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Online Shopping Essay

Everyone likes to do shopping; we wait for a big festivals like Diwali, Eid, and many more so that we can go for shopping with family, friends, and loved ones. Nowadays, shopping is very easy because, today, there are many options available for us for shopping, from offline stores to online shopping platforms. There was a time when people had to travel a lot of distance to do any shopping, but today time is changed, and we can do shopping without going outside with the help of many online shopping platforms. Today in this article, we will cover the essay on online shopping.

Online Shopping Essay

What is Online Shopping?

There was a time when we wanted to buy something then we had to go to the nearest shop for doing any shopping, the nearest shop may be more than 10 km distance from your house, but you have to go to physically that shop and buy the item you want to buy and then return to your house with the item you bought but today time is changed today we can order or buy any item without going to nearest shop with the help various online shopping application. So ordering or buying something from any online shopping application like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, and many more without going to shop physically is online shopping.

Advantages of Online Shopping

Online shopping is part of today's life. There are many advantages of online shopping. Let's discuss them one by one.

1. Larger Collection of the Item Compared to Offline Shopping

Online shopping is the platform where you find many collections of many items, which is impossible to get in offline shopping. In offline shopping, if you want to buy the same item of many pieces, then it is very difficult to find, but in online shopping, you can easily get the more collection of the same items without getting tired, which is not possible in offline shopping. That's why if you want to buy more and more collections of the same item, prefer online, and it will be best for you.

2. Variety of Options Available

Suppose that you are living in a smaller city or village and you want to buy something that is rarely found in your nearest market, then you have no other option but to go to bigger cities that are nearest to your location.

It is possible to get the item that you want to buy from the bigger cities because there are more shops are available and due to this, there are many varieties also available. Then what about the people who live in smaller villages? Should they go to the nearest city market every time when they want to do shopping? This is another best advantage of online shopping that on one platform, there are plenty of options available for the customer. The buyers should not go from one shop to another for variety; at online shopping stores, you find many varieties in one place, which is not possible in offline shopping to get at one place.

3. No Need to Go Shop to Shop

The another main advantage of online shopping is that you do not need to go from one shop to another to buy various items. Suppose you go for shopping and you want to buy some clothes, electronic gadgets, shoes, etc. then it will be very hard to find at one shop, or if available then the quality or quantity must not be good, but on a shopping platform like Flipkart, Amazon, and many more you find each and every product at one place, and for buying any products from this platform you do not have to take tension more; just select the item you want to buy and order it, and your items will be at your address within seven days.

4. Economical as Compared to Offline Shopping

It has been seen many times that if there are minimal shops of any products in your area, then they sell any products or goods at very high prices, and you have no other options apart from buying from them, but through online shopping, you are free to compare the price of the product from one shopping platform to another without being tensed. So in this way, you can save a lot of your money, and it is all so seen many times that there is very much difference in a price of a product from offline shopping to online shopping. Apart from this, you can also save more money by paying the product price online through various credit cards.

5. No Need to Bargaining

When we go for shopping in the market, we all do the bargaining, but sometimes it does not work, and we have to buy the product at a price set by the shopper. Apart from this, many brands never allow doing bargaining; you have to buy the product at the same price that is set by the brand's owner. This all is a big problem in offline shopping, but in online shopping, there is no need to bargain with anyone; there is already some discount provided by the shoppers or shopping platform on various items, and also you can buy many branded clothes at a very minimal price as compared offline shopping. This is another biggest advantage of online shopping.

The Disadvantage of Online Shopping

There are many advantages of online shopping, but there is also some disadvantage of it; let's see some of the disadvantages of online shopping.

1. Duplicate Products

This is a very common drawback of online shopping. It is seen many times in online shopping that we order some products from an online platform, and we get some different products in real. Suppose a person orders something from an online shopping application or website, but in reality, that person receives something different from the products that the person order. Sometimes it is also seen that the sellers also send duplicates of the original products to the customer.

2. Sometime Received Broken Products in Online Shopping

In offline shopping we personally visit the shop and buy something, and during buying something, we also check whether that product is in good condition or not, but in online shopping, we buy any products without visiting any shop, and in this, we are also not able to see the condition of the products, and due to this it is seen many times in online shopping that the many times' shoppers send many broken products, torn clothes, expiry products and many more to the consumer. Due to this, some people suffer many more; if the payment is in online mode, then it also takes 7 to 10 days to receive your money back. This type of problem is not in offline shopping.

3. Online Shopping Affects Offline Shopkeepers

There are many disadvantages of online shopping, but one of the main drawbacks of online shopping is due to this the income of many small shopkeepers effects. It is seen many times in online shopping that there is always some discount on any products; due to this, many people prefer online shopping in comparison to offline shopping, and due to this, many shopkeepers are not able to compete with online shoppers, and due this many small shopkeepers had to shift their business to another business.

The biggest impact of online shopping is on any offline area; then it is in the field of electronics, mobile, and TV shops. Online shopping completely overtakes this area. In online shopping, compared to offline, there are always some discounts on various electronic items, and due to this, any person prefers to buy any electronic item from online; and because of this, the person who has a small electronics shop does not make a profit, and are in loss.

4. Online Shopping is Not for Urgent Requirements

Online shopping is best when you want to use any product for the future, not in urgent because if you want to buy something online and also have to use the same products on the same day, then it is not possible, because it takes a minimum of one day to deliver your products, and if you have urgent requirements of products then you not able to use it. So it is better to buy those items from the nearest shop whose requirements is urgent for you. So this is also one of the disadvantages of online shopping that it not deliver your products same day. Another main disadvantage of online shopping is that you have to wait a minimum of one day to receive your products, but if you are living in a village area that is far from a popular city, then it also takes more than 7 days to receive the products.

Online Shopping Platform

Online Shopping Essay

Today if we can buy anything online, then it is possible due to some online shopping platform. Where every type of product is available in one place, and as per requirements, we buy from those platforms. Today there are many online shopping platform applications or websites available where we can buy anything from one place, and also, there are some shopping platforms who's only deal in specific areas. So let's. See some of the best or trending online shopping platforms from where; you can buy any products online.

1. Amazon

Amazon is one of the most popular online shopping platforms all over the world; millions of people prefer this Platform for buying any products online. On this Platform, you can buy anything from clothes to utensils, electronic devices to furniture, and many more that come to your mind. From time to time, Amazon provides sales to the customer, and if you are a prime member of Amazon, then the sales start for you 24 hours before then normal customers. It takes a minimum of one day or a maximum of 10 days to get your products via Amazon if you order something, and it totally depends on where you live. So if you want to buy any product online, then Amazon will be the best option for you.

2. Flipkart

Flipkart is another famous online shopping platform, which is used by millions of users every day for orders any products online. This is an Indian E-commerce company, and the headquarters of this company is in Bengaluru. Today every type of product is available on this Platform, for example, home essentials, fashion, electronics, groceries, lifestyle products, and many more; during the initial phase, this company only focused on selling books online, but today every type of products is available on this Platform. Like Amazon, Flipkart also launches many types of sales every year to attract customers, and Flipkart also gives you some coins for every shopping that you use in purchasing any products online. So if you want to buy something from Flipkart, then you will not be disappointed.

3. Myntra

Myntra is another famous application or Platform which is used for online shopping. There are many shopping platforms used for buying clothes, but myntra is preferred by millions of people to buy clothes online. The headquarters of myntra is in Bengaluru, which is in the Indian state of Karnataka. In myntra, you can buy every type of clothes, and also every type of shoe, beauty product, and many other types of products is also available on Myntra. On Myntra buying any products and also if you want to cancel the products is very easy, and your money is also refunded to your bank account if payment of your products has already happened. In 2007 this company was founded by Mukesh Bansal, Vineet Saxena, and Ashutosh Lawania; in starting year, this company is only dealing in gifts, but after some years, many more products started selling on this Platform, and today's parent organization of this company is Flipkart.

4. Meesho

Among online users, Meesho is another famous shopping platform. In the year 2015, this shopping platform was launched for the first time, and it was founded by Sanjeev Barnwal and Vidit Atre. The headquarter of this famous shopping platform is in Bengaluru. If you are looking for the best products at a very less price, then this Platform is perfect for you; here, you find every type of western wear product. In recent years the popularity of Meesho increased so much, and it also gained the support of customer day by day because of providing the best products at a cheap rate. So if you also want to buy any products from this shopping platform, then go for it.


Today in this article, we discussed the essay on online shopping. Due to technology, everything is changed; everything is digitalized from transferring money online to buying anything things online. Online shopping is the need of today's world; today, almost everyone does online shopping because they find it better than offline shopping. Also, online shopping allows us to get our products without going to market. Everything has some advantages and disadvantages in the same way online shopping also has some drawbacks, but online shopping is the need of the future, and it helps us in many ways.

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