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Trees are Our Best Friend Essay

Just look around; what do you see? We see a world full of pollution and construction sites. If we ask people to look around in the early years, they will see a view full of trees and lush greenery. What has happened to that lush greenery view?

An accurate phrase says, 'When you plant a tree, you plant a life.' The greatest gift to the existing life is trees. The way we treat the trees is not acceptable. We forget that we need them for ourselves.

Trees are beneficial, and also we call them our best friends. Like friends, trees help us in numerous ways without expecting anything in return.

Trees are the early residents of the Earth. Even though trees were the first ones to avail the benefits of the Earth, they are the ones to be in the position of getting deteriorated. We, as good humans, fail to understand and analyze the importance of trees in our lives.

How are trees our Best Friends?

Trees are Our Best Friend Essay

Yes, trees are our best friends and companions for a lifetime. They selflessly help us by giving us the oxygen on which we survive. They give us seeds, fruits and food. Just imagine you are strolling around in scorching heat; you are thirsty and want some shade for resting. In this case, you relax under the shadow of massive trees and feel refreshed again. Now, this scenario will soon break; this is because, for our greed and selfish benefits, we are taking down trees.

Trees have medicinal benefits. When antibiotics do not help, tree herbal medicines obtained from trees guarantee work. To add more about our best friends, they also save us from natural disasters. They are home to many animals and birds.

Importance of Trees in our lives

Trees are Our Best Friend Essay

There is a saying when we get things very quickly, we take them for granted. We are living this saying. We get oxygen from trees speedily, taking them for granted. We are giving a boost to deforestation.

Let us discuss the benefits of trees.

  • Oxygen, on which we survive, we get from the trees.
  • We get free shelter every season.
  • We get paper from trees.
  • We get essential oils and herbs from trees.
  • Good quality wood and timber for furniture, we get it from trees.
  • Floral beauty, essence in perfumes etc., is obtained from trees.
  • They are home to many birds and animals.

These are a handful of benefits of trees. Many rural places use wood for cooking, bullock carts and other farming essentials they get from trees. In villages, children love to play with trees. You will see a big swing hanging on the branches of trees. Children merrily sing and swing. You can see a huge sitting arrangement near the roots of trees where farmers and people sit and have a gala time. Trees provide them shelter and fruits after tiring, and they enjoy this time with their pals.

Trees witness new lives emerging and deaths too. Trees are the food of many animals. Many herbivores and tamed animals need trees and small plants as a meal. Trees are helpful in sanctuaries. We can see forest structures in sanctuaries.

We are coming to the weather report. In a place with many trees, that place is pleasant, cool and breezy. Trees help to control the heat and bring coolness to the atmosphere. We use sunscreens to protect our skin. Instead, we should plant trees. Trees are natural bodyguards that protect us from UV light.

More trees will bring environmental balance to our surroundings. It will help the smooth functioning of the water cycle. The water cycle will help in timely rainfall, and weather conditions will be appropriate.

Religious Beliefs and Benefits of Trees

Trees are Our Best Friend Essay

Trees are home to many birds. Tiny birds intricately build their nests on the trees and lay their young ones. The bark of the trees also is home to different kinds of species. Woodpeckers make their home in these barks of trees. If we harm nature and its natural habitat, soon, everything will become extinct. Trees spread peace and cool breeze all over. The rhythmic sound of the tree leaves fills everyone's hearts with joy. One can meditate under a tree and enjoy the ultimate spirituality. Before in times of Buddhas, they used to meditate under trees. Meditating in a peaceful environment helps you discover yourself better.

Coming to religious beliefs, in Hinduism, the Peepal tree is very sacred. It resembles Lord Vishnu according to Hindu mythology, whereas the coconut tree to Goddess Lakshmi and the neem tree to Goddess Durga.

Environmental Benefits

Trees are Our Best Friend Essay

Trees are the weather balancers of our environment. They can control harsh sunlight and give you total rainfall through a smooth water cycle. We have heard the term greenhouse gases and other atmosphere pollution terms. A single forest full of trees can make a massive difference in this atmospheric imbalance. They work in a way that reduces the greenhouse effect and promotes a healthy environment. Trees are bodyguards working for everyone without a salary.

Trees can stop soil erosion and flooding. The soil gets vital nutrients from trees, which helps the ground mature. It takes nothing to plant a tree but gives you a lot in return. It helps to control the carbon dioxide rate in the environment.

Two trees are enough for each person on this planet. Two trees quench the thirst for oxygen of a person every year. There is no artificial method to produce oxygen and reduce the carbon dioxide content of the environment. We must protect and plant trees.

Economic Benefits

Trees are Our Best Friend Essay

Nowadays, everyone is hunting for money. Yes, trees can give you money too. We get fruits and edible items from trees. These edible items bring money when sold off. Some essentials made from trees are exported abroad at a higher value. You can find wooding floorings and wooden types of furniture in many new construction projects. Many offices and workplaces adopt this style. As I mentioned earlier about paper, thousands of people use notebooks and their pages. We manufacture medicines from essential oils and herbs from trees. These medicines also give you money. Trees also help in saving energy. The irony is we cut off trees surrounding regions for constructing new projects. Later, when we want to sell a property, it gets handsome cash if the area has more trees.

Stop Exploitation of Trees

Trees are Our Best Friend Essay

After listing all the benefits of trees, let us quickly jump to our role in paying back. We should be grateful for trees and their benefits. Instead, we exploit them and increase the rate of deforestation. In simple terms, deforestation means cutting off trees for personal uses. If this exploitation continues soon, trees will become extinct. This extinction will lead to the demise of all species.

We, humans, are futuristic, but when it comes to nature and nature saviours, we do not take the necessary measures. It will be disheartening if we think of our upcoming generation and the air they will have to grow in. Why not take steps from now onwards? Better late than never.

Industrial pollution and construction effects weaken trees and often lead to deforestation. The pollution thus is proving to be hazardous for the environment.

You have the scenario in front of you-the condition of trees and our role in it. What can we do to save our future and the trees? Plant trees and take care of our best friends. There are times when our friends leave us due to work or any other reasons. But trees are those precious diamonds that will never leave our side till the end. We come from and become one with the soil near our best friend. It is in our hands to protect our best friend trees and how they protect and care for us.


Consider the numerous benefits of trees and our behavior towards them. There are different government schemes and plans to save trees and plant trees. We should participate actively in such activities. As responsible citizens of India, we should take up this as a personal issue and work to eradicate its effects.

Gandhiji said, 'Be the change you want to see.' If we take this saying by heart and pull up our socks to see a greener and more pleasant India, let us start right now. Looking at you, your friends will join and so on. Soon the whole of India will be a family in this mission. Let us come together to save our best friends.

Many natural problems and calamities will soon be under our control. Let us pledge to plant a tree in our locality, workplace, schools etc., whenever we get time. Yes, it is a slow process, but not impossible. Good things take time to happen. But one day comes when everything runs smoothly the way we want.

Let us close our eyes and listen to the rhythmic songs our best friends will sing for us when our place is full of lush greenery. Why go to hill stations when we can create one in our surrounding area? So let us look forward to a greener India. A hug to our best friends-trees.

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