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Online Learning Essay

If you want to get success in your life, then you have to be educated. Education is the key that opens the path to your success. There was a time when getting an education was a really tough task, but today the concept is totally changed; today, anyone who wants to be educated has many options to get an education. Even the government of many countries provide free education to many students. Although in the past some years, due to the Emergence of the Coronavirus, the concept of traditional education is changed so much. Today many students can attend the class through online mode sitting from their comfort zone, and teachers also teach students from their comfort zone. This all is possible due to online education or online learning. Today in this article, we will be going to discuss an essay on online learning.

Online Learning Essay

What is Online Learning or Online Education?

Online education or online learning is the way in which students can get education from their comfort zone without attending classes offline or physically. There was a time when attending classes offline was mandatory, but today with the help of technology, we can attend our classes, and teachers can teach us from any part of the world. The only requirement for online learning is a high-speed network, a smartphone, and an online teaching platform, and if you have earphones or headphones, then it will be best.

What is the Need for Online Learning?

This question may definitely arise in your mind that when the practice of offline classes has been going on for the last many years, then what is the need for online education or learning, and why do we not only continue with the old traditional method of education? Then the answer to this question is very simple. After the emergence of coronavirus life of all human beings is changed. People in many countries went through a lockdown, and in which all offices, schools, and colleges were closed. So to utilize time during the pandemic, there was a need for online learning. It doesn't mean that before the coronavirus, there was no concept of online education, but the importance of online learning increased after the pandemic.

Advantages of Online Learning

Online Learning Essay

There are many advantages of online learning, and we can also get answers to what is the need for online education through the advantages of online learning, so let's see some of the advantages of online learning one by one.

1. Economical as Compared to Offline Class

For the past many years, the trend of offline learning has been at the top. There was a time when there were no options for online learning, and everyone had to present or attend the classes physically, but in today's era, we can attend classes even sitting at our home; this is all possible due to online learning. Even today, students from many small villages go to a bigger city to study, in which a lot of money is required, and it is impossible for any student who belongs to a very low-income family and spends a lot of money on their studies, but there is no need to go to a bigger city to study because, with the help of online classes, anyone attends the classes from any part of the world, and this saves a lot of money like food costs, living cost, transportation cost and many more. So in this way, online learning is Economical compared to offline classes or learning.

2. Get Training or Classes from the Best Teacher in the Market

There are many advantages of online classes, and one of them is you have a chance to get training from the best teacher in the world. In offline classes or learning, you have no other option but to get classes from the teacher that are available in your area, but in online classes, you can choose any teacher for any subject according to your choices, and there are also many popular teachers who even teach students through YouTube at free of cost. To get training from the world's best teacher, even sitting at your home at free of cost, this type of facility is not available in offline classes. This is another biggest advantage of online learning.

3. Time-Saving as Compared to Offline Classes.

If any student takes offline classes, they have to give a minimum of 30 minutes to be ready or in traveling to physically present in the classroom, and this takes a lot of time of a student, so if you have a class of one hour then you have to spend a minimum of 1.5 hr for that class this extra 30 minutes really cost so much to any students, but in online classes you not have to go anywhere you have to attend classes from any part of the world. So in this way, online learning is the best way to save time and utilize that time in other places.

4. Beneficial for Married Women and Girls From the Village Area.

Even though we are living in the 21st century, but even today, in many places, women and girls are not allowed to go to a different city to study, and due to this, many women and girls are not able to fulfil their dream, also there are many such girls who have a desire to study, but due to getting married at a young age, they are unable to fulfil their dream of studies, but after the emergence of various technology online learning is possible, and this help many married women and girls to fulfil their dreams of study without going to another city with the help of online classes. If we talk about the advantage of online learning, then this advantage is really a very important advantage because today, online classes are the path for many girls and women to complete their education.

Disadvantages of Online Learning

There must be many advantages of online learning or online classes, but every coin has two faces; in the same way, Online classes may have many advantages, but it also has some drawbacks. Let's see some of the drawbacks of online learning.

Online Learning Essay

1. Online Learning is Costly for Many Students

Through Online learning, you can attend any classes seating at home without being present physically in the classroom, and this all is possible only with the help of a smartphone, earphones; and there is also a requirement of a high-speed network for online classes, and this all required a lot of money, but there are many students in India and all over the world who belong to a very low-income family, and not afford these things. So for those students to take online classes is very impossible, and if they can't be able to take online classes, then they can't be able to complete their syllabus on time. So this is the biggest disadvantage of online learning.

2. The Problem of Networks in Many Areas

We all know that online classes are only possible with the help of a smartphone a high-speed internet connection, and there are also many other requirements, but one of the main components of online classes is the requirement of the best and high-speed internet connection; without a reliable network connection there will be no any online classes is possible. In some areas of India and also in some parts of the world, there are many problems with high-speed networks, so in this situation, there will be very difficult for many students to join online classes because if there is no internet speed on their side then how anyone attends online classes. So this is another big drawback of online learning.

3. No Face-to-Face Interaction Between Teacher and Students

We all know that online learning is distance learning in which you do not need to go to school, college, and coaching centers to attend the live lecture; instead, you can attend the classes from any part of your comfort zone. One of the biggest disadvantages of this is you not able to meet your teacher face to face for any query. In online classes, most of the students are not focused on the lecture; instead, they do some other task, and even teachers are not able to focus on every student in online classes. This type of this problem is not in offline classes, and this is another biggest disadvantage of online classes.

4. Health Problem is Another Biggest Disadvantage of Online Learning

Health is very important for everyone, and we all know that if anyone is not healthy, then they not able to give their hundred percent in any work. In online classes, there are many Students and teachers who face many problems every day. Health problems like eye pain, headache, and mental pressure are very common in online classes. In online learning, you have to seat seven hours approximately in front of smartphones or laptops, and in offline classes, all this type of problems is very negligible. So from a health point of, online classes are not recommended.

5. Many Students are not Focused on Classes in Online Learning

One of the main purposes of online learning is that study of the student should not stop at any cost, but in online classes, there are many students who are not focused on classes and are focused on another thing apart from study, even though the teacher is not able to find the students who not focused on the study, and disturb the classes in online learning but in offline classes, the students who not focused on the study is directly caught by the teacher and teachers take strict actions on them. Another disadvantage of online learning is that every student has their own way of studying, and some students are only comfortable in offline classes and not able to clarify their doubts in online classes. So this is another drawback of online l

Teaching Platform Used for Online Classes

Online classes are a part of today's life, and one of the main components of online classes is the platform required for online classes. There are many platforms available for online classes, and all are used for delivering an online lectures to students. Let's see some of the most popular teaching platforms for live classes.

1. Microsoft Teams

MS Teams is one of the most popular online teaching platforms available in the market. This teaching platform is used in many teaching sectors like Coaching Institutes, schools, and colleges for delivering online classes to students. Features like downloading recorded lectures, recording live lectures, automatic attendance downloading features, scheduling meetings, and many more features are available in MS Teams.

2. Udemy

This is the most popular online education network, with over 2 million users globally and more than 13,000 courses. It enables teachers to create comprehensive lessons that include video lectures, PowerPoint presentations, screencast videos, documents, audio files, text, and mashup videos. The platform is free for teachers to build their courses, which they may then provide for free or a fee. Udemy takes a cut of any fees that are applied. This platform seems quite professional and has a lot to offer.

3. RCampus

RCampus is one of several online learning platforms that may be used to upload various forms of instructional content, including videos, links, and photographs, design courses, assign homework, maintain grades, and host class discussions. In addition, it may be used as an ePortfolio management system, allowing both students and teachers to "create several, fully-functional presentation portfolios for displaying their abilities and knowledge or for career development."

Two Different Kinds of Teaching Platforms

1. Used to Give Classes Online

To give online classes to students, schools, universities, and institutes, and use platforms like Zoom and MS Teams. Students cannot purchase courses through this type of learning platform. Generally speaking, this kind of teaching platform is exclusively utilized for live lectures or live classes.

2. Used for Online Course Purchases

There are several online education platforms that have already posted numerous lectures on various subjects, and students can purchase courses online on platforms like Udemy, LinkedIn Learning, Unacademy, etc., based on their preferences.

Some Attributes of the Online Learning Platform

  • Lectures can be viewed several times by students.
  • Online learning environments offer a wide range of content.
  • Affordable for students.
  • Save students' time as well.
  • Offers high-quality content
  • The best teachers are available, and there are plenty of opportunities for teachers to advance their careers.


The entire education system is changed due to technology. Today, we don't need to leave the house to attend classes. All of this is made possible because of online learning. There are several advantages to online learning. For example, during COVID-19, when all educational institutions were closed, students were instructed online to continue their studies. If there was no way to study online, every student's education would have come to a standstill during COVID -19. In the coming year, online learning will dominate the education market.

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