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Knowledge is Power Essay

Knowledge is not something someone can earn by reading a few books and will help for any task or get a job. Knowledge is a weapon that can make you one of the best in millions. You must earn with the hard work of years or your entire life. Also, the more you share, the more you get.

Knowing anything relies on knowing its facts, information, explanation, and abilities. Man is unique from other species in the cosmos because Knowledge is the core of his power. Despite this, man is smaller and weaker than many animals since he cannot see much distance like an eagle or carry as much weight and power as an elephant. Still, He is the strongest creature on earth. He essentially acquires this power through information rather than physical prowess. "Knowledge is power" refers to a man's ability to manage all aspects of his life through the use of knowledge.

Knowledge is Power Essay

What is Knowledge?

Knowledge, which can be acquired by practice or research, is the condition of consciousness, understanding, and learning of particular facts about something. This indicates that a person is equipped to articulate his ideas compellingly and to choose wisely in light of his experiences, understanding, and knowledge. There are three types of knowledge.

Explicit knowledge

The kind of Knowledge which can be easily earned through any documents, information, books, and other kinds of stored details that can be accessed easily. For example, books, the internet, etc.

Implicit Knowledge

When we practically use Explicit Knowledge in real life it is called Implicit Knowledge. For example, cooking or swimming, etc.

Tacit Knowledge

The Kind of knowledge we learn during our life experiences and the practical world is known as Tacit Knowledge. For example, Body Language, way of talking, etc.

Difference between Knowledge and Education

Knowledge can both generate and extinguish life on earth, making it the most potent formidable weapon in existence. Additionally, knowledge is the one of the major factor that distinguish between animals and social animal i.e. humans. Knowing how to apply your expertise to benefit others is also a kind of knowledge.

Whereas Education is a weapon that can change how people think, it is needed to earn knowledge to get a job and even for daily use.

Education is just the first stage of Knowledge; it is a need but not as powerful as Knowledge. Education is what we get from our classrooms, universities, or any other educational institution, whereas knowledge can be acquired throughout a lifetime. Knowledge can be acquired in so many ways, including learning, watching, understanding, practicing, and many others. Knowledge does not follow any age or gender barriers

People usually confuse knowledge with Education, but they need to understand that you can not earn knowledge within a few days; you have to make Knowledge for your whole life. Even the oldest and most experienced person on the earth is earning knowledge every day till he is alive. You don't need a specific method to acquire knowledge; it has a technique for reaching everyone. Some encourage others to learn, while others prefer to talk.

A person often gains knowledge from their own experiences. There is no set age restriction for learning anything new; we can continue to study until we are fully knowledgeable. We learn things to gain information from them, not to inflate our egos and appear more intelligent than the others.

Origin of the Phrase

Knowledge is power is taken from the famous Latin phrase "Scientia potentia est", which Sir Francis Bacon gave and believed it or not, but he was a genius who guessed it right.

Nevertheless, Bacon's assistant Thomas Hobbes is credited with coining the precise phrase "Scientia potentia est" for the first time. Hobbes used the Latin phrase "Scientia potentia est," which roughly translates to "knowledge is power," in his 1668 edition of the Leviathan. Knowledge is the only way to obtain wisdom.

What is The Meaning of Knowledge as Power?

This phrase can simply be understood as the real power a person possesses is the knowledge he has attained. Strong in the sense that it can help you resolve obstacles and can turn your career to make you succeed. No one else could assist you in the same manner as your expertise. You base your future decisions on your knowledge as you gradually advance. In whichever sector you work in, knowledge allows you to succeed and generate income.

Power does not necessarily follow knowledge. Knowledge is not what makes a man strong. When a guy uses his expertise to move his life in the correct direction, it is said that he is powerful. A man gains power when he has the potential to use his knowledge to move or function better.

What Are The Ways to Earn Knowledge?

Knowledge is Power Essay

There are various ways to learn, and it is not easy to describe them all, but we still tried to mention a few significant ones.

1. Education or Study

Education is always the primary step to earning knowledge; it strengthens an individual. It teaches a person how to behave and also many new talents.

It also teaches a person how to use their potential and helps in making more money as well as social help.

2. Data or Information

In the current world, books or syllabi aren't the only way to acquire knowledge. There are various ways to get information and details about something you want to learn and increase your knowledge. These days social media is also an excellent way to know things with just a click. Also, newspapers, TV, and the internet helps you in getting much data regarding any skill which you want to master. As much time you'll give to learn from these sources of Information (which are modified as well), you learn more.

3. Life experiences

One of the best teachers in the universe is life itself. This is why the best way to learn and earn much knowledge is by experiencing life, as everyone has a different life experience.

Life is a journey full of ups and downs and this is why we all experience struggles many times and learn how to face them. If you read the autobiographies of various successful and knowledgeable people, you'll find that they are the ones who struggle most in the world. Every pain and problem makes you much more robust and more knowledgeable in life, and thus, one of the best ways to learn is by learning through the help of energy.

4. Enhancement of skills

You can't be known only by learning through skills; you need to enhance your every skill, and how much you learn makes you better and more knowledgeable.

Importance of Knowledge

There aren't many people that properly know the worth of Knowledge. While not all educated people are knowledgeable as well, not every Knowledgeable person needs to be educated. Although it may sound strange, this is a correct fact. In the modern world, most people are educated, but they lack understanding of the subject they have learned.

In addition, knowing makes it easier for you to do things like ride a bike, operate a vehicle, and solve puzzles. We can avoid repeating mistakes when we know. You cannot purchase it; instead, you must obtain it.

Benefits of Knowledge

The further you spread knowledge, the faster it grows. It safeguards your knowledge, which becomes your intangible asset. Similar to how we use our skills to construct things, humans have done so over the years. It assists us in bringing our concepts to life and in achieving the accomplishments we want in life.

  • Knowledge helps us to distinguish between good and wrong.
  • It aids us in overcoming our flaws, vulnerabilities, and risky situations in life.
  • A knowledgeable person with information is ethically and emotionally healthier than those with money but no education.
  • Knowledge is a crucial tool for bringing about necessary changes in a culture or nation.
  • We can see our tomorrow and also what we can accomplish with it thanks to knowledge.
  • Thinking skills are improved by knowledge. Being able to create an opinion or establish a path of thought requires knowledge.
  • A human's knowledge gives him the ability to assess events and make claims.
  • We can improve our behavior and interpersonal interactions by being more knowledgeable.
  • It is the solution to dispelling ignorance's gloom.
  • Knowledge contributes to giving people more possibilities for successful jobs.
  • People's confidence is increased by knowledge.
  • Together, knowledge and education can improve the nation's government.
  • A man may handle challenges and maintain balance with the help of knowledge.

The effect of knowledge is that every nation around the globe uses tools, machines, and numerous other objects that are technologically advanced. A country becomes great not through bombs and weapons but education.

A nation's capacity to grow and develop is independent of its arsenal of weapons.

Prospective of Knowledge

The power of knowledge is such that it has the potential to destroy the entire planet, but it is also a tool that has the potential to bring about a return to equilibrium. The person with the most information is the wealthiest individual in the world since no one can take it from them. However, anyone can acquire power and wealth at any time effortlessly.

Additionally, it only gets stronger over time and never gets weaker when used. Accordingly, a knowing person is more significant than a wealthy person since a rich person can provide money to the country. In contrast, a knowledgeable source can donate knowledge, boosting the country's riches.

Why is knowledge dangerous?

It is risky because people with less information often express their opinions on anything and everything even when they do not fully understand it. Secondly, misinformation is a time capsule whose explosion risks everyone nearby. There is a very small possibility that you will achieve your aims quickly if you are preventing yourself from studying more or are not prepared to learn something new. If you are receptive to new experiences, you will have a wide variety of options at your disposal and will rapidly achieve success.

Critics are a good source to earn more knowledge.

One crucial thing is to respect those who call your errors and issues out. These individuals are not your opponents; rather, they are there to help you get better the next morning. Irrespective of how you choose to communicate, never fail to rise above barriers and shine even greater the next moment. These individuals who highlight your errors might have a different strategy or some fresh ideas to provide; consider them and be prepared to put them; this will help you improve as you gain more and more. To improve yourself and assist others in enhancing themselves, it is important to talk and discover new things.

Share what you learn.

Never be selfish or egotistical in your desire to acquire as much knowledge as possible at the expense of others; giving is compassion. Spreading knowledge would never leave you poor; on the contrary, it will enhance your intelligence. Since learning is a continuous process, don't set any limitations for yourself. A person with multiple ways to respond to a question will live better than someone who only complies with one rule.

Never criticise someone for doing something incorrectly if they decide to do it differently; at the very least, they are learning something different, which may result in something more significant. You may have a particular manner of approaching difficulties, whereas your companion might possess a different method. If you are sharing your knowledge, it constantly comes back as a good deed because doing so will increase your selflessness, interaction, and openness to all people. The world will get smarter and people will act nicely around one another as a result of your sharing of knowledge. Some people's lifestyles may improve as a result, and eventually, the earth will be more peaceful. Keep Sharing your knowledge.


In the end, the only thing which concludes is that Knowledge is power as it works as a weapon and can change the world. Knowledge works as a pillar in life; it can make changes and make you far better than others also; the only way to change a nation and make it better is only by increasing its Knowledge and Power of it. People with certain social authority over others without knowledge have an advantage over those without it. Power and wisdom go so well together constantly and can be used to overcome a variety of challenges in life. We might say that power ultimately offers you knowledge, and knowledge brings benefits and much power back to you.

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