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Essay On Friendship

Friendship is an expression of love, respect, caring, and trust. True friendships are quite difficult to find in this day and age; if you do, consider yourself extremely fortunate and do not sever the ties that bind you.

In the course of a lifetime, a person gets to know many people. Whatever the case, our closest friends become our companions. Even if you may have a large group of friends with you at school or college, you know that you can only trust a selected group of people with whom you have a true friendship. A truly priceless jewel is a Best Friend. Only those who are able to understand the significance of this term can fully appreciate its great relevance. Its sacred nature calls for great care as it is treasured and developed over a lengthy period of time.

Essay On Friendship

Friendship is a force of intense affection and admiration that unites two people who are usually not related by blood. The priceless possession of a man is what makes life sweet. It is a gift that a few of us have received. In terms of the reality that a true friend is a true fortune, a friend is a blessing from God.

Being a sociable animal, man naturally seeks out the friendship of others. In the course of our journey through life, we encounter countless people, but we don't become friends with all of them. This is due to the fact that a shared appreciation of the psyche, tastes, personality, and interests between two people is the fundamental state of companionship. We make friends with the pair whose partiality we notice, and they carve out a permanent place in our hearts.

A person's physical and emotional health depends on their ability to make and keep friends. Friendships are built on the foundations of trust, honesty, and loyalty. Someone you can depend on no matter what happens in your life is a true friend. They constantly support you whenever something goes wrong with you; they are always there for you. Friends are your soul mates who support you always, make excellent recommendations, pay attention to your concerns, and most importantly, never speak negatively about you in public.

Essay On Friendship

If you have a true buddy, they will support you in your success rather than stand in the corner and look on with envy. If you tell this individual everything, including your secrets and weaknesses, they will preserve it to themselve. Since mutual trust is a key component of friendship, the loyalty of a genuine friend is beyond comprehension. The positive deeds we have committed throughout our lives result in a wonderful companion.

When you need them, they will always be there for you. They make you laugh, forget your sadness, and cheer you up when you're down. Despite the fact that you may have kept a sizable group of friends over your time in high school and college, you are aware that only a select group of people truly qualify as friends.

We make two different kinds of friends-good friends and true friends, sometimes known as best friends-and it goes without saying that they are of different qualities. The people who have the closest bonds of love, caring, and affection is said to be best friends. Our lives become much more enjoyable, meaningful, beautiful, and full of happiness when we have true friends.

The foundation of a true friendship is a relationship that is devoid of any form of criticism. True friendships allow people to be completely themselves without worrying about others' opinions or their own. This is a characteristic of friendship, which gives you a sense of love and acceptance. Everyone yearns for the freedom that comes with true friendship.

In order to be resilient in life, we need true friendship since it offers us hope, motivation, and strength. The best gift we could possibly have is a warm, supportive family. Friendship is also crucial if you want to understand the world properly. In order to be truly happy, true friendship is also required. There are certain people in the world who don't even have families but have pals that are just as important as any family. Friendship is an essential aspect of life since it is the only kind of friendship that can teach us so much about it. We may not be able to find companionship anyplace else, but we may gain a lot from it, including important life lessons. The nicest part is when you discover how to love someone who is not a member of your family. When you're with your pals, you realise how to be yourself.

When circumstances are tough, true friendship never leaves you alone. They do instruct us on how to appreciate others and have faith in them. Your friends will always encourage, support, and motivate you. They will show you the way to follow in life and prevent you from doing any errors. In the same vein, friendship imparts valuable lessons about loyalty. Friends provide us with loyalty and assist us to develop our reliability. A devoted friend is truly a wonderful gift that we have been given. We become stronger through friendship. It puts us through hardships while also fostering our development. Like when we argue with our friends, we normally put our differences aside and get back together. This is what solidifies our connection, strengthens us as a couple, and teaches us patience.

Our closest friends support us in overcoming challenges and difficult times. They make an effort to protect us from any danger or bad luck in life. We get timely advice from them. True friends are among the nicest things we can have in life; they comfort us when we are hurting, share our joy when we succeed, and celebrate with us when we do well. History has a lot to teach us. True friendships are close by as examples. We have a well-known historical incident that exemplifies the company's worth.

The friendship between Krishna and Sudama is the most significant of all. Krishna and Sudama share a connection that transcends caste, creed, and socioeconomic class, displaying a thriving kinship that knows no bounds. Although there was a significant socioeconomic gap in society at the time, it is believed that both were the closest friends. According to legend, Sudama once travelled all the way to Dwarka, bringing a modest gift for Lord Krishna despite being in extreme poverty and being urged to do so by his wife. This act served more as a keepsake to remember their eternal tie. Even though there wasn't enough food for her own children to eat, Sudama's wife packed a small amount of rice for his dear friend. Meet his boyhood friend, and Lord Krishna was ecstatic. He enjoyed the rice and described it as the nicest dish he had ever tasted.

The union between them is said to have been one of the most well-remembered representations of amity, despite the fact that Duryodhan wished to befriend Karna for his own purposes. Duryodhan defied tradition and established Karna as the King of Anga after a conflict between Arjuna and Karna at a time when the realities of caste and discrimination plagued Hastinapur. While skilled, Karna's lack of the proper ancestry made his candidacy pointless in Kripa's eyes. When Karna revealed his caste, Kripa made fun of him. Due to Duryodhana's recognition of this and his appointment of him as the King of Anga, who was seen as Arjuna's equal in that power struggle.

The friendship of Arjuna and Krishna is very well known in Hindu mythology. Their connection, which is usually described as one of "teacher" and "disciple," is renowned for its friend-philosopher-guide premise and the unwavering devotion Arjuna showed to their heavenly partnership. The stories in legends are numerous. The epic story of the Srimad Bhagavad Gita is composed of the verses spoken between them on the battlefield. Their partnership demonstrates to us the importance of friendship and mentoring.

The friendship between Draupadi and Krishna is said to have been based on the eternal 'Sakha' and 'Sakhi' bond. This story of compassion and respect is sometimes cited as the source of Rakshabandhan. When Krishna flung the Sudarshan Chakra at Shishupal, legend has it that he cut his finger. When Draupadi saw this, she took a piece of her sari and put it around Krishna's finger to stop the bleeding. As a result of this kind deed, Krishna made a commitment to look out for Draupadi in the future.

A friend is an important part of your life, whether you realise it or not. Having friends is necessary. At the same time, it's important to make good buddy selections because they have the power to either strengthen or devastate you. However, having a friend by your side is something you may enjoy throughout your entire life; therefore, you should treat them as the greatest treasure you can possess.

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