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My Neighbour Essay

When there is an emergency, one of the first persons we may call is a neighbour. Good neighbours make it easier for residents to feel secure. On the other side, those who don't get along well with their neighbours may struggle during a crisis.

My Neighbour Essay

Being surrounded by kind neighbours is a blessing for a family. A neighbouring family is the next family to support single families in need when their relatives are far away. Everything was new, everyone was a stranger to me, and I was the same for them. Today is the time when people are less trusted.

In my family, there are Five members, including me. My mother and I have two daughters, Arpita and Sanvi; my wife works as a housewife. Also, she likes to teach poor and needy students in her free time; I work in a private company as an electrical supervisor. My father passed away in 2009 due to a heart attack. He was retried as Head postmaster; at that time, my neighbours and friends supported me very well in that situation.

Some Positive Experiences With My Neighbours:

My Neighbour Essay
  • The majority of the families who stay on our floor get along well with us. We try to get to know our neighbours because we recognize how important it is to keep a close connection with them.
  • My mother and one of the women that live on our floor are close friends. In the evening, they both go to the temple, relax, and knit in the park on winter evenings. So that the two older women may spend time together, my wife frequently extends an invitation to her (my mother's friend) to come over.
  • Additionally, I have two excellent friends who live next door. Every night we visit the park together. While my mothers and wife are talking with their neighbouring women, my daughters like to play with their friends in the garden; after school, kids play together and enjoy their childhood moments. Sometimes play in each other's homes as well.
  • I appreciate having excellent neighbours because it makes vacation and festival time much more enjoyable. Due to office work, I am working in the morning and don't get back till the evening. My two daughters spend the day with their grandmother and her mother.

Neighbourhoods In The Past:

My Neighbour Essay
  • People who live in cities rarely attempt to get to know their neighbours well or to keep up a close connection with them, despite the importance of doing so. They frequently attribute this to their stressful lifestyle, and this is really unlike how individuals from previous generations behave.
  • People used to value their neighbours highly in earlier times and tried to establish relationships with them. Their lives were deeply influenced by their neighbours. They frequently extended invitations to their neighbours. They routinely got together in the evening. After lunch, the neighbourhood's senior men gathered for conversation. They stayed together till late at night and went back home for dinner.
  • The older women travelled together to the temple in the early morning or late at night. Additionally, they sat down to talk to one another in the neighbourhood park. On the other hand, the kids loved playing with one another. The neighbourhood's women frequently travelled to the market together. They helped one another with housework. As a single, joyful family, they all lived peacefully. Even now, Indian communities still follow this custom.

Some Dreadful Incidents Involving My Neighbours:

While some of our neighbours are kind and support us through good and terrible times, we regrettably also have some problematic neighbours. Regarding neighbours, we have experienced our fair share of negative things. On our level, three females have booked an apartment. Late in the evening, they frequently play loud music, and this disturbs our sleep. Additionally, it is difficult for kids to study at this time.

We have kindly asked them to keep the volume down. However, it appears that they are unconcerned with others. Our next-door neighbour is also extremely strange. Two children and their parents make up a family of four, and we've made an effort to speak with them and make friends with them. It appears they keep their distance from us. They frequently act impolitely and do not get along with anyone on the floor.

Need For Reliable Neighbours

Why we require decent neighbours is as follows:

  • Good neighbours help us out in times of need.
  • They are available to help us should any issues occur.
  • We feel comfortable putting faith in them since they are friendly and pleasant if anything bothers us.
  • It is an effective technique to reduce our stress and pressure.
  • They improve the neighbourhood and make it a happier place to live.
  • The children are safe in an area with kind neighbours.
  • Older people do not feel lonely if their neighbours are kind to them.
  • Good neighbours are there for one another at all times.
  • They are considerate of one another's requirements.
  • Good neighbours share festivals and other important occasions.
  • When individuals share in such unique occasions, the delight is multiplied.
  • Talk to your neighbours kindly, respecting their privacy and without becoming personal.


Having friendly neighbours is lovely. However, not everyone enjoys this benefit, and I'm happy to be in a neighbourhood with some genuinely beautiful people.

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