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Honesty is the Best Policy Essay

Honesty is a virtue that earns trust and rewards for reliable people. Sincerity is crucial in life since it brings about tranquility, success, and resolving many problems. Benjamin Franklin is a well-known proponent of the maxim, "Honesty is the best policy.

A straightforward life free of redundancy is visible to everyone. The household and society become more uniform as a result. Being honest allows one to concentrate on the crucial aspects of life, which helps one achieve success with a tranquil existence and dignity.

Like we have studied a story in our childhood about an honest woodcutter whose axe slipped out of his hand and fell into the river. After praying sincerely, a Goddess came to help him find his axe and showed her three axes: Gold, Silver, and Iron (original). Because of the Honesty of the woodcutter in selecting his axe (iron), Goddess rewarded him with all three axes.

Honesty is the Best Policy Essay

What is Honesty?

Honesty is the best policy since it forms the basis of a healthy relationship. Additionally, it feeds numerous lives in a variety of ways. Any relationship based on Honesty, in this case, depends on trust. Being honest is typically difficult for people since maintaining Honesty may be tricky. Being honest involves telling the truth to a person at all times. It entails not deceiving and refraining from torturing others through harmful routines, actions, or conduct.

An honest person will never partake in immoral behavior. Honesty observes all laws and regulations, is disciplined, behaves appropriately, tells the truth, arrives on time, and genuinely assists others. Honesty facilitates movement, enjoyment, blessings from the highest power, and faith. In the actual world, being sincere is advantageous. It is not a product that can be purchased or sold. Through repetition, one can develop this positive habit.

Integrity paves the way for a path that offers genuine enjoyment. A person is honest if they uphold Honesty in various ways, including speaking honestly, administering justice fairly, acting honestly, and engaging in all daily activities. One becomes courageous and free from all problems when they are honest.

Although it is well-known and widely reported that society is in poor shape, Honesty has its benefits. It may also be hindered by morality, poverty, and grief, but it also leads to happiness, self-worth, and self-assurance in a person. Since Honesty always attracts Honesty, it helps us develop fantastic, devoted friends in our relationships. Truth-tellers can create stronger interpersonal relationships and, in turn, a better world.

  • In real life, being honest means taking the reciprocal path to intimacy, which involves telling our friends the whole truth and bringing them into our close-knit circle rather than being too close to requiring us to brag.
  • Good, dependable, and high-caliber friends are beneficial because sincerity always draws sincerity.
  • Because honest people are always trusted, it makes us more reliable and gets us a lot of respect in society.
  • It gives people courage and assurance and encourages them to believe in themselves.
  • It is observed that sincere people effortlessly acquire a sense of well-being and rarely experience the common cold, exhaustion, hopelessness, depression, anxiety, and other mental illnesses.
  • Unlike cheaters, honest people live happier, more comfortable lives.
  • It is the most crucial instrument for living peacefully and bails us out of sticky situations.
  • Honesty takes a lot of work to create in the beginning. Later on, though, it gets quite simple.

Why is Honesty the Best Policy?

Scientists nowadays have established that "honesty is the best policy," which has aided great humans in building powerful soldiers to get the trust of their fellow citizens. Additionally, lying makes things worse, according to an old proverb. Some people choose not to follow the path of reality for various reasons, or they lack the courage to live honestly. However, they do understand this strategy's importance in difficult life circumstances.

Honesty is the Best Policy Essay

We are honest since lying might put us through trials we cannot handle. However, some people lack the confidence to be honest with their loved ones and instead choose to lie. Bad circumstances are the causes. Contrarily, realizing the truth fortifies our character and strengthens us.

Honesty for a Peaceful Life

However, we cannot reach simplicity and other virtues of life without cultivating the practice of Honesty. We can say that simplicity can exist without Honesty, but Honesty cannot exist without simplicity. Without Honesty, we exist in two worlds: the real reality and the one we have manufactured as a substitute. Then, people live similar lives and adhere to the maxim "honesty is the best policy" in all spheres of their lives (personal, professional, occupational, and social). While Honesty brings about simplicity, dishonesty brings about arrogance.

History of Honesty

History demonstrates that reputable leaders like Lal Bahadur Shastri and scientists like Einstein and Newton have established a reputation throughout history. Great and honorable people like Martin Luther King, Leo Tolstoy, and Mahatma Gandhi must never be disregarded since they devoted their lives to excellence and Honesty.

Honesty for a Successful Life

Because Honesty produces high-quality outcomes, demonstrating a person's righteous and moral nature. Honesty can significantly relax the brain and change a person's personality and mind without causing harm.

A calm brain balances the body, mind, and soul, satisfying a man or woman. Honest people are always found in the hearts of men, and we can even assert that this is true of the living God.

The most endearing people on the planet are honest because they are always fully understood by their families and society. A dishonest man will still experience problems and criticism from the community. In this case, an honest person's good character is more valuable than other priceless items like gold or silver.

However, we cannot achieve simplicity and other kinds of goodness in life without forming an addiction to Honesty. We can say that while morality can exist without simplicity, Honesty can never exist without simplicity.

Without integrity, we continue to exist in two worlds: the real reality and the one we have constructed as an alternative. When people follow the adage "honesty is the best policy" in all aspects of their lives (personal, professional, occupational, and interpersonal), they typically have a similar experience.

The Definition of 'Honesty is the Best Policy.'

Honesty is the Best Policy Essay

According to the saying, "Honesty is the best policy," a quality like Honesty has the power to root out corruption and tackle a wide range of social issues. Humans may find it difficult and uncomfortable to practice Honesty at first, but over time, it becomes easier and more comfortable. Characters who experience it feel relaxed and unburdened.

10 Lines on Honesty is the Best Policy

  • One must be honest to attract excellent, dependable, and good companions.
  • Being trustworthy allows one to gain much respect from others; who will always value those people?
  • It gives people courage and strength and encourages them to believe in themselves.
  • People rarely get sick, worn out, gloomy, depressed, anxious, or experience other mental health issues. Instead, they develop a sense of well-being.
  • Compared to a cheater, honest people live happier, more comfortable lives.
  • It keeps us out of danger and is necessary for a calm life.
  • We can gain trust quickly via Honesty.
  • Only by choosing the honest route can one find success in life.
  • Honesty enables a person to avoid corruption and immoral behavior.
  • An honest person always has positive thoughts and a tranquil recollection.

Honesty to Eliminate Corruption

It is not a secret that corruption erodes the basic foundation of governance and paralyzes society. Society begins to crumble, and discomfort, anguish, and despair begin to spread. Although several tools are employed to curb corruption activities, they remain short off to bring out effective change. In developing and poor countries, people have generalized and legitimized corruption. These nations focus more on legal and administrative ways to control corruption. Mere criminalizing corruption does not solve the problem.

Corruption is deeply associated with the behavioral pattern of people, and they are given some importance in society. It has not been stigmatized, and neither is strongly condemned nor protested against corruption by the people at large. People need to be taught feelings of Honesty right from childhood. It should be deeply ingrained into our education system, and efforts should be made to stigmatize corruption from the beginning.

The ill-effect associated with being dishonest must be highlighted, discussed, and condemned in society at all ages. Honesty is a tool that can be used effectively to fight the menace of corruption and bring out positive transformation in society. It has been seen that honest people are the most suitable candidate for any job. Employers stress more an honest personality. Have you ever given thought to this aspect? It is because no employer wants to hire dishonest people, as it would bring trust and defame the organization through its corrupt activities. Dishonest people would bring inefficiency and degrowth to the organization. Honest people are always in demand because they are trustworthy, efficient, and effective in their approach.

Honesty promotes transparency and accountability. These are excellent and practical tools to curb corruption. Transparency brings openness to the exercise, and holding accountability to an individual or organization for his action makes him sensitive and serious toward the work. Organizations, Individuals are expected to work transparently, and accountability should fix in case of lapse and dereliction of duty.

Honesty strengthens the institution, makes employees working in the organization professional, and insulates them from outside influence. A robust organization system is mandated to curb the menace of corruption. Laws should be enacted to protect the honest person (whistleblower) who wants to disclose corrupt practices in the organization. These people become vulnerable to attacks, and organizations may try to shut their mouths by coercion, lure, or any other way.


Since a character with a proper personality has nothing to hide from anyone, good character, belief, and morality in life serve to create Honesty. Since Honesty is the foundation of all achievement, we should try to live honestly.

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