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Essay On My Favourite Teacher

We are all aware of the importance of teachers in our lives. Teachers play a very important role in our lives. Teachers impart to us the knowledge that is essential to our survival. Students' lives are changed by the education that teachers supply.

Position of the Guru in Indian society: In our community since the beginning, the position of the Guru has always been paramount. God can also be addressed, but only with Guru's blessing. Due to this speciality, saint poets such as Kabir, etc, have always emphasised the importance of the teacher because great things can only be accomplished with Guru's grace.

Essay On My Favourite Teacher

Each student has a favourite teacher. The instructor they value most is the one they remember fondly. Someone who was engaging in class or someone who consistently succeeded and pursued achievement as if it were their own. Thankfully, some teachers go above and beyond to include every kid in group activities without making it seem unjust or like they are being left out. Then there are some teachers who really understand how to make students look forward to attending class every day. They are interested in the views of each kid, want them to succeed academically, and also recognise that life is about more than just academics.

It is crucial to have teachers who the students admire and respect. These are the teachers who have strict standards yet make sure that every student is aware of their support. I identify with these kinds of students, and I'm not just saying it since Ms Surbhi is my favourite teacher; she embodies all of these traits plus more! She goes above and beyond to support any student who might be having difficulties, whether they be at school or in their personal lives.

Ms Surbhi's classes are the one thing I eagerly anticipate each and every day at school. I love going to school even more because of her optimistic outlook and wonderful passion. She always seems to be there for you when you need someone who can assist you in any manner, even if it's simply by being a friend or a support system. She was always available to answer any concerns or address any issues that might come up along the way, so up until now, I have never needed the help of another teacher when I am having difficulties in school. Ms Surbhi is a lovely woman. Because of just how she presents things in such a straightforward manner, whenever I do get to chat with her, it always feels like I am chatting with a best friend. She is incredibly approachable; in addition to being your teacher, she is someone you can chat to about everything and anything. Even when you're having a bad day in general, her sense of humour can truly make your day better. It only makes your day that much better when she walks up and flashes you her characteristic grin, which highlights her flawless teeth! She also has a great sense of fashion, which I appreciate. She dresses in a very sophisticated manner and wears elegant pieces of jewellery.

The best thing about Ms Surbhi is that she doesn't come off as scary at all; rather, she interacts with students in a calm and informal manner. She is not an arrogant individual who believes that her position as a teacher makes her superior to you or anyone else. She is a wonderful woman who genuinely wants to assist every student in learning and succeeding. She does this by giving each person her whole attention. Along with other professors, she works to ensure that every student has the assistance they require. She also makes sure no one is left out if a question is answered for them. She has the sweetest smiling face, and I suppose you could say that her name, Ms Surbhi, really fits her because she is so sweet. Sweet is a translation of the word Surbhi. Each student's day is improved after she enters the classroom since she is the best at what she does. There aren't enough words to adequately convey what a wonderful person Ms Surbhi is, but I'll give you a few examples to make my admiration for her clear. She is simply the finest. For her generosity, sympathy for others, and a multitude of other qualities, Ms Surbhi truly deserves the Nobel Prize.

Essay On My Favourite Teacher

She's extraordinary. She genuinely cares about whatever she does, and she wants her students to give it their all as well, even if it is not as perfect as she does. She is an excellent educator who is open to the opinions and suggestions of others. She makes it such that we are all friends in class, which is my favourite feature of her class. She never criticises any of her students' homework or queries. Whether you are lazy or a perfectionist, we all manage to get along with one another and work together to raise our grade point averages in class. Though I like her the most, there is one quality of her which I really admire. She never scolds any students in front of anyone. Whenever she wants to point out some mistake in a student's work, she calls that student to her staff room, and she appreciates someone in front of everyone to encourage them more. You will always feel welcome in Ms Surbhi's class, and she won't treat you unfairly or think less of you because you are a slacker. She genuinely cares about every single one of her students, and it comes over in the way she engages with them. To make sure everyone is on the same level, she goes through everything with the class in great detail before moving on to the next session. Very few teachers do that. Additionally, she engages the class by sharing tales about her life and lessons learned or by playing adorable old recordings of her as a child, which is really interesting to watch.

Because of the way Ms Surbhi treats other people, I greatly admire her. She prepares a pretty cool documentary of the students every year for the class and has a fantastic sense of humour. The atmosphere in her classes is incredibly cool and serene, which helps students like me to enjoy learning truly. Going to her class never causes me concern. In fact, I like her classes. Since I assumed all professors were strict and harsh, I was a little hesitant to approach the front of her class when I first started going, but she is truly different. When she discusses a joke or issue, she joins in the laughter and asks your opinion. Being helped by someone who cares as much as Ms Surbhi does for us is awesome because many of the other teachers in our school would be too busy to do so. She frequently urges the students to consider both their academic as well as personal goals. In addition to being attentive during assessments, she constantly urges us to take part in extracurricular activities. She consistently motivates students to succeed academically and as well as athletically.

The many tales that she shares with us in class make it seem very real and relatable, which is why I truly like them and find them to be extremely intriguing. When you're having a not-so-good, then Ms Surbhi will ensure that you enjoy yourself as much as you can during the day so you can have a better day-and a better year-in general. This is fantastic because I wouldn't say I like school too much, so having somebody like her nearby to make me chuckle or do anything else really helps. I adore Ms Surbhi a lot overall.

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