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Adjective Exercises

An adjective is a word that changes or characterizes a noun or noun phrase. Its role is to alter the information provided by the noun.

Adjectives provide more information in terms of quality, quantity, number, and so on. Some adjectives include- red, green, sweet, beautiful, etc. There are also three forms of adjective positive, comparative (for comparison of two things), and superlative (showing the highest degree of comparison).

Adjective Exercises

Adjective Exercises- Part 1

Please fill the following sentences with the appropriate form of adjectives. (Comparative or Superlative)

  1. My apartment is (small) ------- than hers.
  2. The bouquet is (beautiful)---------- than the one kept on the table.
  3. This is the (comfortable)-----------sofa I have ever used for sitting.
  4. Who is the (rich)------kid in the world?
  5. This is one of the (bad) -----------films that I have recently seen.
  6. He is one of the -------(powerful) ----------persons in the nation.
  7. Shakespeare is known as one of the (great)---------- men in English Literature.
  8. Helen is a (good)---------- athlete of the two.
  9. The job offer is too (good)-------- for me
  10. Healthy eaters usually live (long) -----------than the non-healthy ones.

Note: Do try the exercise before seeing the answers.

Answers to Adjective Exercises- Part 1

  1. Smaller
  2. More beautiful
  3. Most comfortable
  4. Richest
  5. worst
  6. most powerful
  7. greatest
  8. better
  9. good
  10. longer

Adjective Exercises Part 2

Identify the adjective and its type from the following sentences.

  1. The United States of America is a big nation.
  2. They ate some sandwiches.
  3. There are five oranges in the basket.
  4. Those mangoes are extremely sweet.
  5. Neither statement is correct.
  6. These bananas are ready to eat.
  7. Which sweater do you want to purchase?
  8. His notebook is on the desk.
  9. Give the pencils to that child.
  10. Only a few oranges are left.

Note: Make sure to try the exercise before having a look at the answers.

Answers- Adjective Exercises- Part 2

  1. Big- Adjective of Quality
  2. Some- Adjective of Quantity
  3. Five- Numeral Adjective
  4. Those- Demonstrative Adjective; Sweet- Adjective of Quality.
  5. Neither- Distributive Adjective
  6. These- Demonstrative Adjectives
  7. Which- Interrogative Adjectives
  8. His- Possessive Adjectives
  9. That- Demonstrative Adjective
  10. few- Adjective of Quantity

Adjective Exercises- Part 3

Identify the adjectives from the following sentences

  1. The Kangaroo has long legs.
  2. Our professor is beautiful and tall.
  3. The curd is sour in taste.
  4. The black bottle is kept on the table.
  5. Rishi is an honest and kind-hearted person.
  6. The party was noisy, and neighbors were unable to sleep due to it.
  7. The car has become rusty after not being used.
  8. The whole team was awarded for their performance.
  9. Indian team won the cricket match.
  10. Hina is a pleasant person; everyone likes her company.

Note: Do make an attempt before having a look at the answers.

Answers- Adjective Exercises Part 3

  1. Long
  2. Beautiful and Tall
  3. Sour
  4. Black
  5. Honest and Kind-Hearted
  6. Noisy
  7. Rusty
  8. Whole
  9. Indian
  10. Jovial

Adjective Exercises- Part 4

Choose the correct adjective from the following sentences.

  1. The (later/latter) portion of the video clip is interesting.
  2. (Each/Every) man desires to be wealthy and famous.
  3. We all are asked to stay at home till (father/ further) order.
  4. We have (some/any) great news for all your you.
  5. He is my (older/elder) brother.
  6. Have you watched (some/any) movie recently.
  7. Kids saw (many/ much) animals on a jungle safari
  8. There is not (many/much) salt in the food.
  9. There are (a few/little) tables in the hall.
  10. There is (some/any) juice in the glass.
  11. I have (less/little) interest in painting.
  12. She has (less/little) faith in her husband.
  13. Do they have any (father/further) plans?
  14. I have (fewer/less) time to finish this assignment.
  15. I would need (fewer/less) outfits this season.

Note: Please make an attempt to do the exercise on your own before seeing the answers.

Adjective Exercises - Part 4 Answers

  1. Latter
  2. Every
  3. Further
  4. Some
  5. Elder
  6. Any
  7. Many
  8. Much
  9. A few
  10. some
  11. Little
  12. Little
  13. Further
  14. Less
  15. Fewer

Adjective Exercises- Part 5

Choose the appropriate adjective form to make grammatically correct sentences.

1. They are ___________than their friends

  1. Poor
  2. Poorer
  3. Poorest

2. She is much___________now.

  1. Good
  2. Better
  3. Best

3. We had _________fun at the live event than at the party.

  1. Much
  2. More
  3. Most

4. How________cash have you got?

  1. More
  2. Most
  3. Much

5. This is the _____________pizza I have ever had.

  1. Bad
  2. Worse
  3. Worst

Note: Please make an attempt to solve the exercise before having a look at the answers.

Answers- Adjective Exercises- Part 5

  1. Poorer
  2. Better
  3. More
  4. Much
  5. Worst

Have a hard time understanding or solving these exercises?

Adjective usage often requires regular practice. So, practice often to get hold of the concept and fundamentals. The more you practice, the better your sentence formation and adjective usage will become.

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