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Freedom Essay

The best road to progress is freedom's road. - John F. Kennedy

Freedom is a fundamental human right that humans have from the moment they're born in this world. Freedom isn't anything that is felt, touched, seen, or achieved. This gives us a general notion of freedom. What exactly is freedom? Different people have their own opinions on the definition, meaning, and beliefs of the concept of freedom. Certain people talk about freedom in a political sense, while others talk about social freedom, some are concerned with personal freedom, and some define it as freedom of religion. However, the fact that everyone would like to be free is the same in all instances.

Freedom Essay

Freedom is the choice to live one's life according to their own wishes. They should be able to live where they want, eat what they want, and do what their heart desires- the only condition that implies that it shouldn't obstruct the freedom of others. This implies that freedom could be applied to various aspects of life and take different meanings in different contexts, and freedom is not an absolute term.

Freedom is the right to respect and not live freely. Every society defines freedom in its own ways. Different cultures have differing views of liberty, and consequently, people from diverse cultures experience freedom in ways they consider appropriate. Being free does not mean we do not respect others' rights. We should live according to our own way of life, but we must consider the rights and opinions of others around us when enjoying our freedom.

Freedom Has Its Limitations

A free person is not apprehensive when expressing opinions and can ensure that the feelings of others are not harmed. Societies that encourage the freedom of thought, opinions, beliefs, expression, choices, etc., are the ones where imaginative minds thrive. Freedom is also about recognising the beautiful aesthetics of the natural world surrounding us. Someone who is anxious and stressed cannot be relaxed in mind and, therefore, cannot appreciate the beauty of a gorgeous moonlit sky or the soothing sounds of the birds chirping in the evening.

Therefore, freedom is actually a state of mind. It means that your mind has no stress, pressure, or any sort of compulsion. The sensation of social approval, of being appreciated, and of being secure is not freedom. Our hopes and dreams of being a person are absurd and don't imply freedom. Preaching or learning doesn't make us free. Aspiring to be like an ideal person or following the example of a master isn't an indication of freedom for oneself. Freedom is the state of being free from any kind of political, social, or religious pressure.

Freedom doesn't have a specific definition. While some see it as an opportunity to freely express and communicate thoughts, others take the opinion that it's about the freedom to do what you like regardless of the effect on others. For prisoners, being free of prison is freedom. However, from a social point of view, freedom is something that an individual can exercise as long as they adhere to social customs and the law of the nation. There is no way to guarantee complete freedom to all social creatures. It's because it's going to be a total mess in the event that we fail to comprehend the things that everyone in society is looking to accomplish.

Therefore, freedom isn't an absolute right, but it also has limitations. Any freedom that could pose a threat to society or the country we live in isn't freedom in an actual sense. It is not possible to kill anyone or violate laws, smuggle drugs, or cause harm to society and claim to be free. A well-known saying states: "Your freedom ends where mine begins". We all have different thoughts and opinions about freedom.

Freedom is the right not to be denied basic rights as human beings. Some freedoms are particular to the age range of which we are a part. Children are free to be loved and cared for by parents and other members of the family and enjoy playing. This nurturing could be the notion of freedom for children. Living in a non-criminal society with a secure environment may provide a sense of security to an older child. This could be the notion of freedom for him/her.

Similarly, for a teenager, freedom could be about spending time with friends and participating in activities with others. Certain teens might want to participate in social services and contribute freely to help the underprivileged or vulnerable. This could mean freedom for them. People who are older may want the security of their health and lifestyle and spend time with their grandchildren, participate in social and religious activities and consider it to be their right to freedom. So, freedom is about faith more than a concept. The loss of freedom is an infliction on human beings.


Freedom Essay

It has been ascertained that freedom means different things to different people. Its meaning can vary with differing cultures, religions, countries, cities, and even unique circumstances. Its notion may change over the period of time when a particular standard of freedom that was aspired has been attained. Although everyone may see it differently, one idea that remains common is that it shouldn't interfere with the freedom of others. When practiced in one's own sphere, freedom can bring abundant joy to people and peace to the whole world. Each person has the right to freedom, and not ensuring this right is the worst kind of slavery on this Earth!

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