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50 Sentences of Active and Passive Voice

Active Voice

In daily conversation, we frequently choose to construct our sentences using the active voice. It is frequently appropriate to employ active voice verbs when describing circumstances and actions that are told from the perspective of the person or thing that performs them. In these lines, the action's performer is typically the subject. The thing that is impacted by the action is commonly referred to as an object.

Sentences in the active voice help beginners learn the language. Because of their simpler structure compared to other sentence kinds, active voice sentences.

The reader will understand a sentence's meaning more clearly, more forcefully, and strongly when it is written in an active voice.

Active voice structure allows the reader to directly experience the results of the activity. We generally employ an active voice in our regular talks due to this.

50 Sentences of Active and Passive Voice

Passive Voice

When the object impacted by the action or circumstance becomes the subject of the sentence, the passive voice is being used. Such phrases frequently convey a more literary vibe.

Such objects are frequently seen, especially in literary writings. These sentences have a distinct sentence structure from the rest. According to various time patterns, different terms may be employed in sentences.

Now let us have a look at some of the sentences of Active and Passive Voice

50 sentences of Active and Passive Voice

1. Active Voice:- Did they inform Raj that we were speaking to her ?

Passive Voice:- Has Raj been informed that we are speaking to her ?

2. Active Voice:- They gave a questionnaire to all the candidates and requested for them to be submitted in the appropriate way .

Passive Voice:- All candidates were given a questionnaire and requested to submit them in the appropriate way .

3. Active Voice:- Minny is grilling a Toast .

Passive Voice:- A Toast is being grilled by Minny .

4. Active Voice:- Hari ate 12 momos at lunch .

Passive Voice:- At lunch, 12 momos were eaten by Hari .

5. Active Voice:- After speaking to Divya, some aspects about my career became simple .

Passive Voice:- After I was spoken to by Divya, some aspects have been simplified about my career .

6. Active Voice:- Gorgeous elephants wander the Wildlife Sanctuary .

Passive Voice:- The Wildlife Sanctuary is wandered by Gorgeous elephants .

7. Active Voice:- Siya changed the broken switch .

Passive Voice:- The broken switch was changed by Siya .

8. Active Voice:- I submit the receipts every week, and after this procedure, you do not appreciate in any manner. Such an attitude disappoints me .

Passive Voice:- The receipts are submitted by me every week, and after this procedure, I am not appreciated in any manner. I am disappointed by such an attitude .

9. Active Voice:- We are going to attend a concert tonight .

Passive Voice:- A concert is going to be attended by us tonight .

10. Active Voice:- He respects us .

Passive Voice:- We are respected by him .

11. Active Voice:- I started the bike course at the correct time .

Passive Voice:- The bike course was started by me at the correct time .

12. Active Voice:- The team paved the entire path of the road .

Passive Voice:- The entire path of the road was paved by the team .

13. Active Voice:- Aunty read the manuscript in one week .

Passive Voice:- The manuscript was read by Aunty in one week .

14. Active Voice:- Chimpanzees really like bananas, and by utilizing this fact, researchers have organized numerous experiments and environments .

Passive Voice:- Bananas are really liked by Chimpanzees, and numerous experiments and environments have been organized by researchers using this fact .

Active Voice:- I will clean the house every Saturday .

Passive Voice:- The house will be cleaned by me every Saturday .

15. Active Voice:- The firm requires the team to watch a productivity video every month .

Passive Voice:- The team are required by the firm to watch a productivity video every month .

16. Active Voice:- Tina polished the entire bungalow .

Passive Voice:- The entire bungalow was polished by Tina .

17. Active Voice:- I comprehend the challenge of your circumstance, but individuals should share with others what they learn in such circumstances .

Passive Voice:- The challenge of the circumstance is comprehended by me, but what is learned in such circumstances should be shared with others .

18. Active Voice:- The educator always replies to the kid's queries .

Passive Voice:- The kids' queries are always replied to by the educator .

19. Active Voice:- The band really likes that song .

Passive Voice:- That song is really liked by the band .

20. Active Voice:- A quick fire damaged the entire town .

Passive Voice:- The entire town was damaged by a quick- fire .

21. Active Voice:- The three monarchs are signing the agreement .

Passive Voice:- The agreement is being signed by the three monarchs .

22. Active Voice:- The cleaning group mops and sanitizes the workplace every morning .

Passive Voice:- Every morning, the workplace is mopped and sanitized by the cleaning group .

23. Active Voice:- Lina generously distributed cash to the kids' in camp .

Passive Voice:- Cash was generously distributed to the kids in camp by Lina .

24. Active Voice:- Since the individuals I talk to request me not to talk about this topic any more, no one will ever hear this statement from me any more .

Passive Voice:- This statement will definitely not be heard from me, as I am requested to not talk about this issue further by the individuals I am speaking to .

25. Active Voice:- The event planner is organizing all the bookings .

Passive Voice:- All the bookings are being organized by the event planner .

26. Active Voice:- Suzi will bake 5 Kg pastries for the yearly fair .

Passive Voice:- 5Kg pastries will be baked by Suzi for the yearly fair .

27. Active Voice:- The physics class viewed the galaxy .

Passive Voice:- The galaxy was viewed by the physics class .

28. Active Voice:- The salesboy was helping the client when the robber came into the jewellery shop .

Passive Voice:- The client was being helped by the salesboy when the robber came into the jewellery shop .

29. Active Voice:- The yoga teacher will give you tips .

Passive Voice:- Tips will be given to you by the yoga teacher .

30. Active Voice:- Millions of foreigners visit the Taj Mahal every year .

Passive Voice:- The Taj Mahal is visited by millions of foreigners every year .

31. Active Voice:- The firm will recruit new workforce .

Passive Voice:- New workforce will be recruited by the firm .

32. Active Voice:- All the pupils in the batch love Professor Joana .

Passive Voice:- Professor Joana is loved by all the pupils in the batch .

33. Active Voice:- Girls love gifts .

Passive Voice:- Gifts are loved by girls .

34. Active Voice:- Individuals use Google to grasp and disseminate new facts .

Passive Voice:- The Internet is used by individuals to grasp and disseminate new facts .

35. Active Voice:- Kids munch snacks in the morning .

Passive Voice:- In the morning, snacks are munched by the kids .

36. Active Voice:- The house- help cleaned the mansion to make it sparkle .

Passive Voice:- The mansion was cleaned by the house-help to make it sparkle .

37. Active Voice:- The sweets damaged the green plants .

Passive Voice:- The green plants were damaged by the sweets .

38. Active Voice:- They have already narrated the story .

Passive Voice:- The story has already been narrated .

39. Active Voice:- The monkey hugged her baby in her arms .

Passive Voice:- The baby was hugged by the monkey in her arms .

40. Active Voice:- The News writer writes news articles .

Passive Voice:- News articles are written by the news writer .

41. Active Voice:- He discovered a dollar on the ground .

Passive Voice:- A dollar was discovered on the ground by him .

42. Active Voice:- She will mail the courier today .

Passive Voice:- The courier will be mailed by her today .

43. Active Voice:- I am going to drop my kid at the university .

Passive Voice:- My kid is going to be dropped at the university by me .

44. Active Voice:- John kicked the football .

Passive Voice:- The football is kicked by John .

45. Active Voice:- The Foreign minister suggested me to complete the paperwork .

Passive Voice:- I was suggested to complete the foreign work by the Foreign Minister .

46. Active Voice:- Jenna released the permission letter without approval .

Passive Voice:- Without the approval, a permission letter was released by the Jenna .

47. Active Voice:- Monkeys ate our food .

Passive Voice:- Our food was eaten by the monkeys .

48. Active Voice:- The garage serviced Bunty's car .

Passive Voice:- Bunty's car was serviced by the garage .

49. Active Voice:- Will he deliver the parcel today ?

Passive Voice:- Will the parcel be delivered by him today ?

50. Active Voice:- Sales executive sent the project proposal today .

Passive Voice:- The project proposal was sent by the sales executive today .

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