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Spring Season Essay

The spring season is that time of the year when the wind treasons the winter and opens the gate for summer. Spring is, moreover, a transition season which begins with the end of winter. The days grow long in this season; the nights get shorter, and the winds turn warm, bringing new life to trees, plants, and flowers and enhancing the natural beauty with greenery and lustrous colours. The temperature is not that warm but mild, which gives room to life. This season begins in March and usually lasts until May or June. The essays about the spring season given to the kids as a task by schools help them understand the changing weather and different positions of Earth. It is very important to understand the necessity of this season.

Spring Season Essay

Earth is in such a position that when it's autumn in the Southern Hemisphere, the Northern Hemisphere enjoys the season of spring. It is the season of immense joy and happiness and the beginning of new life for plants and wildlife. After the bone-chilling winter, the wind in spring is warm and is blessed with plentiful sunshine, the plants turn green, and it is also the time when some animals wake up from their long sleep of winter hibernation. A lot of countries across the world celebrate this beautiful season.

Natural Events

The axis of our Blue planet gets more tilted to the sun during the start of the spring season. In that part of the earth where the spring season is going on, the length of the day increases. Since the mildly warm temperatures of this season help the flora to spring forth, this season is called the spring season. In addition to the blooming of new flowers promising new beginnings, snow also melts, resulting in an increased flow of rivers, and the frost gets a little less severe.

As mentioned earlier, the spring season results in the blooming of a number of flowering plants. Some parts of the earth, such as the Northern hemisphere, witness this season during February. Also, in the temperate areas of the earth, which results in flowering. The sub-arctic region of the earth enjoys this beautiful season only after the end of June.

Spring can be called the result of warmth. The reason behind this change in temperature is the shift in the earth's position relative to the sun. The spring season can also bring with it unstable weather. This happens when the cold air comes from the Polar Regions while the warmth comes from the lower altitudes. The spring season brings with it warm rainfall, which melts the snow formed during winters. This melted snow often results in flooding.

Health Benefits of the Spring Season

This season is not just a time of the year which promises new growth of flora and fauna, but it also helps in major health problems. A very significant benefit that the season brings with it is the mental boost that it provides to the people. The winter season can result in anxiety and depression for many people. The arrival of spring after this cold and dry season gives everyone a chance to cherish their life and witness the wonders of nature. These kinds of moments have a huge amount of positive energy, which is essential for human development.

Generally, people consume winter cuisines, which results in an increase in their weight. Spring is the time to bring us back to diet and follow a healthy lifestyle. During the spring season, healthy local food is available, and a variety of vitamin-rich vegetables like asparagus, kale, and peas are also there.

Spring Season Essay

Spring is indeed a healthy season. It plays a very important role in making our homes healthy. It is so because the re-entering of sunlight and warm wind after a long quiet winter season works as a new life to our homes. People who stay inside their homes most of the time during winter start going out during this season, and it is very important to notice the amount of fresh air that we get to breathe in during the season of spring. In addition to all of it, there is an ample amount of sunlight that reaches us during this season, and it is rich in Vitamin D, which is very good for our skin.

We all know that in order to stay fit, we need to continuously indulge ourselves in exercises so that our muscles don't get rigid. The spring season helps us in this case as well because it increases our motivation to exercise. Furthermore, cold weather doesn't follow a lot of physical activity, and so the phase of physical rest is overcome by the pleasant weather of the spring season. This is why when spring arrives, people are excited about doing physical work. The pleasant warmth of the sun that is received directly in this season compels everyone to exercise, which is why spring increases the physical health of everyone.

Spring Festivals in India

When the cold winds say goodbye and the warm air of springs enters the picture with colours of happiness and joy with it, our country prepares to celebrate the arrival of this season in all parts of India. The main highlights of this season are blooming flowers and green plants, bright yellow sun and festivals of different types.

In India, the spring season lasts for three months, i.e., April, May and June. After June, summer finds its way to India and lasts for quite a long time. The arrival of spring after winter is often used as a metaphor for happy times. It is that time of the year when people enjoy new beginnings.

Spring Season Essay

As for the festivals that are celebrated in this culture-rich country, the list goes on. The more the number of cultures in India, the more the number of festivals here. Every region in India has their own festival for the spring season to mark the beginnings of good times.

In our country, the period from April to June is the period of holiday month. All the educational institutions go on summer break, and people are free to indulge in different activities and visit a lot of places. Below are some of the spring festivals that are celebrated in different parts of this country. These are the most popular festivals that are celebrated in the spring season, and all of them are to mark the start of good times after the cold period of the winter season.

1. Rongali Bihu - the spring festival of Assam

Rongali Bihu is the spring festival that is celebrated in the Assam part of India. It is a very popular and important festival as it signifies the Assamese New Year and, as mentioned earlier, the start of the season of greenery and warmth.

In a literal sense, the name of this festival signifies colour and joy. It symbolises the happiness brought to the world after the bone-chilling winter, as in the name, Bohag Bihu, 'Bohag' means spring.

The Bihu dance and the food are the centres of attraction throughout the festival. To signify the beginning of the New Year, local boys and girls visit each home and dance to Bihu songs, and in return for their love, they are served with pita, laddoos, and other traditional sweets and dishes.

2. Yatra - the spring festival of Puri

This festival is one of the most famous chariot festivals in the world. It is the oldest car festival which is celebrated annually in Puri, which is a famous town in Orissa. Puri is famous for its temples. This festival is celebrated in the belief that Lord Jagannatha, who is the reincarnation of Lord Vishnu, come out of the temples to meet his devotees. He is the only Hindu god who leaves his seat, and this festival has great importance in India.

This festival lasts for seven days as Lord Jagannatha, in addition to two other gods, comes out of the temples to meet the devotees in the special chariots or 'Ratha' made for them. These chariots are considered very holy, and people carry them touch them and pray to them.

3. Sarhul - the spring festival of Jharkhand

For people who enjoy trying different foods and drinks, this festival is the best way to do that. Sarhul is a festival enjoyed by the tribals of Jharkhand in spring. On this day, people enjoy traditional dishes accompanied by Hadia, which is a locally brewed beer made from water, rice, and some tree leaves.

Sarhul is counted as the most popular festival among the Jharkhand tribes as it signifies the beginning of a New Year and the arrival of the beautiful season of Spring. This festive day begins by praying to the trees and Mother Nature and is concluded with a feast and events of singing and dancing. The agricultural activities begin once these rituals are performed.

4. Yuru Kabgyat Festival - the spring festival of Ladakh

This is the spring festival of Ladakh, which takes place in Lamayuru Monastery. This is a Tibetan Buddhist Monastery and is a fascinating place to visit. There are more than 150 monks in this place, and most of them become a part of this spring festival in Ladakh called Yuru Kabgyat.

This is a mask festival, and the monks perform the famous mask dance with the music coming from drums, cymbals and long pipes in order to please their gods. It is very magnificent to watch, and people from around the world come to Ladakh to witness this festival and be a part of it. An important reason for the immense crowd during this festival is the beauty of that place which gets magnified during the spring season.

5. Baisakhi - the spring festival of Punjab

Spring Season Essay

This festival is very important in Punjab as it is not only their spring festival but also their harvest festival.

When anyone hears the name Baisakhi, they would automatically think about folk music, feasts, fairs and Bhangra, which is the local dance form in Punjab. This festival is not only celebrated in Punjab but also in some other parts of the country. The famous Golden Temple in Amritsar is beautifully decorated with flowers and lights.

The holy book of the Sikh community, the Guru Granth Sahib, is bathed in milk and water as a part of their tradition. The ceremony begins at dawn when the holy book is taken out of the Golden Temple in a procession accompanied by a huge crowd, music and songs.

6. Buddha Jayanti

The birthday of Lord Buddha is celebrated across the globe as Buddha Jayanti. This festival is celebrated by Buddhists in monasteries all over the world, majorly in countries like India, Tibet, Nepal, China, Cambodia, Thailand, and Japan.

In Bodhgaya, Kushinagar and Sarnath near Varanasi (where Buddha gave his first sermon), this festival is celebrated in a grand manner, as it is a pious and sacred day for the followers of Buddhism. The festivity includes many events like Prayer meetings, scripture reading sessions, meditations, feasts, etc. On this sacred day, special prayer sessions are organised under the Bodhi Tree at the Mahabodhi Temple in Bodh Gaya, and, in Sarnath, the public gets to witness the relics of Lord Buddha as they are set to display only on this auspicious day.

7. Thrissur Pooram, Kerala

This festival is a very grand festival celebrated in the Thrissur city of Kerala. Thrissur Pooram is celebrated annually, which includes a very magnificent display of vibrant elephants, persuasion music and parasols as well.

Ten temples take part in this grand celebration together, but there are two main highlights of this spring festival. One is a ceremony called the 'kudamattom' ceremony, which includes a musical exchange of beautifully coloured parasols, and the other one is ilanjithara melam, which involves classical music performances by 250 artists in Kerala. Kerala is a very beautiful state in India and a famous tourist spot as well, and these festivals add to its beauty.

Effect of Environmental Degradation

Shifts in seasons lead to more warm temperatures of the earth. Even a very little change in the temperature is enough to make the spring season come early as well as make the winter season arrive later than usual. Such irregular environmental changes result in the blooming of many trees and wildflowers in the early time of the year. As a result, winters tend to be shorter, the spring season starts earlier, summer stays longer than required, and the fall season arrives late.

Spring Season Essay

A new spring phenomenon has been observed in the past few years, which is known as season creep. Due to this phenomenon only, the spring season falls early, and other seasons also occur at irregular times. This phenomenon is observed in many parts of the world.

Scientists across the globe are very sure that the irregular operation of seasons is directly related to the global warming issue that has been persistent for many decades. These uneven occurrences of seasons have drastic effects on the environment and human society in addition to fauna. For instance, early spring can result in longer growing seasons and an increased invasion of different types of weeds and pests that are seasonal. It can also result in continued allergy seasons.

The weather becomes warm in winters; as unusual as it sounds; it creates a phenomenon known as 'false spring' that, in turn, makes the seasonal plants and vegetables grow earlier than required. Those plants that bloom early become prone to cold and snowy weather for which they aren't prepared. This kind of trend is observed a lot of times in places such as the United States.


Spring Season Essay

To sum up this whole essay, the spring season signifies beauty, happiness and, of course, new beginnings. Its job is not just to turn cold weather warm but also to help nature in its growth. Flowers bloom and animals breed, farmers grow many types of crops, and everything seems to have a whole new aura to it. This season is important to people of every age group, country or social level as a lot of different activities can be carried out easily.

In conclusion, spring is the season filled with joy and happiness, which probably makes it the best of all seasons.

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