and earn more money.

4. Getting Foreign Direct Investments (FDI)

Clean India Essay

The Swachh Bharat project might assist India in increasing F D I significantly.

Difficulties of Clean India Mission

A small number can only make an impact on people working together. Most people choose not to participate in the cleaning effort because they lack the motivation or time to assist.

1. Need a lot of assistance

It won't be successful until the public gets fully involved in the campaign. People's perspectives are exceedingly hard to change suddenly.

2. The Impossibility of Sustained Effort

Clean India Essay

On the one hand, the government lacks regular effort; for instance, cleaning programs are carried out occasionally rather than regularly. Government employees are unlikely to take the responsibility of keeping the workplace clean seriously because of their relaxing attitude. Additionally, it necessitates extensive departmental interaction.

3. Enforcement is challenging

Clean India Essay

While citizens are encouraged to participate in the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, any who trash the streets is neither imprisoned nor penalized.

There is no way the campaign can run independently, and a solid legal basis is needed. These regulations, however, cannot be put into place or enforced since a sizeable number of Indians, particularly those living in rural areas, continue to urinate in the open.


All Indians must cooperate and contribute to this effort if India is to prosper. Without the populace's support, no government initiative has ever been effective. The Clean India Mission is a significant challenge that necessitates our participation. Every one of us needs a cleaner atmosphere, which is the beginning step to the prosperity of our nation.

A cleaner country draws more tourists, which directly increases its economy. Furthermore, if it happens, we will be the first to gain from India's cleanliness. When there are no illnesses, our health will improve. Let's each take responsibility for looking after our needs and those of our families, friends, and the country. India is healthy when it is clean.

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