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Imperative Sentence Examples

Sentences in English can be of many sorts and hence categorized in various ways. One method to categorize them is according to their function. Given this, sentences can be classed as declarative, imperative, interrogative, or exclamatory. This page will concentrate on imperative sentences.

Imperative Sentence Examples

What are Imperative Sentences?

An imperative sentence is one that is used to express order, a request, or a prohibition. The subject of this form of the sentence always occurs in the second person (you), although the subject is usually disguised.

What Do Imperative Sentences Do?

The following imperative sentences are used:

  1. to issue an order or instruction.
  2. to submit a request.
  3. to provide instructions.
  4. to make a recommendation, a suggestion, or an invitation.

Imperative sentences can be used to command, request, instruct, advise, or invite.

The verb is usually at the start of an imperative sentence, while the subject is completely absent. In particular, the subject is inferred and frequently alludes to the second person, or "the reader."

Imperative Mood and Imperative Verbs

The imperative mood, which produces a command, is one of the verb moods. Imperative verbs are frequently used to begin imperative phrases.

As an example,

  1. Halt !
  2. Please return it !
  3. Make your bed.
  4. Please adjust the frequency.

Imperative Sentences, Both Positive and Negative

An imperative sentence can contain either a positive or negative command, i.e., a "do" or "do not" command. The word "do" is frequently conveyed in positive imperatives, which means it is not explicitly expressed. The "do not" (or "don't") is directly mentioned in negative imperatives.

Example 1 :

Positive: Go swimming !

Negative: Do not enter the swimming pool !

Example 2 :

Positive: Be Quick !

Negative: Don't walk so quickly !

Example 3 :

Positive: Eat slowly !

Negative: Don't eat so quickly !

Imperative Sentence Examples

Here are some instances of imperative sentences:

To Give the Order

  1. Get away !
  2. Maintain silence !
  3. Don't stand up !
  4. Complete your task.
  5. Clean your room.
  6. Switch off your phone.
  7. See you after class.
  8. Don't devour the entire cake.
  9. Stop feeding the lake birds.
  10. Stop littering the streets.

Making a Request

  1. Give me some snacks, please. (A comma is used to emphasize something )
  2. Assist me, please.
  3. Please arrive promptly.
  4. Please help us by cooperating.
  5. Join us tonight.
  6. Give me a notepad and marker.
  7. Please carry this bag.
  8. Please wait for me.
  9. Come along with us to the adventure park.
  10. Please help your teachers by maintaining discipline.

To Instruct

  1. Travel along this street and turn right.
  2. Turn the lever counterclockwise.
  3. Unplug the power connection.
  4. Put them in the refrigerator for 15 min.
  5. Preheat the oven to 350°F.
  6. In the pan, drizzle olive oil.
  7. Take a step forward.
  8. Go to that shop tomorrow morning.
  9. Walk in your lane.
  10. Switch off the mobile phone charging by unplugging its wire.

To Provide Any Advice

  1. Drive with caution.
  2. Consume plenty of juice.
  3. Take a cab.
  4. Review your responses before posting them.
  5. Wear that dress shirt with your gray cardigan.
  6. Don't give her coffee. (in the negative )
  7. Don't let her stand.
  8. Take your medication.
  9. Eat your fruits and veggies.
  10. Live with honesty.

Imperative Sentence Examples

Now let us have a look at some of the imperative sentence examples, irrespective of their purpose and function.

  1. Shall we not visit the mall ?
  2. Finish these tasks by today.
  3. Select your companions wisely.
  4. Shall we not munch on snacks here ?
  5. Relish it !
  6. Don't message me.
  7. Somebody pick up the telephone !
  8. Be there at six.
  9. Don't do this.
  10. Go to page 100 in the textbook.
  11. Make sure you seal the envelope properly.
  12. Shall she not visit us ?
  13. Shall he not go out ?
  14. Don't shift !
  15. Please give me a loan.
  16. Walk slowly.
  17. Don't stand there.
  18. Provide us with the gate pass.
  19. Study a lot to enhance your brain power and skill.
  20. Shall she not meet us ?
  21. Shall he not drink tea here ?
  22. Do not smoke in these premises.
  23. You clean your hands and feet first and then enter the temple.
  24. 24. Organize your clothes and clean your table.
  25. Stop imitating and read your booklet.
  26. Take the kitty for a stroll, please.
  27. Stop painting your fingernails.
  28. Nobody talks !
  29. Do not talk loudly.
  30. Please be calm in the monastery.
  31. Share blessings for somebody.
  32. Do your assignments !
  33. Relish some fresh berries.
  34. Stop laughing !
  35. Have wisdom.
  36. Let no one of you speak.
  37. Turn off your cell mobiles.
  38. Do not see me like this.
  39. Do not utter such things.
  40. Don't doubt us !
  41. Hey you, please see here !
  42. Oh, do keep quiet !
  43. Please join us for brunch.
  44. Hand over those files and documents.
  45. Consider that pink suit.
  46. Pass the plate.
  47. Wait for us !
  48. Stop honking the car !
  49. You clean your hands first and then have your snacks.
  50. Kindly carry the novel for us.
  51. Please forget my mistakes; I have rectified myself.
  52. Don't ever underestimate anybody's skill.
  53. Mind your step ahead; there are stairs.
  54. Please give me a discount.
  55. take a picture of the mountains, as it is spectacular !
  56. Take a snapshot of the beautiful landscape !
  57. Take a left turn !
  58. Turn right after going straight !
  59. Don't sip that drink !
  60. Don't consume that dish. It tastes awful !
  61. Get rid of belly fat.
  62. Respond to attendance calls.
  63. Keep your cell phone in general mode.
  64. Don't interfere with me while I am driving.
  65. Congratulations on the wedding.
  66. Close all the windows.
  67. Don't be sorry for the failure.
  68. Let us have a discussion about the wedding.
  69. Nobody wishes to get eliminated at this moment.
  70. Try to stay true to your words.

Imperatives Can Be Found Anywhere!

Imperatives account for a substantial portion of our everyday conversation. We utilize words all the time to give orders, make requests, extend invites, instruct, and advise.

You've undoubtedly spoken something today that mirrors a portion of the commands in these urgent sentences:

  1. Please pass the TV remote.
  2. Be considerate.
  3. Turn up the volume !
  4. Please elaborate.
  5. Come on over for some coffee.
  6. Read a good book.
  7. Stop moaning !
  8. Take note of this !
  9. Be polite to everyone.
  10. Never tell a lie.
  11. Always be respectful towards others.
  12. Please explain your issue.
  13. Learn a new skill every now and then.
  14. Mark your calendar for this event.
  15. Please divide the expenses equally.

Pay closely, and you'll notice we're surrounded by imperatives (there was one just there!). Pay attention to yourself and others (there's another one). Keep an eye out for imperatives as you buy novels, watch films, and dance along to songs (and other things).


Thus, as can be seen, Imperative Sentences comprise of 3 Elements. An imperative sentence's phrase form revolves around an imperative verb. The three essential elements include the following;

1. Implied second person: A subject is not present in an imperative statement. An imperative sentence's subject is rather an inferred second person?"you."

2. Imperative verb: An imperative statement usually starts with an infinitive version of a verb (no "to"), accompanied by the remaining of the predicate.

3. Punctuation: All imperative sentences usually conclude with a period, but if the request is very urgent, the sentence can conclude with an exclamation mark.

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