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Linking Verbs

Lexical verbs, also called the main verbs, can be action verbs or linking verbs. Action verbs which are doing verbs, denote physical and mental activity like run, walk, eat, think, swim, sit, etc. On the other hand, Linking verbs are verbs that denote a fact about a person or thing instead of telling us what that person or thing does.

Linking Verbs

Linking verbs link the subject with the complement, which is generally an adjective or a noun. Sometimes the complement can also be a prepositional phrase or an adverb.


  • He became a journalist. (Here, 'became' is the linking verb that links the subject 'he' with the complement 'journalist'.
  • It grew (Here, 'grew' is the linking verb that links the subject 'it' with the complement 'dark').
  • The best book shops are near the university. (Here 'are' is the linking verb that links the subject 'best book shops' with the complement 'near the university').

The linking verbs are 'to be' (is, am, are, was, were, have, has, had, being, shall, will, could be. Might be, should, etc.), 'to become' (becomes, have become, became, will become, etc.), and 'to seem' (seemed, seeming, have seemed, etc.) form of the verb. There are some more linking verbs like; appear, become, feel, get, go, grow, keep, look, prove, remains, seem, smell, taste, and turn.

Examples of linking verbs

  • Tom is my favorite dog.
  • The car was incredibly fast.
  • I am happy that I passed my ocean breeze.
  • Nancy feels a bit sick today.
  • William is excited about his promotion.
  • She seems upset about the announcement.
  • The eggs smell
  • He went red after tripping on the rug.
  • Your wedding plans sound
  • You look exhausted after studying all night.
  • I am putty in his hands.
  • Maria might have been forthcoming with the news.
  • Tom acted nervous when the conductor walked on stage.
  • Dreams come true when we believe in them.
  • The crowd stayed calm in spite of the imminent threat.
  • All the children seem satisfied with the bouncy castle.
  • Bob felt sleepy after eating the whole pizza.
  • The cinnamon rolls taste
  • Building the house was difficult for them.
  • Anthony had a dream.
  • The spectator remained silent after the injury on the field.
  • He became suspicious when he saw the safe was open.
  • All the kittens were
  • The theater gets dark when the show is about to begin.
  • Some couples are lucky enough to grow old together.
  • I feel worthy when the boss compliments me.
  • The weather was accommodating, and the party continued.
  • You are being foolish to believe her.
  • Mary was nostalgic on her 50th
  • Your friend might be disappointed if you don't go.
  • Sometimes, kids are
  • We are dismayed about the foreclosure.
  • The tests indicate that your child is
  • Martin is fond of spicy food.
  • Jumping into a pond could be
  • Most children get cranky when they are slippery.
  • A flaw in the design appeared to be the cause of the collapse.

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