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My Favourite Subject Essay

Science is my favourite subject in school out of all the subjects. I have always been fascinated by it. Science has dramatically altered our lives. Any task, large or small, may now be completed with the help of science and technological development. The speed of progress in all these fields, including agriculture, health, the humanities, and business, is credited to Science.

Science has provided the world with all the types of equipment that are in use today. Moreover it has produced everything from torches to aeroplanes.

My Favourite Subject Essay

Additionally, I enjoy reading about the many discoveries made by scientists that have improved human comfort. When our teacher demonstrated some enjoyable experiments, I began to enjoy Science. I rapidly understood that Science is a study based on facts rather than words from books. Numerous diagrams are included in the attractive booklets. However, I didn't become thrilled about learning it until I realized the real meaning of the situation. Understanding anything requires careful observation and analysis.

Another reason I enjoy this topic is that Science is the only tool available for advancing humankind nowadays. Only because of Science have we been able to set foot on the moon. We can travel from one place to another quickly thanks to the high-speed railways, aeroplanes, automobiles, and other inventions made possible by Science. My ambition is to become a scientist when I grow up and contribute to society by learning new things. But only our natural resources can support the scientific discoveries we have produced.

Natural resources are used in the creation of all technologically advanced products. For instance, if we created a car, the material utilized in this automobile like rubber for the tires is manufactured from wood, a natural resource. Similarly, gasoline and diesel, used as motor fuels, are likewise finite natural resources. Consequently, the impact of technology on natural resources should be considered before each discovery, innovation, or equipment usage.

Science has enabled us to access any available data on the internet. Due to Science, we can go from south to north and west to east in a short time. Everything we need, such as mobile phones, earbuds, computers, etc., is a creation of Science, as can be seen, if we look carefully. Science is, in essence, life.

Science-related disciplines cover more than simply the primary explanations for natural phenomena and happenings. These topics have taught me the significance of the truth. Without Science, I would never have realized the importance of fact, no matter how much I tried. Galileo Galilei could have agreed with the Church's theology that the Earth is immovable though he didn't. Rather than living with falsehood, he choose to accept death. Darkness annoys me. Science has enabled me to transition from dark to light, both physically and conceptually. Some people love learning languages like English, mathematics, and so on, and when they are motivated, they become experts in their particular subject.

Why Is Science My Favourite Subject?

Scientific laws are instances of in-depth research conducted by several researchers. Science can only be produced by reason and logic. The thought occurred to me. I became interested in this subject, and it quickly rose to the top of my list of subjects. My favourite place was the laboratory, where I carried out all the tests I had read in the textbook. Even now, I like reading science fiction, papers, and conversations with several experts to further my understanding of the subject.

My Favourite Subject Essay

The fact that Science has helped us advance as a civilization is another factor why Science is my favourite topic. Science protects us from the worst of disasters. Human beings constantly need to learn more about the Earth and the multiverse. All of these can be made possible in this approach by Science. Everything is based on Science - be it IT, medical or other industrues. Medical practices are evolving quickly for the benefit of humanity.

To combat the worst virus, researchers are developing new medications and vaccinations. Industries are constantly expanding, and there are many ways to communicate nowadays. We require technology like smartphones, TVs, washing machines, and inductions daily, and there are alternate methods for gathering rainwater, getting rid of the trash, and generating power. Robotic assistance has replaced human aid. Science is to thank for all things. It has indeed established a productive way of existence. We now know about even the most distant planets. Science has enabled the unthinkable to become a reality. I will always enjoy learning about and researching this subject.

Since Grade I, I've been studying numerous fascinating science topics. I examined several animal varieties in my first class, including domestic and wild animals. I can see vivid illustrations of wildlife in my science textbook: grazing on grassland and farms; birds building beautiful nests out of twigs and straw; wild creatures residing in impenetrable woodlands; etc. I thus began learning about this topic with zeal and interest. In the first class, I also studied a few chapters about hygiene. In the subsequent classes, I started learning about the foods plants, such as grains, beans, fruits, and vegetables. Other plant goods include bamboo for papermaking, rubber for tyres; gum; and erasers, among others. Reading textbooks with their vibrant images of trees and byproducts allowed me to learn even more swiftly. In the higher standards, I began studying various components of plants, including the branch, roots, leaves, and flowers. This was in addition to the processes of plant growth, psychokinesis, and photosynthesis.

Along with these fascinating chapters, I also learned about the animal kingdom, the human body's internal systems, and how to exercise and eat well.

When we travel and tour the outside world we are often enthralled by the gorgeous views that surround us. However, when we read about the principles in the book, we can examine them. We learn about the traits of many birds and other animals, as well as the techniques they employ to construct their nests and consume food, among other things. The foundations of excellent health and wellness are another topic that is covered under science. One can also read a lot of moving tales while studying cultures and ethical Science. The application of Science is what we must concentrate on. Around us, there are several items to be seen, like windows, doors, tables, and other furniture. The components utilized to create such items are the subject of scientific inquiry. Science as a subject also entails research on how these things are made.

Science lecturers are passionate and dedicated to their subjects. It uses examples in each section so that we may quickly comprehend the material. Studying these ideas, concepts and facts is something I'm pretty fascinated by. For instance, one of the most common science concepts is gravity which encompassed the most common activities of our daily life. Like- A ball is retracted to the Earth when we throw it high because of the pull of gravitational force between the ball and the world.

Several attractive images in science textbooks also depict the hydrological cycle and evaporation process.

My Favourite Subject Essay

Advancement in Science

In the last several years, there has been advancement in technology, including the discovery of plastic-eating bacteria in 2020, cloud seeding techniques to produce cold weather, and some research shows that if we continue to exploit and disturb nature, we will encounter uninhabitable temperatures by the year 2070. Even so, covid vaccinations are the outcome of extensive scientific investigation and have protected countless individuals from the threat of COVID-19.

Technological discovery is crucial for human existence to improve technologically. However, because we haven't been watchful about utilizing some resources, we must be mindful of the drawbacks it is bringing about, such as climate change and the different risks that face us. We can live more sustainably by using what we've learned through scientific research.


Beyond merely academic knowledge, science subject provides something to give mankind. It imparts knowledge that helps us have a fresh perspective on life. This information includes access to an immeasurable universe. We live in a world of diverse subject knowledge, from the tip of a pen to the far-off dazzling constellations.

How do planets revolve around the sun? How do animals and vegetation generate offspring? Why can birds fly but humans cannot? Numerous questions may be answered in various ways with various ideas and concepts. Thus, the subject becomes interesting because of these queries and responses. We as individuals often create a strong interest in a subject as we explore the uncharted territory of Science and technology along with other subjects mathematics, philosophy, economics, geography, etc. This excitement in exploring new concepts makes the experience more pleasurable.


1. Which is your favourite subject?

My favourite subject is Science as I like to know about my surroundings and things related to the changes in our surroundings.

2. Why is this subject so particular for you?

As Science generates solutions for everyday life and helps us to answer the great mysteries of the universe, so I have a special love for the subject.

3. From which standard you started liking the subject?

I started liking the subject in my third standard, my science teacher inspired me a lot, and her teaching skill helped me to understand the topics easily.

4. Do you love it just because you score good marks, or are you interested in studying this subject?

I love to study the subject, not just due to marks, but I will gain knowledge related to it.

5. How many marks do you score in your favourite subject?

I am an average student and consistently scored above-average marks in Science.

6. How many hours a day do you study this subject?

I study about 7 hours a day, out of which I give 5 hours to Science.

7. Do you study the chapters before the teacher starts the chapter in the class?

I am always 2-3 chapters ahead of the teacher. I enthusiastically read the book to learn new topics.

8. What kinds of changes can your favourite subject bring in our country?

Science can bring positive changes in all aspects, whether social, economic, emotional, biological, environmental, etc.

9. Could you teach this subject to your junior students?

Yes, I teach Science to my younger siblings and even helped them build their interest in this subject.

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