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C++ vs C#

The following are the differences between C++ and C#:

C++ vs C#
  • Type of language
    C++ is a low-level language, while C# is a high-level language.
  • Lightweight language
    C++ is a lightweight language as compared to C# language as the libraries of C# language need to be included before compilation due to which size of binaries in C# language is more than C++ language.
  • Performance
    C++ code runs faster than the C# code and makes a better solution for those applications that require higher performance.
  • Garbage Collection
    C# provides the automatic garbage collection while C++ does not provide the automatic garbage collection, i.e., the objects are allocated or deallocated manually.
  • Platform dependency
    C# language is a standardized language so it works only on Windows operating system while C++ supports all the platforms such as Windows, Unix, Linux, Mac, etc.
  • Types of projects
    C++ language mainly works on those applications that communicate directly with the hardware while C# language is mainly used for mobile, web, desktop or gaming applications.
  • Compiler warnings
    C++ allows you to do everything if the syntax is correct, but sometimes cause real damage to the operating system. C# language is a much-protected language as compiler gives errors and warnings without allowing you to create serious damage.
  • Compilation
    C++ code is compiled to machine code C# code compiles to CLR(Common Language Runtime) which is interpreted by the JIT(Just In Time) compiler.
  • Multiple Inheritance
    C++ language supports multiple inheritances, while C# language does not support the multiple inheritances.
  • Level of Difficulty
    C++ language contains more complex features than C# language while C# language is a simple hierarchy which is quite easy to understand.
  • Default access specifier
    In C++, the default access specifier is public while in C#, the default access specifier is private.
  • Object Oriented
    C++ language is not a complete object-oriented language while C# language is a pure object-oriented programming language.
  • Bound checking
    C++ language does not support the bound checking for arrays while C# language supports the bound checking for arrays.
  • For each loop
    C++ language does not support the for each loop while C# language supports the for each loop.
  • Use of pointers
    In C++, we can use the pointers anywhere in the program while in C# language, pointers are used in the unsafe area.
  • Switch statement
    In C++, string variable cannot be passed in the switch statement, but in C# language, string variable can be passed in the switch statement.
  • Standalone applications
    C++ language can be used to develop standalone applications, but C# language cannot be used to develop standalone applications.
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