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School Life Essay

Each of us has both fond and unpleasant recollections of our education. The majority of us complete our high school education at just one institution, but other students, like me, have to transfer to many institutions. The school has a profound impact on our thoughts. It influences our thought processes and teaches us how to live. It is understandable to refer to it as the child's second home. I also enjoy going to school. In essence, I am a citizen of the stunning state of Rajasthan. I had to travel to Bhubaneswar, though, due to certain family obligations. It serves as the provincial capital of Orissa. I got admission to a new school in Bhubaneswar. I've been going to this school for two years, and in that time I've felt a lot of different things.

School Life Essay

Beginnings at My School:

Naturally, there was a lot of cultural diversity between my old school and this one when I began my studies here as a seventh grader. Here, everything was different: the way of speaking, the climate, the food, and the modes of communication. It took some time for me to get used to the new surroundings over the first few months. But with time, I started to feel normal.


My professors and classmates have been really encouraging. Girls and boys coexist and can engage freely because it is an integrated school. A large edifice houses our school. It is situated in the city's core, far from its outskirts. We take a bus to school.

The teachers at my school come from various regions of the nation. My science teacher is a highly regarded American woman who recently shifted to India, whereas my English instructor is from southern India. She serves as a tour guide and shares with us her passion for teaching.

Many different types of families send their children to study in my school. Some are from quite modest backgrounds. And some come from illustrious, highly educated households. One of my classmates' parents is a scientist, and another of my friend's parents are teacher, for instance. However, my school treats every student equally, and this is what makes me so proud of it.

Our School's Infrastructure

A three-story building houses my school. The classrooms are all spacious and well-maintained. Organize them. Enough light enters the classrooms through the large windows. We use the breeze to cool off our school in the summer because the weather is so hot and muggy.

The school also has a sizable playground where we do all of our other activities in addition to our daily meetings. Everything at the morning meeting was set up specifically for the pupils. Pupils manage all the activities, which include playing instruments, reading stories, and assisting students in lining up for their classrooms.

Best thing about my school:

It is a boarding school that provides meals. All children consequently have their breakfast and lunch at school. The cuisine is freshly prepared and served hot. You can order more portions as frequently as you'd like. Although it was first unfamiliar to my taste buds, I quickly developed a passion for Oriya cuisine.

Students are taught a variety of supplementary academic tasks here. We have a section dedicated to traditional Oriya dance, to name a few. After that, you can enrol in self-defense training and continue learning your preferred foreign language.

Rules and Regulations

My school places a lot of emphasis on discipline and cleanliness. The senior teachers organise a squad each day to inspect the younger people's hygiene. Each senior student has a certain obligation. Everything is carefully scrutinised, including clean clothing, shoes, and nails.

My school's classes begin with students playing until they reach level 10. In my school, it's crucial, to be honest, and on time. Even teachers and students from lower grades arrived on time and adhered to all regulations.

When on school property, we are not permitted to use our native speech. To one another, all pupils must use English. Consequently, the laws are exceedingly tight. Although it seems like a complex guideline, it has positively impacted the way we speak English.

Extracurricular Activities

While being very strict with us, our principle also shows us a lot of love and kindness. Students are welcome to speak with him directly about their issues. He also sees to it that we don't become bored while learning from our instructors. Because of this, it is possible to plan frequent trips to see surrounding cities, something I really enjoy doing.

The upcoming annual sports day at my school is something I eagerly anticipate. Numerous sporting activities can uplift us and maintain the health of our bodies and minds. I take part in all the events that my school year has to offer. The largest hall in Bhubaneswar is where it is set up. Before we wrap up our work on stage, we put it through a few days of practise.

My Favourite School Memories

My birthday was made wonderful the previous year by my peers and classmates. My desk was piled high with presents and cards. They have shown so much love to me. All of my classmates were incredibly kind and made it simple for me to stay here without experiencing too many difficulties.

They are gracious enough to impart to me their native tongue, Oriya. I have gradually acquired the ability to read and write the language's fundamental words and phrases. My habit of reading books by various authors began at our school.

I learned many valuable lessons at school, like how to be kind to others, respect seniors, and have compassion for children. I've gathered a lot of priceless memories throughout the years, and I'm thankful to God for providing me with such a stimulating learning environment. I have always liked my school, and I have always been proud of it wherever I have lived.


We all love our schools, and school life is an important part of our life. We learned a lot of things apart from education in our school life. Lots of memories of school life stay with us throughout our lives and make us feel to live those days again. I hope every child should get the opportunity to go to school and learn and explore new things.

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