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Noun Exercises

The noun alludes to the terms or words that most often are the names of persons, animals, places (locations), or items or things and qualities, ideas, or actions. A noun is employed in the phrase either as subjects or the objects of the verbs or the as the objects of the prepositions employed in the phrase.

Noun Exercises

What is a noun?

The noun make up one of the most big class of words in various languages, including English. So in just basic definition, Noun is the term that alludes to things like a pens, pencils or books or to a persons or individuals like - Joey, Bishma, Richa and animals - like a cats, dogs, cows, or places like England, Delhi, Paris; Qualities like - gentle, intelligent; or ideas like honesty, truth, freedom, and actions like -dancing, limping, singing, etc.

The noun mostly or generally implies to an individual or independent word but not always like - pastry, slipper, car, and cone, and etc. There are several kinds, types of nouns.

Below you can understand the concept of nouns with the help of noun exercises which can help in grasping the concept and knowledge of the subject.

Types of Noun

The most common kind of nouns are;

Common Noun- It refers to the persons, places, or things but they definitely not allude to the names of the particular individuals, places, or things like the animals, tables, chairs, lawn and so on.

Proper Noun- It implies to the names of a specifies individual, location, or object and most often starts with a capitalized alphabet or letter like Shahrukh Khan, Alaska, Dublin, China all of these are instances of proper noun.

Singular and Plural Noun- A singular noun refers to an individual, location, or object (They are one in number).

A plural noun alludes to several individuals, locations, or objects. Examples include- dog- dogs; cat- cats; table- tables, and so on.

Countable and Uncountable Noun- Countable nouns, as the title refers, are items that can easily be counted or quantified like dogs, cats, bottles, and so on.

Uncountable nouns, on the opposite, lack the capacity to be counted or quantified. They specifically encompass of the single type and do not have the plural forms - you cannot put an "s" to all of these. For example, mud, rice, knowledge, and hair.

Abstract Noun- Abstract noun refer to the notion or idea that can never be seen, heard to, touched or one can also not ever taste or smell. Abstract noun, on the contrary, are intangible notions or ideas. Examples include love, knowledge, trust, and so on.

Concrete Noun- Concrete noun refer to the total opposite of abstract nouns. Concrete nouns, are dissimilar to abstract nouns, they can be physically seen or sighted. They are tangible and they exist in the physical or the real world. Concrete nouns are just specific person or place or item that you can see or feel with one or more of the individuals' 5 senses. Examples include cars, books, trees, and so on.

Possessive Noun- Possessive nouns imply that individuals, places, or objects own something. They mostly conclude with "s," like plural noun, but possessive noun comprise of an apostrophe just prior to the "s." like Melisa's shirt, Ireland's capital, Boy's book, and so on.

Collective Noun- A collective nouns, like the flock or team or band, these are the noun that denote a collection of people or items.

Material Noun- This type of the noun that refers to the material or substance out of which objects or items are formulated. Examples include- cotton, gold, silver, and so on.

Compound Noun- It is a noun that seems to be a straightforward concept at initial look. It's a statement consisting of up of two or more individual noun joined together, like bathroom, password, cupboard, notebook, etc.

Now let us try a few noun exercises; please answer the questions without seeing the answers.

Noun Exercises

Noun Exercises Part 1

Mark or circle out the nouns and also name the noun that you have found in the following statements. Like whether they are common, proper, possessive, nouns, and so on.

  1. One should always speak the truth.
  2. People tend to believe more in individuals who have the trait of honesty.
  3. Are these two children yours?
  4. Of all the animals, ' Lion is my favorite.
  5. Shakespeare has been my all-time favorite.
  6. It is believed that cleanliness attracts positivity and a good aura.
  7. Birdies have the freedom to glide wherever they wish.
  8. Is Jessica your new class teacher?
  9. Ganga is a spiritual river in India
  10. Our office will be visited by the Inspection committee tomorrow.
  11. I love traveling places on the train.
  12. The flock of sheep was running on the lawn
  13. The Taj Mahal is an icon of love
  14. This jewelry is made of gold.
  15. The firemen were called immediately when the fire broke out.

Answers of Noun Exercises- Part 1

  1. Truth - abstract noun
  2. Honesty - abstract noun
  3. Children - common noun
  4. Lion - common; animals- plural noun/ common noun
  5. Shakespeare - proper noun
  6. Cleanliness - abstract noun
  7. Birds - common noun; freedom- abstract noun
  8. Jessica- Proper Noun; Class teacher- compound noun
  9. Ganga - proper noun; river - common noun
  10. Committee - collective noun; Office- Common Noun
  11. Train- Common Noun
  12. Flock- Collective Noun; lawn - common noun
  13. Taj Mahal (Proper Noun)
  14. Jewelry, Gold -Material Noun
  15. Fireman- Common Noun), Fire - Abstract Noun

Noun Exercises - Part 2

Write the appropriate noun in the below mentioned phrase.

  1. I think I have lost my _________________ of keys, I am unable to find them.
  2. Our music _________________ has become everyone's favourite and has recently being listed as one of the famous.
  3. The Ramayana is a holy _________________ of the Hindus.
  4. The Ganges is the one of the most spiritual _________________ in India and is worshipped by people.
  5. Salman Khan is a famous _________________
  6. Our Sofa is made of _________________ , which makes it super strong.
  7. A _________________ can survive only in waterbodies.
  8. Virat Kohli is my favourite____________.
  9. The shopkeeper sold three __________ eggs.
  10. Always speak the _______ .
  11. Ram was driving a ______ when I saw him yesterday.
  12. _______ lies in the vision of the beholder.

Note: Please attempt the exercise before seeing the Answers.

Answers- Noun Exercises - Part 2

  1. bunch
  2. Band
  3. book
  4. river
  5. actor
  6. wood
  7. fish
  8. cricketer
  9. dozen
  10. truth
  11. car/ bike
  12. beauty
Noun Exercises

Noun Exercises - Part 3

Categorize the following words as appropriate and suitable noun categories like Proper Noun, Common Noun, Collective Noun, Possessive Noun, Abstract Noun, Material Noun, and so on.

Chair, Desk, squad, lion, Delhi, bike, gold, lawn, bat, basketball, Officer, Vidhu, Paris, Nelson Mandela, platinum, Sofa, team, flock, mountain, earrings, cow, honesty, knowledge, Goa, wood

Please categorize without seeing the Answers and only see when you are unable to categorize on your own.

Answers to Noun Exercises- Part 3

  1. Proper Noun: Delhi, Vidhu, Paris, Nelson Mandela, Goa
  2. Common Noun: Chair, Desk, lion, bike, lawn, Bat, basketball, Officer, Sofa, Mountain, earrings, cow
  3. Collective: squad, team, Flock
  4. Abstract: Honesty, knowledge
  5. Material: Gold, platinum, wood

All the noun exercises mentioned below will help you have a better hold over the subject and clear your concept about it.

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