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Health Essay

The word health refers to a state of complete emotional and physical well-being. The public has access to medical care to keep this optimum level of health. Leading a longer, more active life and managing stress both depend on being in good health.

Health Essay

The World Health Organization (WHO) gave a definition of health in 1948 that is still used by authorities today. "Health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity."

The WHO provided additional clarifications in 1986:

"A resource for everyday life, not the objective of living. Health is a positive concept emphasizing social and personal resources, as well as physical capacities." This illustrates that keeping one's health is not a task in itself but rather an asset that supports a person's position in mainstream society. A healthy lifestyle offers a way to lead a life filled with value and significance.

Health was described by experts publishing in The Lancet in 2009 as the body's capacity to adjust to new dangers and ailments. This definition is based on the premise that over the past few decades, contemporary science has made significant progress in understanding diseases by discovering how they work, developing novel treatments to stop or slow them down, and acknowledging that pathology may never totally vanish.


The two categories of health that are perhaps most commonly discussed are physical and mental. The state of one's finances, emotions, and spirituality all affect overall health. These have been connected by medical professionals to reduced stress and enhanced mental and physical wellbeing.

For example, people who are in a more robust financial standing may be less concerned about their finances and have the means to buy fresh food more frequently. A peace and sense of purpose that supports good mental health may be experienced by those with strong spiritual health.

Physical Health

A person in strong physical health is probably having body's systems and processes operating at their best. It is not only because there are no diseases present. Healthy lifestyle is the positive outcome of regular exercise, a well-balanced diet, and adequate sleep. When needed, people need medical care to keep the balance.

In order to minimize the risk of catching disease, leading a healthier lifestyle is vital for physical well-being. Staying fit can protect and improve a person's ability to breathe, heart function, have strong muscles, move quickly, and have a healthy body composition.

Taking care of one's physical health and wellness also include reducing one's risk of getting sick or wounded, such as:

  • avoiding workplace hazards,
  • using contraception while having sex,
  • maintaining good hygiene,
  • and abstaining from tobacco, alcohol, and illegal drugs
  • travelling with the prescribed vaccinations for a certain disease or nation

Having strong physical and mental health might improve one's quality of life as a whole. For instance, a 2008 study found that mental illnesses, including depression, may raise the chance of drug use problems. This may therefore have a negative impact on physical health.

Mental Health

Mental health is defined as a person's emotional, social, and psychological well-being by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services. Mental health is equally important as physical health when it comes to living an absolute, healthy lifestyle.

Since many psychological evaluations are dependent on how a person interprets their experience, mental health is more difficult to define in comparison to physical health. However, thanks to the advancements in diagnostics, medical professionals can now identify some physical indicators of some forms of mental illness in CT scans and genetic analyses.

The absence of sadness, anxiety, or other disorders are not the only indicators of sound mental health. Another factor is the person's propensity for:

  • Enjoy life
  • Bounce back from challenging events,
  • Overcome hardship, handle personal and financial responsibilities,
  • And attain their full potential.

Both physical and mental health are interlinked. To illustrate, a chronic illness that makes it challenging for a person to complete everyday tasks may result in stress and hopelessness. The difficulties with movement or financial constraints may cause these problems. Eating disorders or depression can impact general function and body weight.

Instead of treating "health" as a set of separate components, it is crucial to approach it holistically. Because all forms of health are intertwined, people should aim for overall harmony and balance as the foundations to optimal health.

Determinants of Good Health

Numerous things influence one's ability to stay healthy.

Health Essay

Genetic influences

A person is born with all of their genes at once. Some individuals may experience less-than-optimal levels of health due to atypical genetic pattern or alteration. People may inherit genes from their parents that increase their likelihood of contracting a particular disease.

Environmental factors

Health is impacted by the immediate surroundings. Sometimes health effects might be caused just by the surroundings. On other occasions, a person with a higher genetic risk of developing a specific disease may become unwell as a result of an environmental trigger.

Although having access to medical-care services is crucial, the following factors, per the WHO, may have a more significant influence on health:

  • where someone lives,
  • the condition of their immediate environment,
  • their genetic makeup, their degree of income,
  • and their occupational situation

These can be classified under the following headings:

The economic status of a family or a community, as well as the sociocultural context and interpersonal connections, are all parts of the social and economic environment. The physical environment includes both the kinds of pathogens and the level of pollutants that can be present there.

Characteristics and behaviour of a person: A person's general health may be impacted by their genetic composition and lifestyle decisions.

According to several research, a person's socioeconomic status determines how likely they are to have sound health, a decent education, land a well-paying job, and be able to pay for quality healthcare when they are sick or hurt. They contend that those with poor socioeconomic backgrounds are more prone to feel stress from everyday issues, including money problems, marital problems, and unemployment.

The risk of ill health for those with socioeconomic Status may also be influenced by social variables, such as growing inequality. Poor socioeconomic standing frequently translates into fewer healthcare options. According to a 2018 study published in Frontiers in Pharmacology, contrary to inhabitants of developed countries without universal healthcare, those in advanced nations with it had better life expectancies. Culture can have an impact on health. The way a family responds to societal norms and practices can have a positive or negative effect on health.

The Seven Countries Study examined people in a few European nations and discovered that those who ate a healthy diet had a lower 20-year mortality rate. The study found that people who frequently devour junk food are less inclined to regularly have large quantities of fruits, vegetables, and olives than others who maintain a balanced diet. The study also demonstrated a lower 10-year all-cause death rate among those who followed a Mediterranean-style diet.

A person's health will also be impacted by how they handle stress. As per the National Institute of Mental Health, those who consume illegal drugs, alcohol, or cigarettes to deal with taxing situations in life are much more prone to suffer from health problems than people who adopt a balanced diet, use meditation techniques, and engage in regular exercise.

Determinants of Bad Health

Living life to the fullest without being physically or mentally ill is made possible by maintaining good health. One's health declines as a result of an unhealthy lifestyle. For every generation, maintaining physical fitness and health is crucial. The simplest ways to maintain one's physical and mental health are to exercise and eat well. Individuals who are dedicated to managing their fitness and taking their health seriously engage in daily exercise, consume nutritious food, and get enough rest at regular intervals. One can stay active and improve their morale and focus by being physically and mentally fit. By setting a good example and maintaining good health, one can gradually encourage others to improve their diet, health, knowledge, and intake of sustainably produced foods.

Health Essay

The following are important causes of health deterioration:

  1. Everyday Stress - Schoolwork and exams frequently cause students to feel overwhelmed. Adults can experience stress from both their personal and professional lives. Such circumstances result in mental health imbalances.
  2. Depression - Long-term stress over something might cause depression as well as other issues impacting health.
  3. Consumption of Harmful Products- such as alcohol and preserved foods, has a negative impact on one's physical and mental wellness.
  4. Deficiency of Sleep - People frequently work until late at night, surf their smartphones nonstop, etc., and ignore their natural sleep pattern. Professionals in medicine advise that each person needs a set amount of time to sleep. An unhealthy lifestyle is the outcome of sleep deprivation.
  5. Junk Food Consumption- has taken on the function of the balanced diet that everyone should follow otherwise. Poor eating habits immediately result in poor wellbeing. Pollution and other natural occurrences also deteriorate our health and fitness. To protect ourselves from the harmful effects of the natural environment, appropriate preventative actions must be implemented.

How to maintain good health?

Instead of waiting until one gets sick or weak to tackle health issues, the most excellent approach to keeping healthy is safeguarding it through a healthy lifestyle. This ongoing condition of improved well-being is referred to as wellness. Wellness encourages proactive mindfulness of and involvement in actions that protect the health, both personally and communally. The long-term maintenance of wellbeing and good health necessitates constant endeavours.

Below are the ways that contribute to maintaining a fit and healthy body:

  • Because regular exercise routines directly affect a person's physical and mental health, they are crucial. Every person should set aside a specific amount of time each day for workout.
  • Balanced nutritious food consumption - Paying attention to everything one eats and drinks. A balanced diet with necessary proteins, vitamins, and minerals promotes health and fitness.
  • Neat and well-organized surroundings - In order for us to thrive, we must keep our environment orderly and healthy.
  • Getting the recommended amount of sleep - Medical guidelines state that a person needs at least 8 hours of sleep every night.
  • Drinking a lot of water because it speeds up metabolism and aids in the discharge of toxins.
  • Acquiring effective stress management abilities
  • Maintaining cleanliness standards and good hygiene.
  • Taking part in endeavours that have a significance
  • Possessing an optimistic view towards life. Maintaining physical fitness and health is essential for mental wellbeing. To sustain happiness and good mental and emotional health and fitness, one should let only positive thoughts control their minds.

One might not be able to completely protect themselves against diseases. However, one should make every effort to build resilience and get their body and mind prepared to cope with ailments when they appear.

If one makes staying healthy and fit their primary goal, it is not tough. Every one of us can live a healthy, active, and productive life by adhering to the above-mentioned straightforward guidelines. The key contributing aspects to our wellbeing and leading a healthy, active lifestyle are actually keeping a balanced mind, eating a nutritious food, exercising frequently, practising yoga, and getting enough sleep.


Health Essay

The most crucial thing for anybody to look after should be their health. A healthy lifestyle brings enjoyment, success, and accomplishments. Maintaining good health encompasses both maintaining a sound physical fitness as well as a sound mental state. Our health is influenced by several things, including our diet, environmental pollution, sleeping schedule, access to clean water and air, sunlight, and a good mental state.

Exercise and morning strolls are particularly effective in preserving our physical and emotional well-being. We foster the circumstances that result in an unsuitable and unhealthy lifestyle. That is true. Therefore, we should form healthy habits and get the ability to implement the necessary actions in order to enjoy a wholesome and active lifestyle. Focusing on making the right decision at any particular time rather than delaying tasks that must be completed over the long term is the path to a healthy and active lifestyle.

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