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Rainy Day Essay

Rainy days are just not like other days. Not any day of any season holds the importance as a rainy day, and the extent varies significantly from person to person, making it a lot more exciting and versatile season. Different people got different reasons to wait for the season as rain brings with it what is called relief. It does not matter what the weather is; a rainy day never fails to comfort our souls and lift our spirits. That experience is not confined to a particular age group but involves almost every age group as everyone enjoys the rain equally. These rains make the rain all the more critical.

Rainy Day Essay

Rainy Day and its Importance

As mentioned earlier, a rainy day is the kind of experience that is ensured by almost every age group. Although, it should not be ignored that the kids have their hearts most filled with excitement from the mention of rain. Rainy days obviously bring with them beautiful weather, and the mood automatically shifts to happy and calm. Rain also works as an excuse to play in the mud, jump in the puddles, making paper boats. And as paper boats are already mentioned, paper boats are probably the most important and beautiful experience anyone has as a child, and the credit for it goes to the rain, of course.

Rainy Day Essay

Similarly, if we talk about school students, a rainy day signifies a break from school. And as kids, who doesn't want a break from school? Rainy days provide the kids with a break from their monotonous schedule as the notice appears from the school itself that the classes are cancelled due to heavy rain, and only a kid knows what excitement that message holds. Sometimes it happens that the students don't get the message and go to school, getting wet in the way and reaching their daily destination, only to realise that they don't have classes today. This is also experienced by most of us.

If we look at rainy days from the lenses of a common man, we see how a day full of water flowing down the clouds gives them great relief from the summer days and gives them an excuse to pause their daily routine. Days like this give a chance to the common man to rejuvenate amidst his stressful life, and it has helped a lot the common man, so worked up by the responsibilities of his family and other things, fails to take a moment for himself and enjoy his life. It is good to know that rain gives them such a chance.

The social group to which rainy days are believed to hold utmost importance is the group of farmers. Their joy and happiness at the mention of rain cannot be missed. The rainy season is the season that farmers look forward to, and their happiness or sadness is based on the rainy season. Rain is essential for crop production, and it provides farmers with the adequate amount of water they need for their crops and eventually provides the common people with food.

Rainy Day Essay

Rain always brings colours with it as it washes off the dust from the environment and makes the surroundings beautiful and pleasing. The view after the rain or even in the rain is a treat to the eyes. A rainy day not only brings with it the joy of witnessing the beauty of nature but also the inconvenience of not being able to go out of home without getting ourselves muddy and wet.

A Rainy day is probably the best thing one can have when the killing summer is giving us trouble performing daily tasks. This might as well be considered one of the greatest advantages of a rainy day. A rainy day has its after effect as well, which is the cool breezes and soothing atmosphere. Along with that, it washes off pollutants from the air as well, which is the reason why air after heavy rain seems fresh and clean.

Rain offers benefit not just to the farmers, locals, and children but also to the other forms of life. A day which includes heavy rainfall helps the wild plants and trees as it fulfils their water demands. Rain increases the water level in water bodies, helping the aquatic life. Other forms of life, such as microorganisms, also flourish in the rain.

Also, it is not unnoticed how the frogs come out after a rainy day like the rain has acted as an invitation to them to finally come out and hop around the land, enjoying their time in open areas. The sounds of frogs trilling after a rainy day can be heard almost everywhere. Rainy day offers new breaths to many forms of life apart from humans.

Rainy day can be called aid to nature as it works as a kind of booster to nature's health and well-being. Rain has access to almost everything that is a part of mother earth, whether it holds life in it or not. It fills the water reserves of nature so that it can be used by all life forms, including humans. The creatures like animals and birds, which are totally dependent on rain for their requirements of water, are taken care of as their needs are met by the rainwater in the water reserves.

Rainy Day Essay

Rainy days have their own importance in the field of food as well. We often hear people telling each other the adequate food item that they want to have on a particular day or a particular occasion. The same is the case with rainy days as well. Many people in India connect rain with mainly three food items, i.e., corn, tea and spicy snacks like pakora. These food items act as a chef's kiss to the perfect weather that the rainy day brings.

Things People Dislike about a Rainy Day

A day that includes a good rainstorm is a very helpful day as the rain is responsible for the nourishment of plants, filling natural water reserves and delivering the perfect environment we need to sit near the window with a cup of coffee and our favourite book. But, just as anything excess is harmful to us, so is the rain. Too much rain can lead to a number of problems, and many of them can leave an impact that can stay long after the rain has stopped. Excess rain can have negative effects on the environment, economy and wildlife. Here are some reasons that make people dislike rain:

1. Flood

Rain has the capability of forming a huge sea of water from a small stream in a span of minutes which makes a rainy day dangerous in a lot of ways. A day full of heavy rain can lead to flash floods. Three consecutive days with non-stop heavy rainfall can cause lakes and rivers to overflow, raising the water level, and the water can spill onto land, damaging livelihood. The water coming out from the rivers can cause serious problems to homes, automobiles, and shops as well.

If we talk about the most advanced of technologies, then they also fail a number of times, and this signifies the power that nature holds and how much say humans have in it. Even in the United States, which possesses and maintains a number of flood warning machines which are considered to be the most advanced, floods are responsible for the untimely death of 140 citizens every year, in addition to the damage of over 6 billion USD. This data gives us an idea of the damage rain can cause, and if the most developed countries face this many problems, the effect of it on lesser developed countries maybe even worse than this.

2. Dangerous Roads

Rainy Day Essay

Rain causes roads to become very slippery, which leads to dangerous road accidents. A study has stated that one-fourth of all car accidents happen during bad weather, and most of them occur when the road is slippery, with not even snow or ice but water. A rainy day can cause a lot of problems for the drivers who have to drive daily. Science Daily states that most drivers do not modify their driving skills enough to control their vehicle on wet roads and thus face problems during the rainy season. Slippery roads come out as a major problem that comes in hand with all the perks of a rainy day.

3. Soil Erosion

Soil erosion is a very common problem that is faced in today's time. It leads to deforestation and more sedimentation in streams and rivers, causing issues for aquatic life. When a rainstorm comes, it loses the soil layers. If it rains continuously, the soil is not able to hold more water resulting in the washing off of the uppermost layer of soil. The rainwater carrying the loose soil layer also carries with it the fertilisers and other pollutants, which are mixed with the soil and mixes it up with the larger water bodies. This results in the decline of the quality of drinking water and harm to the sea animals. Soil, when carried into rivers, might also result in the drying out or spilling of the streams and rivers above their regular water level. Even when eroded soil does not reach the stream, it might spread on roads and pavements, making the surroundings dirty.

4. Wildlife

Excess of anything results in consequences, be it rain also. Although rain plays a vital role in helping the wildlife, excess of it can also lead to the degradation of wildlife. A lot of rain might wash out insect families and prevent butterflies from finding partners and hinder their mating process. Rain, as it affects the population of insects, also declines the population of other creatures that feed on them.

5. Agriculture and Vegetation

Rain is the main source of nourishment for the crops, and farmers depend on rain for the proper growth of their crops. But too much rain can also be a bane for the crops as it can harm the crops as well. A rainy day that involves a very strong rainstorm can also flood the fields. This flood might result in washing off of the top layer of soil, also called humus. Humus is the most fertile layer of soil, and its removal affects the crop a lot. Also, a flood might result in the washing away of the seeds that are sowed by the farmers, which leads to loss of money and labour. Along with this, too much moisture in the weather encouraged by rain leads to the growth of fungus and bacteria, which can harm the soil to the next level. A regular rainy day might not hurt a lot, but an unusual and irregular amount of rain has a negative impact not only on the yield of crops but also on the quality and taste of the vegetables.

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