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Good Manners Essay

Good manners are polite and well-bred social behavior that a kid learns from childhood, and it is the most important stepping stone to achieving success and prosperity in our lives and making life meaningful.

Good Manners Essay

The parents are the child's first teacher and try to teach their child all the good things they learn from their ancestors or Parents. They try to tell about good manners in the best possible way so that their child acquires all Good manners and behavior easily from childhood because they know those good manners contribute to the wholesome development of the child as a good individual in particular and a wonderful human being in general. Good manners of the individual are a prerequisite to living peacefully and in harmony in a plural society.

"Many people are educated but not mannered."

A child first learns about good manners from their parents and always try to copy their behavior when they can understand. It is the most important task for the parents to behave appropriately in front of their Children's and teach them all about good manners that they acquired from their parents, for instance, brushing teeth twice regularly, greeting people with respect and joy, maintaining proper hygiene, and choosing the best and correct way of speaking in front of the elders and seniors this all contributed in the wholesome development of a child.

If the child is taught right from early childhood, it would be easier to process good manners and behaviors as he grows up very easily and freely. Good manners are essential in almost every sphere of life, whether education, job, sports, or business etc., every field needs a person with good manners and behavior because it helps the company and school reach the highest level. For example, in the education sector, such as school, and college, students must respect their teachers always and have good conversations with their classmates and friends.

Teachers teach them to complete homework or other class assignments timely. Also, they must follow what their teacher is saying. And if the child is doing all such things, it creates a good impression of the child in front of others and enhances their social relationships with classmates and teachers. And if a child learns about good manners from early education, its good effect shows in almost every other field.

In the working field of individuals, whatever it be office, departments, and other working places ones must respect their co-workers, juniors and the people who ranked higher to them in working atmosphere to maintain a smooth workflow and to avoid any negative feedback and achieve much success with the good behavior.

The good manners and behavior of an individual will help them in building up a trustworthy image in other's eyes, it helps other people to find it easy to have a conversation with the person having good manners, and they share all their positive and negative feedback about him, it overall increases individual's self-esteem. In a workplace, people having good manners and behaving politely helps to create a positive attitude among the employee and employers. Discipline helps maximize workflow, enhances the quality of work in the workplace, and helps the firm achieve milestones.

There are no institutes in our country or anywhere in the world where one can learn about good manners. Behaving well is mostly a self-learned, self-acquired, self-creating, self-understanding, self-processing process in which one slowly develops by observing others as one grows up.

From the beginning of our childhood, we start learning about good manners from our parents and, elders, teachers, but as we grow up gradually, we come across many people and learn something from them. Some situations teach us to behave, react gently and politely and handle situations bravely. Sometimes even strangers, young kids, friends, family members, and teachers leave a long-lasting impact on our brains, and we get opportunities to learn manners from them.

There are so many advantages to being well-mannered. First and most importantly, it makes society a better place to live in with people's having different occupations and belonging to other countries. In general, it promotes diversity and makes the world a better place to live in. It helps maintain a healthy and polite atmosphere suitable for all family members at home. It helps students to become the favorite student of the teachers and favorite classmates and good friends.

Good Manners consist of the following qualities:

1. Honesty

"Honesty is the best policy" -Benjamin Franklin. The significance of this quote is taught to us from the right beginning. The meaning of honesty is being truthful to others. But the true meaning of honesty is true to ourselves first and then to others. It means upholding the truth under all circumstances, not only speaking what is right.

Being honest and wise means understanding the situation, studying the facts, speaking it, telling it, embracing it, always supporting it and upholding the truth. Right from the beginning of childhood, our parents, elders, seniors and teachers always taught us to follow honesty under all situations and circumstances. Honesty is the first and foremost quality required among individuals to live with harmony and peace, and it helps to create confidence among all, and they live happily.

2. Empathy

The true meaning of empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of others. It is a highly valued trait among people and essential for social relationships and interaction. It helps the individual to understand the feelings and emotions of other persons. It is required for both professional as well as personal lives. It helps to understand other people's values, cultures, beliefs, and practices.

Sometimes it has the power of connection by sensing the other person's experience that the other person is feeling and going through. Empathy plays a very important role in creating emotional attachment or connection with the other person and helps to understand what the individual is going through. It creates a path to enter another individual mindset and solve the confusion easily because, from their experience, a person knows how to overcome unwanted situations well. It plays a very important role in removing the negativity and negative thoughts from the mindset of others by building emotional connections.

3. Generosity

Generosity is the quality of being kind and generous to others without expecting anything in return from anyone. It involves charity, sharing talents and assets, offering time, and adding someone in need. It is widely accepted as one of the most important traits of human beings. It helps to feel and understand the pain of others. It is the guiding principle for many individuals, volunteers, non-profit organizations, foundations, and registered charitable trusts. Although generosity always goes hand in hand with charity.

In the times of natural calamities, for example, floods in Assam create a lot of problems for the people at that time, relief efforts are provided frequently by the individuals voluntarily such as donation of money, goods, etc. also, various groups acting unilaterally in making charity's, relief camps, all these efforts guided by the generosity. But it doesn't mean that only donation during natural calamities is generosity; it is more than that.

4. Loyalty

It is defined as the state of allegiant to someone and something. Also, It is the positive feeling of commitment and devotion to someone or something. Loyalty is the essential quality needed for the healthy functioning of relationships among people and society. It helps to create and boost cooperation, makes people secure and safe, and helps to provide social security and social stability so that they can trust each other without any doubts. It is a universal quality which not only exists in human beings but also in all other living things.

For example, a dog is loyal to his master throughout his life. It exists in people's relationships when they are completely devoted to each other. It focuses on the good aspects of the relationship and trying to overcome the difficulties. It helps in preserving and building a more loyal relationship. It has benefits like trust, stability in relationships, success and achievements, and lasting happiness.

5. Discipline

Discipline trains people to obey rules and a code of behaviour in regular order. It is the most important aspect of good manners; every good manner is directly or indirectly related to discipline. It is one of the first few lessons we learn from school, school forms the base of discipline, and as we grow up, we obey rules and regulations more and more. Discipline means living your life with proper rules and regulations, which helps to achieve the success and desired goals of our lives.

It helps to understand all the principles required to be successful in life. When we start to lead a disciplined life, we automatically start to improve our bad habits, which improve our personality and life and boost our confidence. When you lead a disciplined life, you contribute to the nation's development by being a good citizen.

6. Good Communication Skills

Communication is the imparting and exchanging of information or news between individuals and their environment. And through such interaction, individuals influence their idea, beliefs, and attitudes and boost cooperation among themselves. Good communication skills form the base of any good manners because they are the most vital throughout human life. By speaking, we express ourselves. It shows individual character and personality and aids us in connecting with people very easily and comfortably.

Whether you are a student, working professional, teacher, parent etc., good communication skills are something every individual needs. The proper communication skills help the individual to solve several problems and resolve serious issues very easily and politely. Good communication skills are required for the wholesome development of the individual because it helps us interact with peoples, share our thoughts, and understand their thoughts.

With good communication skills, individual enhances their social prestige. It makes society a better place to live in because everyone in the society speaks well, treats everyone with respect, and shows generosity towards each other. Good communication skills are very important in students' life it helps to achieve success in their careers. Without good communication skills, professional life is incomplete, and it forms the base of any firm's development.

7. Responsibility

Responsibility is one of the most important qualities of the individual's character, which means that an individual should deal with something or have power over somebody. It forms the main part of human life and its character. It is our ability to make every decision precisely that not only serves our interest but also the interest of others. Before we can be responsible for others, our first duty is to be responsible for ourselves.

These are the manners needed throughout life, from school to professional life, from personal to social life, because every work, relationship, and social interaction needs responsibility. Responsibility teaches us how to handle situations for which we are not prepared and manage difficult times responsibly. It helps to develop cognitive abilities, understand the situation very accurately, show patience and behave normally during difficult times.

8. Kindness

Kindness is the most important and powerful quality of living beings, and these qualities make individuals as true human beings. It is like a rare sapling which needs to be taken care of with the utmost care and requires love and dedication to grow and become a tree. It is something that every human being should have, not just those lucky people with wealth and privilege but also those who have to struggle for their next meal.

Sometimes people ignore kindness. It means ignoring how the people feel, their love, happiness and joy. The truth of kindness never is measured because it does not count how much you have in your wallet but how much you love someone unconditionally. Before being kind to others, it is our utmost duty to be kind to ourselves first and then to others. If the individual understands the true meaning of kindness, then people love each other unconditionally. Kindness often goes unnoticed because it permeates the individual soul.

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