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Essay on Parents

We cannot choose to be a part of the parent-child relationship. The formation of this relationship leads to the creation of a new life. Yes, this relationship is formed or planned even before a baby takes birth. We are part of this world now just because of our parents. They are the best gift given to us by the almighty even before we arrived on this planet. Although a lady gives birth, both parents play a role in giving birth. Hence, parents are equally responsible for the base of new human life. Not only did they give us birth, but they also gave us all the necessities we needed, along with this life. They shower their love, affection and blessings on us to make our life better than theirs. Every parent wants their child to be better than them in every respect.

Essay on Parents

Role of Parents

The role of a parent in a child's upbringing can never be denied. They possess considerable value in a child's life; this value cannot be counted in money. They do everything in the affection which makes us stronger and helps us reach great success. Our parents are our heroes. It is impossible to imagine our life without our parents. They provide us with such strong support until we get independent and after that too.

Value of Parents

The value of parents in our lives cannot be ignored or forgotten. Nobody should ever miss or forget the importance of their parents in their life. Parents go out of their way to sacrifice for the happiness of their children. While making a sacrifice for their ward, they do not even think once, and it is the fastest decision they make, taken in the hope of the betterment of their child. They guard us and are hence known as guardians. Parents are the people who carry a lot of importance in our life, and there is no one else who can replace them. No one can ever become like them. They love us a lot. It is impossible to imagine a life without parents. It is the worst experience ever for someone to live without parents. Parents take all the responsibility on their shoulders and provide us with all the best possible facilities. However, not everyone is lucky enough to have such. There are many children in this world who are raised by single parents or taken care of in an orphanage or relative's home due to the loss of a parent in childhood.

Besides your hard work and dedication, teachers, along with parents, are the ultimate reason for your success and justification for your happiness. Parents stand along with you in every single walk of your life. They selflessly think about their child by forgetting about their own life. Their day starts with caring for their child and ends with the child. In many Indian households, the father is the sole earner. But, somewhere, it is also seen that the mother or both of the parents work to fulfil their family needs. Parents take the uttermost care that their work or their hobbies do not become an obstruction in the development of their kids. Even if they have misunderstandings together, they sort it out without letting the after affect the children's life. This is what they may not do best, but they strive for their child. No matter, what the problem is, they know very well what should be shared with the kid and what not and at which time.

Affection of Parents

Most of the time, parents do not showcase their affection directly, but it can be seen in their work. No doubt, each parent loves their kids. Mothers are generally more affectionate in every small thing related to their child. They directly express their love and are very caring in each step taken by the children in their life. In general, if the mother is the housewife, then she takes care of the child, makes food for the family, keeps the house clean, takes care of grandparents and all, and looks after the house. A mother's love for her kid is said to be having no match. She bears a kid for nine long months in her own body. S She suffers pain while giving birth to a child, and after birth, she forgets all her pain as soon as she hears the voice of the child. It is said that a mother's love cannot be fulfilled by anyone else. When the kid is at school, she waits for him or her to return eagerly, standing in the gateway. She wakes up early, goes to bed late, and takes care of the entire family. She always strives for the health and wellness of the family. That way, she is the motivator. She motivates the children and elders and helps maintain work efficiency. She helps the children with school work and assists in their studies.

However, Dad is busy earning for the house but loves everyone in the family. Father is said to be the ATM of the house, and he looks after the needs of the home. Despite his busy schedule, he takes time out for his kids on holidays and weekends. In typical families, the father is seen not expressing his love for his kids, but he is seen as the one who loves them the most. Father teaches many basic things about society, and the world, which is very important to know for the kids. He is constantly inspired to engage in learning new tasks to be more productive and achieve the targets.

Parents look for every single aspect of the development of their kids. They look after their kids' development, holistic growth, education, nutrition, entertainment and everything else. They try their best to put their kid in the best school possible. Even if they don't take every single food item on their plate, they try to provide their kid with all the vitamins and minerals. For entertainment, they take out time for family, take children on trips on vacations, and take them to tourist spots and other places. Parents become the first teacher to the kids. They teach us how to eat, how to walk, how to speak and whatever we need to learn as a kid to grow up.

Strength of Parents

Parents are the provider of strength for their kids. They are the support system of the family. They give the strength to face each difficulty, the power to take decisions, and most importantly, the strength to live life in a smooth manner. They provide us stability through their works or their words. Their power gives us the motivation to go ahead with confidence and to have self-belief. You always know that you have your parents to save you even if you get stuck in one way or another. They are the guiding light that shows you where you are supposed to be and at what time.

Indian Culture and Parents

From the day of our birth, they provide us with every single thing to keep us happy. To give us all this happiness, they work hard. Sometimes, they give up their own luxuries, dreams, and precious things to provide us with these facilities and to fulfil our demands. They dedicate their complete life to making the life of their children cheerful. Therefore, we should give them such moral boosts by giving them respect and affection and keep them motivated to help us grow. Indian culture has a special significance for the necessity of love and parental obligations. It asks us to give respect to our parents like God. Our parents become our role models, impacting our lives a lot. They help us formulate our thoughts and make or change the decisions in our life. Not everyone is perfect, but they possess qualities, and as such, to help the children be better humans in their life. Our parents are the one who understands us better than anyone else. They help us make the right decision in our life. They not only protect us but guide us on the right path and make a lot of sacrifices.

Essay on Parents

We should be forever grateful for whatever our parents did to us. If they were not there, no one knows whether we would have lived or died, whether we would have got food to eat or not, whether we would have got proper education or not, etc. Hence, we should be thankful to our parents and keep them happy forever with our success. The only way in which the child can repay the parent's hard work and affection is by making them feel proud by fulfilling what they desire for us and providing them with a safe and comfortable life in their old age. We should feel blessed and thankful to have parents who are caring and supportive.

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