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C vs C++

No. C C++
1) C follows the procedural style programming. C++ is multi-paradigm. It supports both procedural and object oriented.
2) Data is less secured in C. In C++, you can use modifiers for class members to make it inaccessible for outside users.
3) C follows the top-down approach. C++ follows the bottom-up approach.
4) C does not support function overloading. C++ supports function overloading.
5) In C, you can't use functions in structure. In C++, you can use functions in structure.
6) C does not support reference variables. C++ supports reference variables.
7) In C, scanf() and printf() are mainly used for input/output. C++ mainly uses stream cin and cout to perform input and output operations.
8) Operator overloading is not possible in C. Operator overloading is possible in C++.
9) C programs are divided into procedures and modules C++ programs are divided into functions and classes.
10) C does not provide the feature of namespace. C++ supports the feature of namespace.
11) Exception handling is not easy in C. It has to perform using other functions. C++ provides exception handling using Try and Catch block.
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