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C++ Program For Octal To Decimal Conversion

In this article, we will discuss the C++ program for octal to decimal conversion with its explanation.


Here's a simple C++ program to convert an octal number to its decimal equivalent:


C++ Program For Octal To Decimal Conversion


1. Include Header Files:

  • #include <iostream>: This line includes the header file for the input/output stream, which is required to operate on input and output.
  • #include <cmath>: This line includes the cmath header file, which is required to compute powers with the pow function.

2. namespace:

  • As this line declares, the program will use the std namespace. The standard C++ library is contained in the std namespace.

3. Function for Octal to Decimal Conversion:

  • An octal number is passed to the octalToDecimal function, which returns its decimal equivalent.
  • It iterates through each digit of the octal number using a while loop.
  • The modulo operator (%) is used inside the loop to calculate the remaining digit.
  • The decimal equivalent is updated by multiplying the remainder by 8, raised to the power of i (the digit's position).
  • Until the octal number drops to zero, the loop is repeated.

4. Main Function:

  • The program's entry point serves as the primary function.
  • It declares a variable called octalNumber to store the octal number the user enters.
  • Using cout and cin, the user is asked to enter an octal number.
  • The user-inputted octal number is passed as an argument to the octalToDecimal function, and the outcome is saved in the decimalNumber
  • After that, the user is shown the decimal equivalent via cout.

5. Return Statement:

The main function returns 0, indicating successful execution to the operating system.

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