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Essay on Picnic

Whenever we encounter stress in our life, we always seek an escape so that we can ignore our daily life worries and enjoy our time away from the pollution and chaos of the city. To achieve that, the best option is to go to a picnic. Picnics are equally loved and enjoyed by children as well as adults. It acts as a remedy to our stress and also works in adding a little variety to our regular monotonous schedule. It takes us to a world which is generally in contrast to what we see today. Charming and refreshing as picnics are, here is a detailed description of why a breeze is considered the best way to escape the chaos.

Essay on Picnic

But first, let us know the actual meaning of a picnic. A meal that we eat outside, under the sky, in the presence of fresh air and plants, can be termed a picnic. People plan picnics mostly in parks, lakesides, beaches and other outdoor places that involve a beautiful view and fresh air. People bring food packed in a basket or lunch boxes. They also bring carpets and sometimes foldable tables to serve the food on. Mostly, people get homemade food, but sometimes they prefer the food to be prepared at the location of the picnic, and it is done by grilling. Picnic is known as one of the calmest and most soothing outdoor activities, although it has its fun sides as well.

Importance of Picnic

An outdoor activity once in a while helps us calm our minds and maintain good mental health. Picnic is the way in which we can add pleasantness to our dull life. There are various types of picnics based on the people who arrange it or the people we go with. There could be school picnics, office picnics, family picnics and more.

It would not be wrong to say that our daily life is full of stress and noise. Living in such an environment gets tough, and a picnic works in introducing a change in our daily routine and makes life smooth. Going out in open areas helps in bringing out the fun side of us. We play games we don't usually play, we sing and dance etc. It encourages the best version of us to come forth, be it physical or mental. A picnic is a very effective way of bringing people close to each other, be it a group of colleagues, family members, classmates or acquaintances. Everyone forms a bond with each other during picnics. A picnic is an effective way to solidify emotional bonds.

Essay on Picnic

Not just people, picnic helps us bond with nature as well. Spending time out between the trees, plants, and greenery has a very positive impact on us. Laying or walking barefoot on the grass is very a very blissful experience for everyone. Picnics allow us to relax into the arms of nature and regain our lost energy as we all know that when city life tires us, nature is the way to recharge ourselves and what suitable method can there be to do that other than going on picnics?

Picnics are a way of relaxing our body and mind. When we put on a picnic with our people, we lose the feeling of being judged and enjoy our time to our fullest, at least we should because that is exactly what picnics are all about. It gives us a chance to unwind ourselves and take a calm breath after long weeks of ongoing work that we do. Physical activities are probably the best part of picnics if we minus the food. Games are responsible for increasing our stamina and benefit our body as well.

The picnic also involves a very interested and most delicious factor in it, i.e., food. For some people who are required to follow a particular diet, picnics are a way to make their diet flexible for one day and have whatever food they like. People take their favourite snacks to picnics and enjoy them under the sky. Food items like sandwiches, fruit juices, and wafers are some items that are present in every lunch packed for a picnic. Lunch can be counted as a very important part of a picnic.

Some of the most amazing and happy memories that we make in our childhood involve picnics in them. Children enjoy picnics a lot as it is like a fun ticket to them. From getting up early to pack their outdoor toys to have their favourite snacks, everything adds to the fun, and it makes picnics the best days for them.

The Role of Food

People take various types of food with them when they go for a picnic. Although picnics are about enjoying great scenery, beautiful weather and loving company, it is also about delicious food. There are various types of food that people across the world add to their picnic baskets, and they are worth carrying as well.

Food is the thing that makes our picnic extra special, and here are some food items worth bringing when going on a picnic.

Essay on Picnic

1. Drinks

Drinks on a summer day act as life savers, and you may take the below-listed drinks with you on a picnic.

i) Pineapple Juice

Pineapple juice is a very nutrient-rich juice and helps our body in a number of ways. It promotes a healthy heart and helps boost immunity. A drink made of fresh pineapple and lemon is rich in vitamin C and fibre. It has the adequate balance of sweet and sour required. This excellent drink is also responsible for helping in digestion and thus is a must after having heavy snacks.

ii) Lemonade

Lemon is an excellent source of vitamin C and a remedy for dehydration. Carrying lemonade with us when going to a picnic is a perfect choice everyone should make because nothing is better than a glass of freshly squeezed lemon juice. It's acidic and a great source of energy.

2. Sandwiches

i) Cucumber Sandwich

Cucumber sandwiches are low-calorie, easy to make, fibre-rich and fat-free. They are quick-prepared bite-sized sandwiches having cucumber slices in the middle. They are the perfect picnic food and a must in your picnic basket. These sandwiches are easily digestible and are rich in various nutrients and vitamins. Although some people like them healthy, some also add mayonnaise or cheese layer. But cheese or not, it is the perfect food item to count on when planning a picnic.

ii) Chicken Sandwich

Chicken sandwiches are considered a very healthy food item that can be brought to a picnic. Rich in protein, chicken, helps us in gaining energy and maintaining a healthy body. Chicken sandwiches are made which grilled chicken filled inside bread along with various seasonings. It is beneficial but a very tasty snack to have on a picnic.

Some people also add salad to their sandwiches. The simple chicken sandwich but with slices of cucumbers and tomatoes and a little mayonnaise and cheese. All in all, chicken sandwiches are an excellent pick for picnics.

3. Fruit and Vegetable salads

In addition to all the drinks and sandwiches, fruits are another healthy pick for picnics. Fruit salads are a delicious way of ensuring health. There are different food salads like mixed fruit salads, watermelon salads and much more. Making different combinations of fruits of our liking is fun food preparation.

Vegetables like lettuce, cucumber, cabbage, carrots etc., are good for making tasty vegetable salads. These salads are extremely healthy, contain various vitamins and are rich in iron. For the person who is conscious about their health, these salads are a great option to take to a picnic.

Types of Picnics

There are different types of picnics that are planned between other social groups. Some examples are given below.

1. Company Picnic

Company picnics are the outdoor lunch planned by the members of a workplace. They meet outside their working space to have food and enjoy fun activities like games and other things. These picnics are planned at a spot which has fresh air and a beautiful view and often involves picnic food like sandwiches and lemonade. Grills are also arranged sometimes to make the food on the spot, and these picnics may also have some kind of themes, for example- beach parties.

Essay on Picnic

Often, these picnics are arranged to celebrate the contributions of their hardworking employees and appreciate the effort they made. In addition to this, the goal is also to build bonds between their employees and give them an environment to talk outside of work about topics other than their job. Eating and playing games together build team spirit and harmony between the members of a group which is why a company picnic is a great step that can be taken by a company to build a stronger team of employees.

2. School Picnic

School days are the golden days of our life, and it is something that cannot be denied. And the experiences that add to this prestigious time are that school trips and picnics. Let us understand what a school picnic is all about.

A school picnic usually refers to an outdoor get-together of school students under the guidance of their teacher where all the students play, eat and enjoy nature. School picnics are usually arranged in open areas like parks and gardens. They might also be near lakes and fountains. School picnics are usually day picnics and end by the time when it's dusk. Some picnics are arranged in the parks, which are close to museums and historical places, as students can also have short educational trips to historical sites in addition to picnics.

3. Family Picnic

Essay on Picnic

An entertainment outing like a picnic is, it's a perfect way of spending quality time with our loved ones. Family picnics are outdoor lunches and dinners arranged under an open sky with family members and loved ones. A family picnic is an excellent plan for spending time with the family.

For the people who have regular jobs and face difficulties in taking leaves, it is hard to take time for our loved ones, and this gets frustrating. We all want an escape from our daily life and laugh at silly jokes with our family members. But planning a long vacation is tough and expensive altogether, and thus a picnic might just be the right solution. Planning picnics on weekends and taking a break from the chaos of our daily life, and having our dear ones close is a joy everyone craves for.

Family picnics are a lot more different than other picnics as we have our kids taking part in snack preparation and packing stuff. We sit with the family to decide the destination that everyone loves and so on. There are a lot of conversations and fun tasks related to just the preparation of picnics. Also, playing games on the picnic spot is a must, and if the players are our loved ones like wives or children, it gets a lot more interesting and fun-filled.


To sum it all up, picnics are the best way to have some time away from the never-ending problems of our daily life. Everything about a picnic is bliss to our soul, be it the food, the games, the place, the air or even the preparations for a picnic is really fun. The trip to that picnic spot is also filled with excitement. Any kind of picnic, be it company, school or that one with family, helps us bond with each other and have fun together.

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