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Kindness Essay

"Kindness is free to give but priceless to receive"- Raktivist

It is one of the biggest qualities. Kindness is not only significant to a person, but it can be an excellent activity for all of humanity and can make human lives more manageable. In the entire world, if everyone decides to help each other, it will be a far better world for everyone, including animals. In the current scenario where the whole world is suffering from diseases as well as wars, Kindness is such a significant need that can make every life much easier and happier.

Kindness Essay

It is a common habit that everyone should have. If you try to stay friendly to people, then you can also receive the same treatment from others (not saying that everyone will return your favours but many will). No matter how cruel a person is, everyone wants a little act of Kindness in their life for once and if someone wants to create a comforting and happy society, they should never be unkind to anyone.

In simple language, Kindness is just the quality to be friendly, polite, and careful regarding everyone. We live in a universe which is full of different species and creatures, and humans are most capable in comparison to others. This is why we have to be very kind and careful to all of them, as not everyone is full of love and kindness toward everyone.

Being kind doesn't only mean supporting emotionally, but you should be considerate of every creature in the world in every way you can, by money or physical support. Even if you are not capable of helping people monetarily etc., you can also help people by boosting morals, or you can stay by someone's side and help them in their hardships. Sometimes a person doesn't know a problem or a solution to a really small hardship but you may know the solution and with a little act of kindness you can make them fight with the situation. So somehow, you don't need to be rich or strong to show kindness.

Sometimes your kindness can also help you get over the hardship as well as give others a better life, for example, if one is feeling sad and lonely, they can adopt or bring a pet to their home (most probably a dog or kitten). These small creatures can make you happy as well as will get the home and in this way, you both can get over the misery.

With the help of such small kindnesses, you can make someone feel better and happy. Just to keep spreading smiles is just a holy deed. Being kind means standing up for those who are being bullied, sitting next to them alone, and saying hello to everyone you pass in the hallway. To be kind is having the desire to help others around you.

Ways to Show Kindness

Kindness must be maintained with the highest care and demands devotion and love, like a precious flower. Avoiding kindness implies disregarding things like other people's emotions or pleasure. You can show it in really small ways such as

  • Complimenting a person is an act of compassion since it brings a smile to their face and makes them feel good.
  • Being kind to your family or relatives contributes to building a strong family foundation.
  • Never assume that being kind requires a lot of money, time, or energy. Kindness can also be demonstrated by giving a hungry person food, assisting an older man walking across the street, or even indicating the way to a stranger.
  • Recognizing the chance to be kind is important. After we become conscious of the need, we must show the other person consideration, generosity, and friendliness. Without any strings attached, we should be kind to him and should not demand anything at all in return.
  • You should always be happy to help animals and nature, give food to animals, plant trees, keep the area outside your home clean as well, keep water for birds and do what you can do for nature and the animals.
  • Don't hesitate to help people who aren't from your society, are poor or ill, and never care about class while helping people.
  • One should always be careful with their help as you can help someone only when you are healthy and happy, so never ignore your health for others or while helping others.

Importance of Kindness

Kindness Essay

If we talk about how and why Kindness is necessary. It has the ability to make the world beautiful and a better place for living. A little act of being humble toward nature, other humans, and other creatures can make you grow as well as make others better people.

No matter which religion you belong to or what faith you follow, Kindness and humility are taught in each of them. By being humble, concerned, and calm you can show kindness to everyone and you shouldn't just be kind to humans but to every creature. For thousands of years, even nature itself has shown such ways of kindness; for example, the trees are offering us shade and fruits. Mountains are giving us safety from enemies and the sky and lakes are providing water.

The most important lesson nature gives us is that kindness is not something you just give in order to get profit but it should be a base for everyone and to provide a stable and strong base for our loved ones. With time, the world is becoming more focused on itself, and at this time, kindness is the hardest thing to get. Today, Everyone talks about how cruel and rude the world is becoming day by day but no one is ready to give a little initiative by themselves. With a small effort, you can be someone who can make a small change in the world. So show kindness and we don't know if you can make a change in anyone's life and think.

Stories about Kindness

Here are a few stories about how people showed a little act of Kindness to the world.

  1. In the textbooks of class 2 or 3, you must have read this fantastic story of The Lion and the Mouse, which Jerry Pinkney wrote. It is an inspiring and remarkable story with the lesson of keeping kindness. In the story, the lion shows a little kindness to a small mouse and after a short time, the favor came back to him with the help of the same mouse. When he gets trapped in a hunter's net. I'm sure you must read this story, but very few remember the lesson and much less apply it to their life. Pinkey's effort to teach people is great but only can be successful when people will listen to it and apply it to life.
  2. Another exciting story is about Rantideva, who was born with a silver spoon, and even as a kid, he used to help others whenever he got the chance. Later, he got married to a beautiful lady and had sons but he was not careful and kept on helping others without saving money. Soon he and his family lost the riches, and his family stayed hungry for months. One day with the god grace, he somehow bought some amount of rice, ghee, wheat, and sugar. The family sat down to eat and prayed to god but suddenly they heard a knock at their door. Rantideva opened the door and found out the Holy man was there, and he bowed to him and served the food; they made them eat until he was satisfied. Even after he left, a good amount of food was left for the family.

They again sat to eat but got interrupted by a hungry farmer, and due to their generous nature, Rantideva welcomed him inside, gave him a seat, and served him food as well. The farmer ate his meal, thanked them, and left. There was still a little food left which the family decided to share, but at that moment, a traveller with his dogs and hungry for days knocked on the door and begged for food. This was a tough choice, but Rantideva decided to give all the leftover food, including the vessels (for dogs), to the man. He and his dogs ate the food and left empty, clean vessels for Rantideva and his family. Rantideva smiled and said "we still have water, God is kind" and just heard a voice crying for some water saying "ooh I'll Die with thirst, is someone kind enough to provide me some water". With no delay, Rantideva gave water to the old thirsty man and had nothing left for him and his family.

Immediately the man turned into a well-groomed Deva, disclosing himself as Brahma and told him that he was there to test his generous nature. Now he can ask for anything he wants, as a boon. Rantideva smiled and bowed to God and said, "I just want to keep serving my fellow men with whatever I have". Lord Brahma blessed him and left; he got back all his wealth and kept helping others for his entire life with his family.

Every kindness tale teaches us to show kindness to those around us, including people and animals. Being compassionate to other people and also to yourself is essential. Around the world, there are several suffering that humans and animals experience. They must have felt pain and discomfort. Thus, we should be nice enough to assist them. Please remember that a bit of assistance might not take anything away from you, but it might be beneficial-and even lifesaving-to some other person. When you haven't shown kindness yourself, how can you expect someone else to? It's similar to educating someone else about love: the most important lesson is to love oneself first, and it must become something real and significant for it to exist. Often, acts of kindness go undetected.

Here is another small tale about kindness, Adi (short for Aditya) is a man who only prays toward money and never helps people who are in need even if his loved ones and family. The workers who work for him also don't get paid well and this is why no one was so impressed by him.

On one such day, he lost his bag of gold coins and got very angry because of it. Everyone, including his family and staff, started helping him find the bag, but no one succeeded; after finding it for a while, a worker's younger son saw it and gave it back to Adi. He checked the bag and found out it was all perfect, but due to his Greed, Adi decided to trick the poor soul and lied that some of the coins were missing and the worker should pay for that.

Due to his poor condition, the case went to court and after hearing the whole case the judge again asked if Adi's bag had more coins. Adi immediately responded "Yes, Sir''. So the judge gave judgment that the bag didn't belong to Aditya, and as no one else claimed it, It should be returned to the person who found it.

The moral of the story is that the small Kid got the prize for his kindness and the Greedy Adi paid the price of being extremely greedy.

Acts of Kindness Never Go Unnoticed

Although we must engage in unselfish acts of kindness without anticipating a reward, it is also claimed that no act of compassion, no matter how tiny, goes unappreciated. God is always keeping an eye on us, which explains why. He is also renowned for treating everyone fairly.

As opposed to the moments when we argue, pass judgment on others, or raise our voices, being friendly and generally by being polite to others maintains us in a pleasant mood. Similar to this, helping someone even in minor ways makes us happy. We feel immediately satisfied when we help and are kind to others. And we receive abundantly in return for everything we contribute, which is known as the "Karma", which always pays back.

The manner somebody treats you is the best indicator of how kind they are. Kindness just seems good, so when someone is kind to me, I always remember it. Even when I'm feeling low or in want of encouragement, it brightens my day and makes my heart happy. It cannot be easy to know what to do when someone is being mistreated. Offer them a hand to rest on so they may vent their frustrations and fury if we don't like an individual being cruel and hateful towards everyone else.


Therefore, it is not regarded to be a kind gesture if we help someone out with the hopes of receiving anything in return. Instead, it is a despicable thing.

We must never lose sight of the fact that each person is a living, breathing being with opinions and emotions that are equally complex as our own.

Kindness is something that permeates a person's soul; it is not something you can see on the outside of them. Sometimes acts of kindness go unappreciated because they are not acknowledged. We've all shown one another kindness at a particular stage, and we are confident we all want to be recognised as friendly citizens. There is no question that generosity always prevails, and individuals have repeatedly shown this.

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