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Value of Games and Sports Essay

Sports and games are synonymously used in the context of team spirit, enthusiasm, hard work, and passion. When one thinks about sports, one probably thinks of cricket, football, and hockey. However, there are many more sports or games that are played all around the world. Additionally, one might also think of why sports are essential in a person's life. Simply put, sports or games teach us the value of sacrifice, discipline, elegance, liberality, and solidity, preparing us to lead effectively in life. These qualities in athletes give them the ability to behave effectively regardless of the situation or work. A person with such potential can significantly contribute to society and the country he/she belongs to. Playing games is also vital for one's physical fitness and general well-being. It also increases the volume of blood that circulates throughout the body. As a result, it contributes to the greatest possible heart health. Participation in outdoor activities also enhances the body's immunity. It also contributes to maintaining a healthy body fat percentage, and as a result, it improves the look of the physique and the attractiveness of the individual.

Value of Games and Sports Essay

Effect on Individuals

Sports are just as crucial to a person as food, education, and other necessities. Sports are an essential kind of entertainment. Students nowadays are preoccupied with their schoolwork and have many books and things to study. They require a change, which sports may provide. Outdoor sports revitalize pupils and allow them to recoup lost vitality. Games and sports provide mental refreshment, and pupils become more interested in learning.

Sports are also beneficial to one's health. Outdoor sports are more valuable since they allow people to interact with nature and breathe fresh air. People go through a lot of physical activities while playing in the playground, which keeps them physically and intellectually healthy. Play and enjoyment enliven the children, which is important at that age.

Sports can provide an outlet for burning extra fat and weight while keeping kids fit and active. It is essential for a person's health. Sports are the most pleasing way to spend productively, and they prevent people from wandering around or engaging in unwanted bad activities.

Numerous Benefits

There are some additional benefits of playing sports. Great athletes have earned names and recognition for themselves, their institutions, and the country in the public eye.

Sports provide several options to both prospective students and current post holders. They sometimes help obtain good positions in good companies, as athletes are prioritized above others in some professions. Many athletes have chosen the sport as a career. They are paid well and can travel to numerous destinations, places, and countries while appreciating life.

Sports are essential parts of our lives because they assist our bodies in growing physically and mentally. Sports are considered the best exercise since they keep our bodies healthy and energized. A successful person must be both intellectually and physically fit. A physically active person is psychologically healthy and well, and having a healthy mind is always advantageous. On the other hand, an unhealthy person leads a terrible and pathetic lifestyle, and his life sometimes becomes a burden for himself.

Sports and games also foster equality, teamwork, and togetherness. It gives enough zest to remove the rust left by our boring daily life and provide colour to an otherwise bleak existence. All the skills we learn on the playground help us face life's obstacles. Children who read exclusively but do not play games get irritable, lethargic, or fatigued and are even unable to defend themselves. Extreme sports help us grow physically. On the other side, the body maintains a healthy glow and remains active, whereas interior activities also improve our mental state. It is the most pleasurable form of entertainment.

Importance in Our Lives

Value of Games and Sports Essay

In today's demanding schedule, sports are the only kind of entertainment that also helps us improve. It keeps our bodies in shape and healthy, and sports boost our alertness, bone strength, and blood circulation. When we participate in sports and activities, our digestive system performs better. Sports have a tremendous impact on people's lives. Sports should be played with a sense of dignity in mind. The sovereignty of sports should be preserved. There is a need to develop a sports climate in all schools and colleges to entice as many students as possible to participate in the activities.

Playing sports and activities develops our thoughts and improves our capacity to focus. All body parts operate beautifully with this training, making our day joyful. Our bodies become curvy and attractive through sports and activities, overcoming tiredness and providing vitality. As a result, it shields us against disease. We may also argue that sports are essential in forming human personalities. In this way, one can attain self-reliance and success in life.

Literature knowledge is helpful in life, but it is insufficient to form a fantastic personality. Sports and games are necessary to develop a magnificent character, which cannot be attained alone through book reading and research. Nobody can dispute that games are an essential part of our life. There is one saying that "life is a game, and the universe is a vast playground".

Sports teach the value of sacrifice, discipline, elegance, liberality, and solidity, which enables individuals to lead successful lives. These qualities in a guy give him the ability to behave effectively regardless of the situation or work. Citizens with such potential can significantly contribute to society and the country they belong to.

Teamwork in Sports and Games

Some sports need solo effort, while others necessitate teamwork. As a result, sports develop unique collaboration qualities in individuals, which is necessary for fieldwork. A company can only function if its workers work together rather than alone. Therefore, a person must be able to work in a group situation. Only then will you be able to complete your task. Games also instil discipline, teamwork, leadership, judgement, courage, and the will to win. These characteristics also help kids develop their personality qualities, which are essential for becoming brilliant individuals.

Future of Games & Sports

India is the world's second most populous country. In this sense, it is believed that all sports and games in the nation should be organized at a high level. But the truth is somewhat different. Cricket is the most popular sport in the country. To promote all sports and games equally, we must devise a solution. Schools and universities are the ideal places to start athletic activity. It is critical to make athletics mandatory in all schools and institutions to encourage a diverse range of students to engage. It will also make it easier for the country to choose the top teams from the crowd.

Sports like hockey, cricket, tennis, and football are now played worldwide, including in India, which is a great honour for our country India.

Sushil Kumar is the first wrestler to win a gold medal in "The World Wrestling Championships". Female boxer Mary Kom began her career in Manipur State and has received several accolades from the Government of India, including the Padma Shri Arjuna Puraskar Rajiv Gandhi Khel. They were given the honour, and so forth. These are some prominent examples of how sports and games may help create a better future right now. India has also won many medals at the Olympic Games, which are held every four years. In 2012, India earned seven awards by winning four bronze and three silver medals. Since then, Indian athletes have excelled in various international sports, such as the Commonwealth Games and the Asian Games.

Why are we falling behind?

The majority of famous athletes come from Western and other industrialized countries. The reasons are obvious; they engage in games and sports from childhood until elementary school.

India is a fast-developing country, and we can now afford to spend money on sporting activities beginning in primary school, allowing us to boost the country's image in sports. That is only feasible if youngsters are given opportunities from the outset. Sports can be made a mandatory subject, and marks can be added to the final grade, enticing kids to study hard to achieve in sports. This creates an equation for an ever-increasing number of athletes. The government and school administration must guarantee that all schools and institutions have suitable sports facilities, motivating youngsters to participate with more zeal.

Teachers must guarantee that youngsters are allowed to demonstrate actual talent, effortlessness, nobility, and liberality. Students should be encouraged to participate in sports to acquire a competitive advantage. Many Indian athletes have earned national honours in a variety of sports. By setting such examples, every child should be encouraged to strive to achieve a high level of success in athletics.


Many people feel that sports are harmful to children's futures, but this is wrong in today's society. Today, anyone who participates in any activity and possesses great talent can seek a career in that sport. A sluggish, sedentary, inactive population never progresses, which is why physical fitness and sports are essential to the country's growth. Playing or working all day is unhealthy, so a person should at least try to achieve a balanced schedule consisting of hours of deep work and, in between, allow themselves to do some fun activities. There should also be ample time for studying and other activities, as these are just as vital as sports and games. People who engage in sports and activities avoid ailments, making their lives full of pleasure and joy. A person should at least try to do some activity other than work to move towards a physically and mentally healthy lifestyle.

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