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Homophones Words

English has always been a language that has piqued the interest of its students and users in a variety of ways. It is also a dialect that is always changing. A new word is introduced to the vast vocabulary almost every day. Homophones are one of the many intriguing aspects of language.

Homophones Words

This article will teach you everything you need to learn about homophones, including their meaning, definition, and how to utilize them, as well as instances of homophone pairings and their meanings.

What Are Homophones? - Definition and Meaning

Words that sound alike to one another yet have separate spellings and meanings are known as homophones. Learning homophones can aid in the development of your vocabulary. Only by learning the spellings and significance of the homophones you'll be able to accurately employ them.

Let us now glance at a few of the definitions provided by various dictionaries to better grasp what homophones are.

  • As defined by the Oxford Learner's Dictionary, a homophone is "a term that is pronounced like just another term but with a different spelling or meaning. "
  • A comparable term can be found in the Cambridge Dictionary. A homophone, as per them, is "a word which is pronounced similar to another term but has a distinct meaning, spelling, or perhaps both. "
  • As per Merriam-Webster, a homophone is "one of two or more words pronounced similarly but differing in meaning, origin, or spelling. "
  • The Collins Dictionary defines homophones as "terms with various meanings that are pronounced identically but spelt differently. "
Homophones Words

Points To Remember When Using Homophones In Sentences

As previously stated, homophones feature similar sounds yet different spellings and meanings. As a result, you must comprehend and memorize the distinctions between homophone pairs.

One method for remembering them is associating them with their roles and analyzing which part of speech each word in the pair corresponds to. Regardless of how you recall it, only consistent use of these words in phrases will help you grasp how they function.

Common Homophones Words

Here's a list of the most popular English homophones to help you identify them apart:

Buy vs. By vs. Bye

  1. "Buy" refers to the act of purchasing.
  2. "By" denotes close proximity.
  3. "Bye" is the abbreviated version of goodbye.

For vs. Four vs. Fore

  1. The word "for" indicates intent.
  2. "four" is a number.
  3. "Fore" means in, near, or closer to the front.

Its vs. It's

  1. "Its" indicates ownership.
  2. "It's" is an abbreviation for "it is. "

Than vs. Then

  1. The word "than" is then employed for comparisons.
  2. "Then" represents the progression of time.

Here vs. Hear

  1. "Here" is a location-indicating adverb.
  2. The verb "hear" implies to listen.

Difference Between Homophones, Homographs, and Homonyms


These imply to words that share a similar sound but have distinctive meanings and spellings.

Some examples of homophone words include ;

Bear- Bare ;

See- Sea ;

Board- Bored ;

Sole- Soul ;

Some- Sum ;

Steal- Steel ;

Tail- Tale ;

Sun- Son.


This implies to the terms share similar spelling and have distinctive meanings and, at times, varying pronunciation.

Some of examples of Homographs include;

Tear (Noun) - tear (Verb) ;

Bear (Noun) - bear (Verb) ;

Bank (Noun) - bank (Verb) ;


This implies to the terms have similar spelling or sounds but have a distinctive purpose, role, and meaning.

Some examples of Homonyms Words include;

Dye- Die ;

New- Knew ;

Fare- Fair.

Homophones Words

Examples of Homophones Words With Meanings and Examples

1. Break/ Brake

Brake - It implies to slowing something.

To prevent the automobile from rolling backward, apply the parking brake.

Break - It implies smashing or shattering something.

If you don't grasp the vase securely, it could fall and break.

2. By/ Buy/ Bye

By- It is the preposition which implies- nearby.

Come stand by me, please.

Buy- It implies purchasing something.

Utilize the cash I handed you to buy the gadget.

Bye- It is the short form of goodbye.

"Bye for the moment," he said to her.

3. Carat/ Caret/ Carrot

Carat- The size of gemstones is measured in carats, which are units of weight (a karat is a measurement unit to assess the purity of gold).

The man gave his girlfriend a ring with a 2-carat diamond.

Caret: To signify an insertion into the text, a caret is a mark positioned below the line.

To indicate what you are introducing to the statement, use a caret.

Carrot: It is a vegetable grown in gardens.

Bugs Bunny frequently chews on a carrot.

4. For/ Four/ Fore

For- The word for denotes intent.

I will handle this for you.

Four: It is the number that comes after three but before five.

There are four viable options.

Fore: This implies in, near, or toward the front.

The bus's doors are located fore as well as aft.

5. Know/ No

Know- It is associated with knowledge.

Did you know I had a thing for cherry pie ?

No- It is the inverse of yes.

No, I did not.

6. It's/ Its

It denotes ownership, and ;

It's an abbreviation for it is.

It's odd that the bird constructed its nest in that location.

7. Our/ Hour

Our- What relates to or is linked with the person speaking is denoted by ours.

Our youngster wishes to pursue a career as a doctor.

Hour: It is a time unit equivalent to sixty minutes.

We'll be there in about an hour, according to the guide.

8. There/ Their/They're

There- It implies to a place.

The team is waiting for us there.

Their: It is a possessive form and pertains to themselves or them.

What is their purpose for coming here ?

They're - It is a short form of they are.

They're standing outside and will come in when the function begins.

9. To/Too/Two

To - It is a preposition and indicates movement or the direction.

He will come to your office on Monday.

Too- It implies also.

My buddy will come along too for the party.

Two- It refers to the number and comes between 1 and 3.

He is having two viable solutions for this problem.

10. Your/You're

Your: Your refers to what belongs to or is related with the person or individuals to whom the speaker is speaking.

Does your kid want to become a doctor ?

You're- This short form of you are.

I am sure you're happy for them.

We looked at some commonly confused homophones to see how to tell them apart. This will assist you in using the proper word when writing. As with any term, the ideal way to use it is in context, based on the message you want to express.

List Of Homophones Words With Examples - A-Z

Homophones starting with A


We placed an ad in the local newspaper.

Do you wish to add your brother's name to the lineup ?

Ail -- Ale

Make a sort of big tour by myself and take the water sources and heal what ails me.

To complete this recipe, reduce the liquid by half after deglazing the pan with brown ale.

Air- Heir

Let's walk outside and get some fresh air.

Peter was the only heir of a sizable inheritance.

All -- Awl

Although all zebras are animals, not all animals are zebras.

An awl is an iron device used for ripping leather, although the word has been employed in puns since the beginning of time.

Allowed -- Aloud

Drinking alcohol is not allowed in the hall.

The dog was in pain, so he cried aloud.

Arms - Alms

Church leaders were feeling the strain as their earnings from alms and tithes fell.

He was carrying a stack of books in his arms.

Altar -- Alter

The husband left the wife at the altar alone.

He cannot alter the plan without informing.

Ant -- Aunt

Ants labor hard all summertime.

My aunt is from Russia.

Ark - Arc

The shoreline curved in an arc.

The ark is massive, built to float rather than sail - and it launched without a hitch !

Ate- Eight

She ate four sandwiches for breakfast.

His parents met with an accident when he was eight years old.

Augur - Auger

These have concurrent sides and an auger that allows excess wood to exit.

Conflicts between different parties do not augur well for the upcoming peace negotiations.

Aural - Oral

The soundtrack provides the aural cue just before visual reference; it's as if a storm comes before the rain.

Our community, like our ancient traditions, is atomized, disparate, and largely infatuated with fun facts.

Homophones with (B)

Baize -- Bays

At the same time, she had a devoted and warm-hearted character away from the fierce baize.

He just clambers on the corner at noon and periodically bays, like a fox or coyotes.

Bald -- Bawled

He groomed his hair and attempted to conceal his bald spot.

If he didn't, they were bawled at, which took some getting used to.

Ball -- Bawl

Tina caught the frisbee with one hand.

I couldn't stop myself from bawling.

Band -- Banned

All the girls created a band when they were still studying.

Opposite party leaders were banned from entering the party office.

Bard- Barred

He can be a bard, a professor, and a theatre artist.

The doors are barred, and grass has grown tall, and the paint is peeling.

Bare -- Bear

The bushes are already bare.

I'm terrified of bears.

Barren -- Baron

Rafi is not the only political baron to ascend without the help of familial ties.

Hundreds of years ago, the field was barren land.

Be -- Bee

Be quiet; this is the library.

A bee buzzes everywhere.

Beech - Beach

It's a beautiful day for a trip to the beach.

Alder and beech groves began to sag down the banks, their roots entangled in a maze of briars and brambles.

Bean -- Been

Tom dislikes black beans.

I have never been to Asia.

Beer -- Bier

He walked into the kitchen and took the ice-cold beer can.

She tried her best to focus her mind on the task at hand, keeping her gaze fixed on the bier.

Bury -- Berry

If you are committed to growing fruits, berry shrubs and nut trees are your best bets.

We wish to bury any rumors that damage someone's image.

Berth -- Birth

You see them in designated lanes, perhaps getting a wide berth from cars.

What is your birth date ?

Billed -- Build

The product will be billed to you on a monthly basis.

They intend to build on the location of the former substation.

Blew -- Blue

They failed to create a barrier of clean blue water that separated themselves from their rivals.

To cool her drink, she blew on it.

Board -- Bored

I felt bored and left after some time.

The new tower's plan is presented on a board at the side of the room.

Braid -- Brayed

A worn braid feels scratchy and should be trimmed away and reconnected with a blood knot.

The fishers brayed laughter, happy with his joke and relieved to see the youngster had calmed down.

Brake -- Break

I still want a break.

She came to a halt with a screech of the brakes.

Bruise -- Brews

Wheat brews were once thought to be pale and hazy, in contrast to most other forms of beer.

Jenny appeared to have been crying, and she had a severe bruise on her cheek.

Bridle - Bridal

She visited House of Creation, a new American bridal shop specializing in couture dresses.

The child approached it and used the bridle to lift its head, guiding it out of the bushes.

Broach -- Brooch

He agreed not to broach the topic of separation until his partner had regained from her ailment.

Mrs. or Michel Wyatt was dressed elegantly in patent-leather boots and a brownish jacket with a silver brooch.

Buy -- By / Bye

I'd like to buy a new jacket.

The cell phone is by the door.

Goodbye, David.

Homophones (C)

Capital -- Capitol

The government is keen to attract international capital.

This same congressman once got caught up in a Capitol Hill garden after exiting a House-side special session.

Cellar -- Seller

We no longer use our brick cellar.

She is a bouquet seller.

Census - Sense

Every 10 years, a national census is conducted.

He was overcome by a sense of bereavement.

Cereal -- Serial

They formed an acceptable morning cereal when combined with milk or cream.

Their planned letters were sent back and forth like serial episodes.

Chilly -- Chili

More chili is required in the sauce.

I was feeling a little chilly.

Coral -- Choral

The season's third and final segment was choral.

He claimed that they invested $ 1.2 billion in environment protection and employed biologists to transplant coral that had been ruined.

Cite -- Sight / Site

John was cited for heroism.

Catherine's sight is exceptional for somebody her age.

The new college's site has been determined.

Coarse -- Course

The coarse particles were cold.

Andrew is enrolled in a one-year acting course.

Complement -- Compliment

The dark maroon walls complement nicely with the red recliners.

Being compared to Musician is a nice complement.

Council -- Counsel

He complained about the loudness in an email to the council.

The judge requested the defense counsel to clarify.

Homophones (D)

Dear- Deer

A deer footprints across the snow.

Huge congrats, my dear brother, on all of your outstanding academic achievements.

Die -- Dye

Do you have enough faith in something to die for it ?

Carbonless paper is covered with chemical compounds and dye to generate copies without the use of carbon paper.

Discrete - Discreet

He promised to remain discreet.

The transformation occurs in a sequence of discrete steps.

Dough -- Doe

Joshua paused for the doe to gaze him in the eyes.

Combine the lime juice and milk; stir into the flour mix until the dough leaves the edge of the bowl and becomes a ball.

Done -- Dun

I'll ring you as quickly as I'm done.

The burgundy dun nymph prefers sluggish, peaty creeks.

Draft -- Draught

My speech is still in draft form.

A cool draught swept in through the open window.

Duel - Dual

The furniture piece has a dual function as a cabinet and as a desk.

He was provoked to a duel by the captain.

Homophones (E)

Earn- Urn

He did all types of work to earn a living.

The broth urn appeared lonely.

Ewe -- You

He's assisting in the transport of ewes for huge antenatal care.

I have some exciting news for everybody.

Homophones (F)

Farther -- Father

We opted against going any farther.

My father is my hero.

Faze -- Phase

Jack was annoyed, but it didn't faze Michael a bit.

The initial phase of improvements is expected to be completed by December.

File-- Phial

Rosario went over the murder case file.

The lid swung open, and he went inside, bringing out the little phial before closing it again.

Find -- Fined

I can't seem to find the house keys.

The corporation was fined £300 for violating the rules and regulations.

Fur - Fir

You always remove the soft dirt until you reach a fir base.

The sofa was covered in cat fur.

Flaw -- Floor

Johnston's reasoning has a fundamental weakness.

We are situated on the eighth floor of the structure.

Flee -- Flea

A starved water flea in a busy pond is the sufferer of competition rather than a lack of food.

Michael gathered his savings in case Coyle was compelled to flee.

Flew -- Flu/ Flue

A bird flew past and observed one of the half-eaten lambs I had discovered.

Peter is still sick with the flu.

Centralized heating and more regulated airflow may be preferable to a perpetually open flue.

Flex -- Flecks

She saw him flex his arm muscles and lift one hand to touch the back of his throat.

In his complete head of hair, only a few particles of grey could be visible.

Flower -- Flour

In a mixing dish, combine the flour and salt.

What lovely flowers !

For -- Four

There is a note for you.

There are four passengers in the bus.

Forward -- Foreword

Johnny was asked whether he would write a foreword to her books.

They dashed forward to greet her.

Fort -- Fought

Tomorrow, just the two of you will be holding down the fort.

Henry fought many skirmishes with the preterm Labor organization in Lancashire, and it was claimed that socialist employees were discriminated against.

Foul -- Fowl

He got up with a foul taste on his tongue.

The menu includes fish, fowl, and pork, most of which are prepared in a very Western style.

Homophones (G)

Gait -- Gate

He was plump and chubby, with an active gait, a bright, vibrant face, and sparkling eyes.

We entered the vineyard through the gate.

Gamble -- Gambol

Their religion prohibits them from drinking or gambling.

I might now gambol in the hidden delights of Elysium without anyone grabbing my hand.

Genes-- Jeans

The exact quantity of human genes is currently being debated.

Her hair was untidy, as were the hoodie and jeans she was dressed in.

Gored -- Gourd

A bull approached and gored him.

I felt empty, like a dried gourd, with a few loose seeds rattling about within me.

Great -- Grate

The film was a great success.

She nearly ripped the letter in half, tore it into shards, and burnt it in the grate.

Groan -- Grown

Henry's jokes make you groan instead than enjoy.

When he married Mickey instead of her, he was a grown-up man with a tiny but stable income.

Homophones - H

Hart -- Heart

Anyone who killed a hart or hind would be blinded.

Daily exercise is beneficial to the heart.

Hear -- Here

The sound of vehicles could be heard.

The lights here are controlled by this switch.

Heel -- Heal

The soldier strode out, clicking his heels.

This will aid in the healing of your cuts and bruises.

Hi -- High

Hi there !

The home is surrounded by a high wall.

Him -- Hymn

He brought the kids with him.

The program began with a stirring hymn.

Horde -- Hoard

They discovered a hoard of Ancient currency.

A massive horde of demons was defeated by the dwarves.

Hole--- Whole

The bomb blasted a massive hole in the ground.

He wasn't stating the whole truth.

Holy -- Wholly

The priest sprinkles holy water over the kid's head.

According to the report, the calamity was wholly inevitable.

Hour -- Our

The session lasted about half an hour.

We exhibited them a few of our photographs.

Homophones Words

Homophones (I)

I -- Eye

Several years ago, I relocated to this town.

Ow! I have something stuck in my eye !

Idle -- Idol

I can't afford to keep the land idle.

Diana is a teenage idol for many.

Insight -- Incite

Republican politicians have opined that Liberals are using Social Security intimidation tactics to incite seniors citizen and others to oppose the constitutional change.

The text provides us with a comprehensive insight of the reasons of the current economic crisis.

Homophones (K)

Knead -- Need

Knead the dough for a few minutes on a gently floured surface.

You don't actually need a vehicle.

Knew -- New

I'm curious if he knew about the strategy.

Understanding new technologies is the most difficult aspect of this job.

Knight - -Night

She is still hoping for a knight in shining armor to save her.

The incident occurred on Sunday night.

Knot -- Not

Make a knot between the two ropes.

Jane did not even notice him.

Know -- No

I know that people's writing alters as they age.

"It had to be Tony. "

"'No, you're mistaken. Ted achieved it. "

Homophones (L)


Water had begun to leak into the basement.

A mushroom leek soup is served as the first course.

Lessen -- Lesson

To lessen her discomfort, they provided her with a medication.

On Mondays, we have our first lesson in French.

Levy -- Levee

Levee breaching produced the last five of these sub-deltas.

If the govt wants to raise tax income to help the poor, it must levy a movie tax.

Lynx -- Links

The two artists are linked by their love of nature.

They may be eagle-eyed or lynx-like in their observation.

Lone -- Loan

To acquire my car, I might have to get a loan.

He was far from the lone critic of the administration.

Lute -- Loot

He denied to let his troops invade the city and loot it.

He began writing hymns here as well, which he would perform to his own arrangement on a lute.

Homophones (M)

Maid -- Made

The sky was cloudless, and the sunlight was so bright and intense that it made his head explode.

A maid drove her laundry cart down the road to the rear cottages.

Mail -- Male

He arrived home to find a pile of mail awaiting him.

Many women are paid much less than their male equivalents.

Mane -- Main

The climate is the main cause of residing in Spain.

She flung back her brown mane.

Manner - Manna

The account makes no mention of the provision of water or sustenance other than manna.

I had thought that you would act in a more mature manner.

Martial -- Marshal

Jackman has been selected grand marshal of the procession.

He'd heard the army was planning to impose martial law.

Masque -- Mask

Her snark is a mask for her uncertainty.

Comus is a masque in which the virginity of a young lady is tested but not defeated.

Maw -- More

Hundreds of billions of dollars have been thrown into the maw of defense spending.

Working together gives children a lot more confidence.

Medal -- Meddle

She received a gold medal in the most recent Olympics.

Church officials should not meddle in politics.

Meet -- Meat

Perhaps we will meet again after sometime.

I stopped consuming meat about six months ago.

Might -- Mite

I might be late by a few seconds.

Sheena is a mite weaker in Maths than Henry.

Mist -- Missed

We could only see the silhouette of the home through the mist.

He missed 40 games due to a broken bone in his wrist.

Mousse - Moose

The researchers were already aware that moose introduced to new predator species were more vulnerable.

She planned to make a white chocolate mousse torte.

Mussel - Muscle

Wayne has a thigh muscle strain and will not play today.

You can also eat beef heart, mussels, chicken, liver prawns, and other similar foods.

Homophones (N)

None-- Nun

I wish I could give you some chocolate, but there's none left.

Edna marries eventually, and Elizabeth becomes a nun.

Homophones (O)

Oar-- Or

We both picked one oar and rowed fast to the dock.

It is available in black, white, or blue.

Overdo -- Overdue

Don't overdo the seasoning in the snacks.

Her child is six days overdue.

Homophones (P)

Pail -- Pale

They returned home after filling their pail and box.

He appeared pale and tired.

Pane -- Pain

Her leg was throbbing with pain.

Smite looks through the pane, tilts her head and takes a step back.

Pair -- Pear

Each pair of eyes in the auditorium seemed to be on her.

This pear has a pleasant aroma.

Passed -- Past

We passed a bunch of kids outside the auditorium.

Examine several past examination papers to get a sense of the questions.

Peace -- Piece

I pray she might just end up leaving me in peace.

He cut a bread piece and offered it to her.

Peak -- Peek

This season's revenues have hit a new peak.

Close the eyes and don't peek !

Peddle - Pedal

She pressed her foot towards the accelerator pedal.

Farmers travel to Korea to peddle grains.

Plain - Plane

She dozed out on the plane.

The benefits were plain to observe.

Principal -- Principle

His principal purpose for traveling was to see his family.

The basic principle is that all kids up to the age of 18 should have access to education.

Profit -- Prophet

The daily profit at the shop is normally around $600.

They sent Teiresias, the elderly blind prophet and most renowned Theban.

Homophones (R)

Rain -- Reign

Most of the nation will experience heavy rain.

A higher synergy, ushering in a new reign of harmony and tranquility under the auspices of a benevolent and always just science.

Red -- Read

We colored the doorway a vibrant red.

I was surprised when I read of his murder.

Right -- Write

Continue to drive on the right side of the roadway.

She was ordered to write a progress report.

Ring- Wring

Jane left a soiled ring around the tub.

They are constantly attempting to wring further revenue from the state.

Road -- Rode

He rode through the wetlands.

I dashed down the road to see what was going on.

Role -- Roll

They would like the government's role to be limited.

I attempted to roll him on his back.

Rows -- Rouse

We do not wish to rouse any eyebrows.

When my father returned home, there were consistently rows.

Rung -- Wrung

I've rung the universe from these containers and owe them a great deal of affection and thanks.

Sarah wrung out the stockings on the towel rack after drying them out.

Homophones (S)

Sail-- Sale

She had always dreamed to sail around the globe.

Marijuana usage and sale remains to be banned.

Sauce- Source

Bring to a simmer with the fish sauce, soy milk, sugar, and lime juice.

Beans are an excellent protein source.

Scene -- Seen

The cops arrived quickly at the crime scene.

He knelt so that he would not be seen.

Skull - Scull

He didn't scull too terribly today.

Her skull was loaded with too many ideas.

See -- Sea

She searched for him but could not really see him among the crowd.

The trash was thrown into the Sea.

Shoe-- Shoo

What size shoes do you wear ?

Can you please Shoo the dog from the kitchen.

Side -- Sighed

They made their way from one side of England to the other.

At the concept, he sighed profoundly.

Sleigh - Slay

These old films still slay me !

A recreational pool, curling and skateboarding on a neighboring lake, indoor sports, and sleigh rides are available as alternatives to skiing.

Soar -- Sore

She observed the dove soaring above the oak trees.

I was suffering from a sore throat and weary limbs.

Soul -- Sole

Evans is the crash's sole witness.

He has a very gentle soul.

Some -- Sum

This dish calls for some apples also.

Bill plans to invest a large sum in renovating the property.

Sort -- Sought

He worried that Rosa was in any sort of difficulty.

He sought vengeance on Surkov for alienating him from his daughter and wife.

Staid -- Stayed

The institution is attempting to shed its staid persona.

Mom stayed at home with the children while they were little.

Stork - Stalk

He ate the entire fruit, including the stalk.

We sometimes used joke that the guys on the Hilltop were lucky because the stork delivered their babies.

Stare -- Stair

It's not nice to stare, you see.

When you stand on the second stair, it crackles.

Stationery -- Stationary

A sinker is so named because it dips below you when you are stationary.

The same may be said about bags and stationery.

Steel - Steal

Inventors understand that someone will always attempt to steal their ideas.

Yorkshire is a significant steel town.

Stile -- Style

Continue climbing the hillside on a viable path until you reach a stile on the top.

The artworks are done in an evocative style.

Sun -- Son

The sun shone brightly, and birds sang.

They have a son and one daughter.

Homophones (T)

Tale -- Tail

The male has a lovely tail.

His most recent book is a charming folk tale about animal characters.

Team -- Teem

We have an eight-person team focused on product design.

With luck, the facility will begin to teem up with federal employees within a year.

Than -- Then

Samantha was more attractive than her sister.

I wish I had understood what I realize now back then.

Their -- There

They went to sleep after washing their faces.

We may return to my house and eat there.

Throne -- Thrown

Queen Elizabeth II ascended to the throne in 1952.

The sailboat was thrown on the boulders.

Tied -- Tide

The tide swept the carcass up on the shore.

She tied the papers together.

To -- Too / Two

I took a walk to work.

The dress was far too small for me.

I had two feelings about the novel.

Tow - Toe

Only with the toe of his shoe, he smacked the earth.

The automobile stopped working, so we had to call for a tow truck.

Homophones (V)

Vain -- Vein

She forced her eyes shut, attempting in vain to keep the tears at bay.

The doctor was having difficulty locating a vein in his arm.

Vary -- Very

Class sizes vary from 25 to 30 students.

The new structure has received very much attention.

Homophones (W)

Wail-- Whale

A youngster began to wail just behind them.

We noticed a whale splashing high in the sky.

Waist -- Waste

Why waste money on garments that you don't need ?

He encircled her waist with his arm.

Weigh -- Way

This way of working does not suit me.

The baby birds weigh only a few grams.

Weak -- Week

She is still weak as a result of her illness.

He visits us once each week.

Weather -- Whether

The weather is currently unpredictable.

I questioned him whether he did everything himself or if he had assistance.

Where -- Wear

I'm curious where they'll take us.

I always wear white clothes at work.

Which -- Witch

Which of the candidates has been hired ?

He wishes for me to become a witch.

Who's -- Whose

Who's the payment for ?

Whose residence is that ?

Won -- One

Britain recently won five national championships.

There is only enough room for one individual.

Would -- Wood

He stated that he would arrive at eight o'clock.

The furnishings was all composed of wood.

Homophones (Y)

You're -- Your

You're a decent person.

Dentists recommend that you have your teeth cleaned every 6 months.

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