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My First Day At School

The foundation of education is school, where students spend more time learning about various subjects than at home. There are students in class, and all moral principles, like integrity, uprightness, ideals, patriotism, and Indian culture and customs, are taught to students and students in schools.

My First Day At School

My school, Maharana Pratap School, is situated in Maharashtra; the school looks peaceful and picturesque in the city's center. My father and I went to the school to enroll. When I got to school, it was my first day of classes. It was good to see your new school, and I saw that the girl and the boys were arriving with their parents for admittance. All the kids were pleased, and there was a crowd all around.

My First Day At School

When my father and I arrived at Maharana Pratap School on a motorcycle to enroll me in the school on July 1 at 7 am, the school's enormous structure was surrounded by a large gate filled with kids and their parents. I came with him to take admission.

Design Of The School:

The school's building was enormous and beautiful to look at. The school building was white, a sizable play area was outside the main door, and the principal's office was constructed on the right side of the structure. The school's library and other rooms were built on the other side.

In My Classroom:

My First Day At School

When I was enrolled, I proceeded to my classroom. The seating was thoughtfully set up. The students were listening to Mr. B. P. Chowdhary. "Good morning, sir," I replied as I walked in. Mr. B. P. Chowdhary looked well. I was asked to sit down.

The school was done when the bell rang after some time. I enjoy school, and I have made several new friends. I was pleased with its discipline and made some new friends. They had intelligence. He was given respect. They seemed surprised.

In My School's Library

My First Day At School
  • My school's library is in a sizable space in the middle of the building. There is an office in the library at my school, and there is a reading room next to the office. The glass almirahs in the library are mounted on the walls. These works can be found in the library of more than 25000 copies.
  • The library has books available in English, Hindi, Punjabi, Sindhi, Malayalam, and other languages. You may find books in Hindi and English, poetry and short tales, and a wide selection of magazines and newspapers in the library. Books in our library range in class from VI to X. Also given their fair consideration are other topics.
  • In our school library, there is a lot of biometric booking going on. The library lends books to people of all ages throughout the year, including students. Our library has a variety of Hindi and English dictionaries, and all types of students and persons are welcome to utilize the library.
  • On the library card, a book is supplied for one week. Each student checks out books from the library and promptly returns them. Reading is permitted for students after school hours, and my school library is lovely.

My School's Gathering Place:

My First Day At School
  • My school's main hall acts as its gathering place. Our school's activities are held yearly, as are our school's weekly programs for girls and Boys. The prize ceremony's last day of operation was November 15.
  • The school has lovely decorations. Lights, garlands, bright ribbons, balloons, and a carpet that extended from the gate to the ceiling were used to decorate the school building. Every student was dressed neatly in a white shirt and grey pants.
  • P.Kolhe, the district magistrate of our school, attended as a special guest this year. The principal greeted him and led him to the stage once he arrived in his car, surrounded by administrative and security officers.
  • A brief but quite stunning cultural presentation was presented. The students gave a lovely traditional song and dance performance. The magistrate held hands with the prize winners to encourage them.
  • Finally, the students were each given a delicious treat. The winning teams from other institutions also received awards, and students received prizes and certificates. The principal spoke politely as she acknowledged the chief guest. Everyone was grateful for it, and everybody was thrilled.

Playground At My School:

My First Day At School

My school's large playground is where all the students congregate at 8:00 am for the morning prayer session. All the school's students participate in intermission sports such as kabaddi, volleyball, football, hockey, cricket, and kho-kho.

The yearly sports tournament for the school is also held on the playground; last year, our school participated against another school in the city, and our team won.


  • I think that even though our educational system has been using the same strategy for centuries, it is finally time to update it. A new education policy has to be implemented.
  • First and foremost, we must relieve young children of the weight of enormous responsibilities. Assignments must be completed in the classroom, and students must do their homework there.
  • Second, the school should have a process for selecting qualified instructors; in other words, ineffective teachers must be fired, and good teachers must be hired to ensure the holistic development of the children.
  • Due to the high unemployment rate in today's society, only 10 to 20 percent of school time should be given to theory, while 80 to 90 percent of the time should be given to practical training. If the student possesses technical knowledge, the problem of unemployment, which is rising, can be reduced.
  • Sports should be given the most incredible attention in addition to academics because, in today's world, careers in dancing, music, art, and marks are all possible. Debate, dancing, singing, and art competitions should occasionally be held at the school so the student's skills may be seen and appreciated.
  • To allow parents from all classes to enroll their children in school, the admissions procedure for children should be simple for all classes. There should be minimal documentation required when applying, and the school's entrance price should be low or free till class ten. Families below the poverty line shouldn't be charged any fees up to class 12 since all children have a right to an education, and there shouldn't be any discrimination in that regard.

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