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My Best Teacher Essay

Teachers are essential to our lives since the perfect teacher is responsible for the students' progress. Teachers have a crucial role in building a firm foundation of essential knowledge for life as well as for academic courses. Most of what we learn in school is useful when we need to make important decisions or finish other important tasks in life. If you have a specific mentor with whom you click very well, that mentor may be of great assistance to you as you advance through your school years. A good teacher may be your mentor in and out of the classroom, guiding you through every facet of life.

My Best Teacher Essay

I attend a reputable private school and am currently a 12th grader. Although my school has many wonderful professors, but there is always any one teacher you are grateful of having in your life. Similarly, Mr. Arun Aggarwal is my favorite teacher. Arun Sir, who teaches us math, has a genuinely lovely disposition. We all adore him since he is very kind and modest. He is also the person most trusted by parents, students and other teachers. He always works to create an environment where students can work hard and can also have necessity fun while doing their homework so that students don't have to pressurize their mind.

What I Love About My Favorite Teacher

Arun Sir is a tall, attractive man. He has 32 years of expertise and is highly knowledgeable. His methods of instruction are great. He favors lofty ideas and simple living. He is adored by all the school students for his excellent teaching style and demeanor. He has been in school for nine years and has earned a master's degree in mathematics. He can unravel complex mathematical equations with ease.

He has a distinctive manner of describing how he approaches problem-solving. In doing so, he simplifies even the most challenging issues, making them extremely understandable for all students. One of the reasons why everyone thinks of him as a fantastic teacher is that he possesses all of the traits that make a great teacher, along with an incredible degree of patience. He patiently and clearly clarifies any misunderstanding or question, making sure you understand things completely.

He has a solid command of the English language, and in contrast to other professors, he lays more attention on logical thinking than on memorization of challenging equations or on writing impositions, formulas, or theorems. Because he is so punctual and disciplined, he makes sure that we follow these rules as well. He respects the value of time, thus he consistently comes on time. He possesses several of these admirable and highly valued significant qualities that kids who like to pursue these qualities can also found in him.

He is definitely passionate, but he is no longer overbearing and lets us make our own decisions. He aids us in maintaining a balance between academics and extracurricular activities by having a perfect understanding of the relationship between the two. He supports students' normal growth and, as a result, encourages school students to participate in extracurricular activities. He trains pupils for math competitions so that they can succeed in a challenging subject like math and gain confidence. Many school students have excelled in math competitions under his direction, and even I have achieved the highest marks, taking first place in numerous math competitions. We students are fortunate to have him since he has played a significant role in boosting the general perception of our institution, including the co-curricular and tutorial components.

Why is He My Favorite Professor?

My Best Teacher Essay

My favorite teacher is Arun Sir, who is humble, and kind. I adore the way he teaches. All school students are loved by him, and he never sanctions them punishment. He prioritizes conceptual clarity above assigning excessive amounts of assignments to his students. He never chastises kids or uses anger as a form of expression for his problems. Instead, he speaks calmly and gently to each school student in a way that encourages us to improve and calls for more effort.

He always provides each student equal attention and wants them to be honest with him. He never treats any kid with amusement and piques the attention of the weaker kids. When a student struggles to grasp a question or an equation, the teacher makes additional effort to help him and never seems to lose patience. No matter how many times he has to ask or make the same point, he flippantly explains. All school students adore him since he focuses on illuminating each thought for us in the clearest possible terms.

One of Arun sir's qualities that I like the most is how he keeps tabs on every student in the class to see how they are doing or what they are good at. He keeps an eye out for everyone in the group, encourages them to become better versions of themselves, and mentors them as they learn new skills. He is one of the outstanding professors in our department that continually inspires and mentors their pupils in all areas of life. Arun sir is particularly admired for not displaying even the slightest favoritism. He has the same level of affection and devotion for each and every one of his school students and genuinely cares about us all.

He has a lot of life and experience. He tends to keep the entire class on a positive note and he never, ever exhibits any behavior that harms other people. He cares about others' sentiments and never intentionally upsets anyone. He has a great sense of humor and is quite sober. He has a very broad knowledge of mathematics. Along with being an expert in mathematics, he also emphasizes the need of being knowledgeable in both English and literature.

He enjoys reading and frequently exhorts pupils to set aside time to read books rather than engage in pointless pursuits like watching television or playing video games. In order to increase communication, he also suggests that we interact with others of our own age and participate in greater physical activity. He suggests that school students explore their interests or hobbies. He is aware of his pupils' problems and always extends a helpful hand. He uses examples to fully explain each concept and makes it engaging for pupils to learn.

We school students enjoy attending his lesson because he is very understanding. He goes through every topic in depth and participates fully in class. He would be the first to notice if even one student starts to drift off or loses focus. Instead of criticizing the student for not paying enough attention in class, he would simply provide a better strategy or a simpler explanation. He knows how to engage pupils in the classroom. He seldom gives us an excessive amount of homework, and he often offers us assignments after class to gauge how well we understand a certain subject.

Instead of just having us copy down questions or passages from the book and memories them, the assignments are frequently made to be more educational and research-based. By thoroughly reading related articles and books, we get more knowledge and, as a result, are more likely to remember what we learn for a long time.

If a student doesn't complete the assignment or does poorly in a specific chapter, he doesn't yell at them; instead, he helps them think about the concept once again. In this sense, we school students understand that everything he does is for our benefit and are more likely to work harder to improve ourselves. These are just a few of the things he does that set him apart from the other teachers and give the impression that he is approachable to everyone in the room. He was the most modest and gracious teacher I have ever encountered, and I want to emulate him in my work one day.


Arun Sir is not only a top-notch teacher but also my ideal human. Everyone adores him, and he possesses all the traits of a beloved instructor. Being his pupil is a blessing, and I'll do my best to live up to his expectations. He will continue to be my favorite teacher when I pass out from this school, and I will never forget him. He has taught me a lot by his example, and I will try to emulate him in the future by becoming an excellent person.

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