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My Favourite Game Essay

The education and development process must include playing games. Playing games promotes a proactive approach to learning. Our physical well-being, height, and weight can all be directly impacted by it, and it also offers us the power to resist illness. We benefit from continuing to be active as we age. Encouragement of outdoor activities will help us to build a healthy outlook on keeping an active lifestyle. There are two categories of games: outdoor games and indoor games. Indoor games include ludo, carrom, chess, and cards. Outdoor sports include badminton, basketball, tennis, football, cricket, and cricket. Long-lasting outdoor games like kabaddi, wrestling, horseback riding, swimming, and ball fighting are commonly played in India. I will discuss the game I enjoy playing the most in my essay on my favourite game, which is badminton.

My Favourite Game Essay

Badminton is the sport that I enjoy playing the most. It has aided in my health and vitality. A lightweight racquet and a shuttlecock are used to play badminton. It's a really fascinating game that never fails to grab my interest. I began playing badminton when I was 10 years old, and at the age of 12, I won my first competition. I won a few more matches after that throughout the years, up until the age of 20, when my career took off. I occasionally take out my racket, though, for casual get-togethers with my friends. Even the best players in the world will never fully understand the game's complexity, despite the fact that its integrity inspired its invention.

History of Badminton

The sport of badminton was invented in 1873 and takes its name from the English rural estate "The Dukes of Beaufort." The game's beginnings can also be traced to ancient Greece, China, and India. There are competitions for badminton all throughout the world. Additionally, numerous national, regional, and zonal competitions are held in different nations. The All-England championships are one of the renowned badminton competitions. The Thomas Cup and Uber Cup are two more notable and renowned worldwide competitions. Badminton was introduced as an Olympic demonstration sport for the first time in 1972. Badminton was a full medal event at the 1992 Olympics. Doubles and mixed doubles competitions were held at the 1996 Summer Olympics for both men and women. The faintest winds can cause the shuttlecock's direction to alter; hence professional badminton is played indoors around the world. But you can also play badminton outside if you're having fun.

My Favourite Game Essay

Even though players only have milliseconds to recover a shot they've already taken, many manage to do so completely and in the exact area where their opponent wants the shuttle to land. After years of gruelling training, the tension experienced by an individual when the outcome of the team's performance is at stake is incomprehensible. I am thankful to my parents for exposing me to this sport because it has significantly aided my personal development. I have learned from playing this game that winning or succeeding is not the main objective. It supports my ability to handle stress both physically and psychologically while maintaining a positive outlook.

Rules Of The Game

The Badminton court is rectangular in shape. When playing singles, it measures 13.4 meters long, 5.2 meters wide, and when playing doubles, 6.1 meters wide. The net is 1.5 meters high and spans the entire width of the court from the centre. There is also a precise room of 1.3 meters all across the court. It is the fastest shuttle sport and has a 493 km/h world record. The court is 6.1 meters wide and 13.4 meters high.

This game has a few extremely significant rules, like how the game begins with a flip of a coin. Depending on who wins the coin toss, they can opt to be on the receiving or serving side of the court. During play, the player is not permitted to touch the net with either his body or his racquet. In order to hit the shuttlecock, a player should not smash above the net. The player must always strike the shuttlecock from below the waist and must not touch any of the court's lines. When a player hits the shuttlecock, and an opponent misses the hit and falls on their side of the court or lands outside the court's boundary, the player's score is increased by one point. Another fault is the shuttlecock hitting the ceiling.

Major Indian Players

Prakash Padukone began a long legacy for Indian badminton when he won the All India Open and rose to the top of the global rankings in 1980. Punnela Gopichand followed him when he won the same championship in 2001. In the twenty-first century, Indian badminton's triumphant journey was headed by women athletes. The first female badminton player from India to reach the top spot is Saina Nehwal. She has become the first Indian athlete to ever win an Olympic medal at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. P. V. Sindhu surpassed Saina Nehwal as the first Indian female badminton player to be a double gold medalist in the Olympic. In Basel, 2019, she also made history by becoming the first Indian woman to win the global title.

My Favourite Game Essay


A badminton player can have all the strength, endurance, agility, and talents in the world. Still, without the universality of mental fortitude, they are prone to be stirred up mentally at any time or place. No matter how long they have played, an experienced badminton player should be able to retain their speed and the precision of their shots right up until the very end of the match. This is where a person's level of mental toughness is crucial. It has been proved beyond a doubt that what sets champions apart from others on a large stage is their ability to transcend. It is similar to the hare and tortoise tale, in which the tortoise defeated the hare by using consistency in performance as the only motivating element. All of this excites me and rekindles my interest in this magnificent game, in which my nation has constantly performed better.

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